Merry Master In The City

Chapter 135 Save me!

Haiyuan Warehouse is located on the outskirts of the city of S. It is full of workers during the day and at night it is as dead as a dead city. Duan Qi chose the location here because it is fancy and uninspiring and will not cause other people's ideas.

"Brother Gao, do you think Qin Wei will come?" A red-haired man under his arm gave Gao Shui an eye. However, he had heard many legends about Qin Wei and said that he could fight dozens of people in a dozen, but he could not face him. Change color and heartbeat.

"He doesn't come? Do you think there is his young lady here, will he not come?" Gao Shui coldly hummed, this time he will have a long memory, not as reckless as the last time, so that Qin Wei has a chance , I beat myself so hard, I will definitely report this hatred!

"Brother." Gaoping ran over from behind the warehouse. "The brothers are all arranged and waiting for Qin Wei to appear."

"Yes, tell my brothers, you will go up when I give an order! You must teach Qin Wei!" Gao Shui instructed, not that he did not believe in Gao Ping's ability, but Qin Wei was too cunning and must be careful.

"Brother, don't worry, I can't wait to pick up Qin Wei's skin and eat his meat!" Gaoping said.

"Where is Liu Yihan?" Xu Tian got out of the car. As soon as he received Duan Qi's phone call, he hurried to the warehouse and used Liu Yihan to beat Qin Wei. It was easier than grabbing Qin Wei. At that time, it was not for Qin Wei to do it. Whatever he does!

"In the warehouse." Gao Shuidao.

"Be optimistic about her, don't let her run away, otherwise you will not be able to check and balance Qin Wei." Xu Tiandao, this time is the best opportunity to revenge Qin Wei.

"Relax, there are more than thirty brothers. In addition to me and Gao Ping, it is more than enough to deal with Qin Wei." Gao Shuidao, he has always believed that he did not hit Qin Wei last time because there were too few people. Now There were more than thirty people to help, and he would definitely have beaten Qin Wei. He didn't know how powerful Qin Wei's power was, he just regarded him as a stronger person than ordinary people.

"Well, I have a lot of peace with your two brothers!" Xu Tian laughed. More than thirty people, plus two professional thugs, couldn't give Qin Wei a color, then he put his head Use it as a night pot!

"Oh, Miss Liu, it really offends!" Xu Tian approached the warehouse with a smile, and Duan Qi would not attend such a thing, so he could only come forward by himself, because he was already tied up with Duan Qi anyway.

Liu Yihan sat on a chair and was surrounded by two or three men. She could not escape at all. She was worried about Qin Wei now. If Qin Wei came, Xu Tian would not let him go. Liu Yihan worked in the mall for so many years. Quite a few, now, although she was afraid, she still made a calm look.

"Ms. Liu is indeed the head of Dongshan Group in the future. She can be so calm and admirable. No wonder He Mu will love you for so many years. If I am, I will never forget it!" Xu Tian was close to Liu Yihan. .

"Oh, don't you think these words are ridiculous!" Liu Yihan avoided Xu Tian's wolf paw and sneered. Except for Qin Wei, she didn't want any man to have too much physical contact, even if it was just that.

"Funny? I'm very sincere!" Xu Tian smiled with a bad intention: "Miss Liu, I really can't figure it out, don't let a senior rich second generation like He Mu stay with Qin Wei, I really want to know what you think. "

Liu Yihan was silent. She would not discuss the concept of love with this rogue, because they have not even experienced love. What she can do now is not to provoke them, hoping that Qin Wei will come to save herself quickly.

Pretend to be high? What Xu Tian doesn't like most is that your rich people are high above him, so he said, "Don't pretend that Qin Wei has saved you. He is here and it's useless."

"How do you know it's useless!" Liu Yihan raised his head.

"There are more than thirty brothers outside, and two people who have practiced martial arts since childhood. Do you think Qin Wei can beat these people?" Xu Tiandao, and a woman need not hide anything.

"Oh, all this is what you planned!" Liu Yihan dismissed.

"Nothing wrong, all of this is what we planned! You can rest assured that we are only dealing with Qin Wei and will not embarrass you!" Xu Tianrao said with interest.

"How are you going to deal with Qin Wei?" Liu Yihan asked, biting his lip.

"How to deal with it?" Xu Tian said: "He let my two brothers lie on the bed for half a month, all we have to do is to let Qin Wei never get out of bed! At that time, see if you will still miss Miss Liu as always Love him! Haha! "

"Despicable!" Liu Yihan scolded, don't think about it, this must be Duan Qi's ghost!

"It's so mean and shameless!" Xu Tian didn't care at all, and came out to confuse, as long as he could climb up, no matter what others said.

"Xu Brother, Qin Wei is here!" Gao Shui ran in.

"Where is it?" Xu Tian said excitedly, and now he couldn't wait to see Qin Wei beaten.

"Out of the warehouse!" Gaoping said.

"Let him in!" Xu Tiandao said.

"But Qin Wei said, only to see you outside!" Gao Shuidao.

"See me outside? Is there anything he can't do?" Xu Tian said to himself.

Gao Shui shook his head and said, "I can't see it, Qin Wei seems to be alone." Gao Shuidao.

"Haha! He must be afraid that he will be ugly in front of Liu Yihan, so he let us go out to meet, huh, he still knows himself!" Xu Tian glanced at Liu Yihan: "Miss Liu, don't worry, wait until we finish it After things to do, you will naturally let go! "

"Qin Wei! Don't care about me! Don't miss them!" Liu Yihan shouted, she didn't want Qin Wei to be hurt because of herself!

"Haha, just now remember to report to your loved one? It's late!" Xu Tian proudly said, this time I want to count all the accounts on Qin Wei, we must let out this bad breath!

Liu Yihan looked to the dark outside of the warehouse, his eyes were already blank ...


"Qin Wei!" Xu Tian came out of the warehouse surrounded by the crowd.

"Xu Tian? Oh, it's Duan Qi who is behind the ghosts." Qin Wei's eyes had a trace of anger. He hadn't settled with you in the last game, but now he dared to rush to provoke me? What's so special is shameless!

"Since you know, there is no need to cover up!" Xu Tian said directly.

"Let's release Miss!" Qin Wei ordered, Liu Yihan was his woman. He felt that he could not tolerate his own woman being bullied, otherwise he would not know that there were tigers in favor of Hushan!

"Fuck! Just let it go? Who the hell do you think you are!" Xu Tian cursed fiercely: "Qin Wei! We called more than thirty brothers this time to teach you that you thought you could run Is it? "

"Hehe" Qin Wei sneered: "What do you want?"

When Qin Wei said these words, his eyes kept looking into the warehouse. He wanted to see Liu Yihan, but he could only take this concern in his heart, not his face. Qin Wei determined that he was far away from Liu Yihan, and It was so dark that I could see it at all.

"How? It just makes you a waste forever!" Xu Tian shouted a signal, and more than thirty brothers poured out together!

I wipe, Nima! This is really a blood loss! Where did you find the actor? Qin Wei was stunned by the people in front of him, and his fists were hard to beat with his four hands. What a hit!

"Hit me!" Xu Tian ordered in an order!

More than thirty men ran to Qin Wei together!

"Wait!" Qin Wei held out his hand and said, "You better think about it. Since I dare to come alone, I'm ready. Don't blame me for not reminding you. I will not hurt you for a while!"

"Will you die if you don't brag!" Xu Tian cursed: "Don't listen to him, he's a liar, brothers, hit me!"

More than thirty people rushed towards themselves like Nima, Nima, Qin Wei could only use his own tricks when he was in a hurry!

"Sister, save me!"