Merry Master In The City

Chapter 137 Engagement?

The Qingshan Villa, the Liu family has been sitting around, Liu Dongshan looks serious, and Wang Guizhi holds Liu Yihan's hand, full of distress.

"Oh, Han Han, why did n’t you tell your mother when this happened, and let her see if there was any harm?" Wang Guizhi looked distressed and touched her daughter's face, saying that her daughter was in her heart. Can she not feel bad about the flesh?

"Mom, I have nothing at all, you don't have to worry about it!" Liu Yihan comforted Wang Guizhi softly. Compared with Wang Guizhi, Liu Dongshan seemed silent. He was not angry but just thinking.

"Chairman, it's my fault. I didn't protect the young lady and made her feel wronged." Qin Wei sat on the sofa and personally sent Liu Yihan home, then pleaded guilty. After all, this was caused by him. He didn't want Liu Yihan to be wronged, but he still gave Duan Qi a chance.

Liu Dongshan was silent and didn't speak. As a father, he couldn't help his daughter, but as the chairman of the group, he had to think more about who it was because of it.

"Dad, don't worry about it. Qin Wei rescued me so safely." Liu Yihan was afraid that his father would blame Qin Wei too much and misunderstood him, so please help Qin Wei to do his best, and if not Because of this, she would not know that Qin Wei valued herself so.

"Are you sure that this matter is really only for Qin Wei?" Liu Dongshan lifted up and asked Liu Yihan. This was his most worried question. Since Duan Qi can kidnap his daughter, will the next goal be? Is it Liu's family? Or do they have behind-the-scenes supporters, these are the issues he has to consider.

"It should only be directed at me." Qin Wei said his thoughts. If they were directed at Liu Yihan, they didn't need to be so kind to the young lady.

"I didn't protect you well, and made you feel wronged." Qin Wei looked at Liu Yihan apologetically. He knew that the young lady was treated like a princess. Qin Wei's heart was warm.

Liu Yihan looked at Qin Wei, didn't speak, just smiled, how could she not understand his heart.

"Qin Wei, did you rescue Han Han by yourself?" Liu Dongshan questioned a little. Even if he could fight again, he would not have hit more than 30 people.

"It's really him, Dad, you don't know, Qin Wei is particularly powerful!" Before Liu Qin talked, Liu Yihan took the lead in helping him make a clearance, and she was proud to find this man.

"Qin Wei, do you like my daughter?" Liu Dongshan asked, staring at Qin Wei's eyes. The eyes are the windows of the human soul. From this window, he can guess the person's inner thoughts. He wants to know what Qin Wei is now The most real idea.

"Dad! How can you ask him such a question in front of me?" Liu Yihan said with a pout on his mouth, but he still expected Qin Wei's answer. If he can admit this feeling in front of his parents, this is what Liu Yihan wants most. of.

"Uncle." Qin Wei didn't call Liu Dongshan the chairman this time, but called his uncle, treating him as an elder, so he said, "I don't like young lady!"

what? Liu Yihan opened his eyes wide and looked at Qin Wei with disbelief. Did all the sweet words he said were liar? Hehe, it turned out that he only used love as a game. I was too hard. Liu Yihan's heart was cold.

Qin Wei saw Liu Yihan's somber look and knew she had misunderstood herself, so she smiled and said, "Uncle, I think I am in love with your daughter."

"Haha!" Liu Dongshan, who had been silent for a night, finally smiled on his face. He looked at Qin Wei's eyes and found that his eyes were clear and clean, without any trace of interest.

"Hate!" Liu Yihan did not dare to scold Qin Wei in front of his parents, so he could only face his mouth.

"I'm happy!" Qin Wei also said that he was not afraid of boiling hot water, facing the mouth.

"Dongshan, look at how good these two children are, and how good they are!" Wang Guizhi now laughed so tightly that she liked Qin Wei, and now she can be more sure of Qin Wei's heart. The small contradictions did not affect their feelings.

"Do you think they are a good match?" Liu Dongshan asked his wife with a smile. He is not the chairman now, but an ordinary father.

"It's a perfect match!" Wang Guizhi clapped her hands and laughed. The children of her friend's family were married, and Han Han hadn't landed yet, could she not worry?

"I think so." Liu Dongshan nodded and said, "Qin Wei, would you marry my daughter?"

I rub? What is rhythm? Did I hear it wrong? Marry your daughter? Is this for me to be your aunt? To be your aunt, can you live in a villa and drive a luxury car? Qin Wei thought wryly in his heart.

"Qin Wei?" Liu Yihan asked anxiously, whether you would like to talk back.

"Ah?" Qin Wei was obviously overjoyed.

"Would you like it?" Liu Yihan asked.

"I do! One hundred are willing!" Qin Wei laughed, he still saw the young lady nervous, it was so cute!

"Haha!" Liu Dongshan smiled heartily: "That will be easy then, you two are engaged!"

what? !! Father-in-law, you must have made a mistake. It wasn't long before I and the young lady established a relationship, and we were about to get engaged.

"Why aren't you willing?" Liu Dongshan asked Qin Wei's surprised expression, and his daughter was a goddess of heaven, what else did you feel unhappy about?

"Uncle, you've misunderstood, I'm quite happy! I just don't know what the young lady meant." Qin Wei glanced at Liu Yihan.

"Oh, you get the idea, I'm going to bed." After that, Liu Yihan fled and ran away, engaged? This is what she expected most. She ran into the bedroom and leaned in front of her door. Her head was like a wedding dress.

"That's it, Uncle Liu!" Liu Dongshan shouted to his butler.

"Master, what do you command?" The steward came over respectfully.

Liu Dongshan looked up and said, "In my name, send an invitation to say to participate in the engagement ceremony of Qin Wei and Yi Han, and leave it to you."

"Yes, sir, I can do it with color and enthusiasm." There was a hint of joy in the steward's eyes. He grew up watching the young lady, and now he is very happy to see the young lady find Ruyi Langjun.

I wipe, so is my lifelong matter decided? Don't you ask my opinion? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

got engaged? Isn't this close to getting married, but Qin Wei can wake up with a smile when she can marry a beauty like a young lady!


The night is charming and the atmosphere is very depressing.

"What! A fucking messed up ?!" Duan Qi couldn't believe it, but his own careful planning failed again. Was his IQ not enough, or his men were too good at it. More than thirty people actually let a woman fight. Beng, who do you lie to!

"Duan Shao, you haven't seen that woman. Her skills are just like a woman!" Xu Tian argued, and he was stuck with three silver needles by Han Luoxue on his mouth.

"What kind of woman! You fucking waste! More than thirty can't beat a woman, and there is an excuse for her face!" Duan Qi couldn't bear the failure, and he was so angry that he threw the bottles in front of him. Under the ground, it seems like this can be deflated!

Tonight Qin Wei can sleep sweetly, but some people are doomed to sleep, such as Duan Qi ...