Merry Master In The City

Chapter 136 I Want To Have A Child For You!

Shimei save me? Haha, everyone has been amused by Qin Wei's words. I don't understand Qin Wei's way of calling for help. What time is it? And sister? This is too funny.

"Do you really think you are making a martial arts movie, are you still a sister? Brothers hit me!" Xu Tian has been unable to shut up, this Qin Wei is purely funny, this time he must clean up him! Otherwise, you will be cleaned up!

Oh damn! Why haven't you seen Han Luoxue's shadow yet? Didn't you say that when I called you would come to save me, now I don't care? Qin Wei cursed in his heart.

"Come, hit me! Who killed me, and who will save your master!" Qin Wei shouted at the sky, your grandfather, still vengeful? If I had a three-pronged one, and I saw who saved your master, he suddenly thought of this solution.

Qin Wei sat on the ground with his hands on his shoulders, and gave up treatment. Qin Wei knew that he could not beat the other side, so he called his bodyguard deliberately, but Han Luoxue did not care about himself.

call! A gust of wind blew through, Han Luoxue descended from the sky. When she hit white snow, she had long hair on her shoulders, like a fairy descending from you.

"This is what the Dragon Girl is alive!" A red-haired man couldn't help expressing his emotions. Where he had seen such a stunning woman, he was already upset.

"I wipe your uncle! How dare to say that my sister-in-law is a little dragon girl? Who is that Yin Zhiping?" Qin Wei scolded and scolded, and walked to Han Luoxue, quietly said: "Master, he special What insults you, actually says that you are a little dragon girl, but you know, the little dragon girl was given by Yin Zhiping ... "

"Shut up!" Han Luoxue stared at him. Why did Qin Wei's mouth smell bad?

"Haha, I'm Yin Zhiping! Little sister, wait for your brother for a while!" The red-haired man's ridiculous smile on his face, how insignificant and insignificant it is, now thinking of some pictures in his mind.

"Look for death!" Han Luoxue snorted coldly, her temperament was cold, especially at the Changsheng Gate, where she had been so filthy!

"Shimei, he's insulting you, don't you teach him yet?" Qin Wei seized the opportunity to add fuel and vinegar, so that he could save people without effort.

"I need you to say ?!" Han Luoxue glanced at Qin Wei, dare to think of himself, how could Han Luoxue spare him! She leaped up one step, the whole person was more than two meters high from the ground, her legs just swayed twice in the air, and she had already come in front of Hongmao. far.

After Han Luoxue fell to the ground, his right foot was slightly hardened, and the whole person flew up again, stunned at those people in front of them, and only heard a few pops, they all flew out like red hair, then the next Mourn on the ground!

I rub! Is this the shadowless foot that has long been lost in the rivers and lakes? Qin Wei's small heart fluttered. Fortunately, this trick was not used on himself, and then it was unthinkable.

"Come on, let's subdue this demon girl!" Xu Tian didn't know where the inspiration came from. He actually described Han Luoxue as a demon girl, and in his eyes, Han Luoxue was not a beauty, her face was abominable!

"It's over!" Qin Wei patted his own brain. Han Luoxue's most taboo demon girl, Xu Tian is miserable!

Han Luoxue glared at Xu Tian. Her next goal was Xu Tian, ​​but this was more than 20 people who had already surrounded Han Luoxue in groups, twenty strong men, and a woman. This scene was too exciting! Qin Wei is afraid to watch!

A flash of cold light flashed in Han Luoxue's eyes, and the silver needle in his sleeve flashed silver at night. With a wave of her backhand, nine silver needles pierced the men!

"Ah!" A man shouted, covering his hand, his hand was pierced by a silver needle.

"It hurts me!" Another man shouted, and Han Luoxue's half of the silver needle was stuck in his face.

I rub! Nine silver needles. No false hair! The nine men began to mourn!

Qin Wei began to appreciate how light Han Luoxue was to him. He thought of Han Nianxing, and his current ability can only deal with ordinary people. If he meets a martial arts master like Han Luoxue, the result will be no doubt!

Xu Tian watched that the brother in front had fallen into a blockbuster. He was now on the verge of collapse. What was the origin of this woman? Can such a trivial effort come back from ancient times?

"Brothers don't worry, he's just a woman. As long as we go together, how can she treat us ..."

A yellow-haired man shouted in the crowd, but before the words were finished, Han Luoxue's silver needle flew out and flew out, just sticking to the man's mouth.

Make you talk! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart that this is all right. With a bodyguard with such martial arts, I do n’t care what I want, no wonder Han Luoxue Qinggao, she is really strong, if not Because of the injury, how could they be followed by the two funny ones of Song Wumen.

"Give me!" Xu Tian shouted, "As long as Qin Wei is cleaned up, money is indispensable to everyone!" At the critical moment, Xu Tian can only use this trick to buy people's hearts.

Money really is almighty. Someone was so impressed that after hearing it, they rushed to Han Luoxue, but this was already seen by Han Luoxue. With his left hand dancing sleeves, the silver needle flew out. Do n’t think about it, the silver needle is inserted accurately. In the place where Han Luoxue wants to insert.

The sorrow of the men has been ringing in the warehouse, and it can be seen that Han Luoxue ’s strength has deepened this time.

"Oh," Han Luoxue sneered, looking at the sorrowful human lying underground: "No one in the world has hit me with nine ice needles and can move freely!"

"Sister Mei, you are so handsome! Everyone can't help but want to have a baby for you!" Qin Wei stood behind Han Luoxue and shouted a slogan. Sure enough, people are beautiful, and the sea water can't be scrambled. , I did n’t expect to start unambiguously. Qin Wei has now become a fan of Han Luoxue. This feeling of being protected by the beauty is good. If you go to the Changsheng Gate and wake up the doorkeeper, the sisters in that door are not yet. Pick it yourself? Thought of this, Qin Wei's saliva will be left out!

"Can you shut up!" Han Luoxue really didn't want to listen to Qin Wei now. If it wasn't for Silver Needles, she would throw one to Qin Wei.

"Gaoshui! It's your two brothers on the field!" Xu Tian shouted, these two are their trump cards. If the two of them are unsure, then this matter will be completely ruined!

"Xu Brother rest assured, but it will be some tricks of acrobatics, see how I teach her!" Gaoping couldn't stand it anymore, and he was going to teach Han Luoxue.

"I can't help it!" Han Luoxue coldly, she remained still, waiting for Gao Ping's attack. After Gao Ping approached, she leapt to Gao Ping's body, and then flew Gao Pingyu out, Han Luo Xue She likes to work on her legs because she is afraid of getting her hands dirty, and she does n’t need to do anything to deal with people of this level.

boom! Gao Ping flew out, packed in a wooden box, and made a muffled sound!

The moment Gao Ping flew out, Gao Shui caught the moment when Han Luoxue was lost, and took a decisive step forward.

Do you think you can attack me behind my back? Han Luoxue sneered. People like her who used to practice martial arts in the ancient martial arts had a hearing that was several times that of ordinary people. When Gao Shui started, she noticed it. , Passed directly from the high water head, kicked his legs, and the high water was also knocked to the ground!

In less than a minute, Han Luoxue resolved a group of people. This dazzling Qin Wei was dazzling, so great! This is better than martial arts movies. If you have such kung fu, who dares to bully me?

"Shimei, deal with them. I will go to the rescue first, and when I am done, I will have a baby for you!" Qin Wei grinned, there is nothing about him here.

"Hurry up!" Han Luoxue scolded, she really didn't want to see Qin Wei for a moment.

Qin Wei farted and ran into the warehouse. As soon as he entered the warehouse, he saw Liu Yihan sitting on a chair. It seemed that she was not bullied, and there were two men standing beside Liu Yihan.

"Did Qin Wei not let you come!" Liu Yihan worried.

"Miss, rest assured, they have been knocked down by me!" Qin Wei grinned.

"Stop!" The man yelled.

"Still a fart! Your brother has been beaten down by me, still standing!" Qin Weibai cursed with a glance at the man.

"More than thirty, how is this possible?" The man could not believe and told the green hair man around him: "You go out and see!"

The green-haired man ran out like a fly, then stood at the door of the warehouse and said, "Brother! Qin Wei said the amount is true, they were all beaten down!"

"What!" Men dare not tell each other, this is more than thirty people! How could he do it alone.

"Brother, do we still look at this woman ?!" Lu Mao said.

"Look at the fart! Don't hurry to run yet, waiting to be beaten?" The man flew out of the warehouse as he talked, and he hadn't hit Qin Wei in more than 30 years.

"Qin Wei!" Liu Yihan ran to Qin Wei's body and hugged him. She burst into tears. She is a woman and she will be scared, but more moved. She didn't expect Qin Wei to come to the rescue. Yourself.

"Make you feel wronged!" Qin Wei hugged Liu Yihan tightly, all he could give her now was a warm embrace.

"By the way, how did you bring down those people?" Liu Yihan asked curiously, wiping his tears.

Qin Wei looked up and looked at the young lady affectionately and sincerely: "In this world, no one has gotten my nine ice needles and can move freely ..."