Merry Master In The City

Chapter 139 Change Han Luoxue!

In the Ocean Apartment, Qin Wei had a smile on his face and sat at the dinner table. This was the first time he did n’t order a takeaway, but chose to cook in person, in order to thank Han Luoxue.

"Shimei, come and taste my craft." Qin Wei smiled and put a piece of chicken in Han Luoxue's bowl, looking attentive.

"Dedicate your diligence to nothing, or steal it." Han Luoxue gave Qin Wei a white look, and did not accept Qin Wei's good intentions. Instead, she ate the food on her own. Compared with big fish and meat, her taste is more light. Some may be related to her light temperament and long-term martial arts, but Qin Wei's technique is really good.

rub! Why can't you give me some face? Anyway, I'm your master too. If you don't eat me, Qin Wei took a sip of chicken and said, "I'm getting engaged."

"Oh." Han Luoxue agreed, then went on to eat.

The reason why Qin Wei told this news to Han Luoxue was that she wanted to see what she would do if she did not eat the fireworks on earth! What makes Qin Wei helpless is that Han Luoxue did not respond!

"Don't you want to ask who it is?" Qin Wei was going crazy, and I got up early to express your gratitude for cooking, not just to tell you that I am getting engaged, you can send Give me a sentence of blessings! Wipe, this is great, not following the script at all!

"I don't want to!" Han Luoxue didn't even raise her eyes. According to her understanding, you got married, what happened to me.

Nima! Qin Wei completely broke down. Why did he encounter such a wonderful work? Qin Wei now really regrets it. If he left Qianer beside him, wouldn't it be another scene, but Qin Wei's style is Love must be more frustrated and more courageous, especially for beautiful women, and Han Luoxue herself has a high spirit and is incompatible with this world. She must transform her.

"The engagement object is Liu Yihan." Qin Wei tentatively tried again.

"Well." Han Luoxue still just nodded, and then turned a blind eye.

what! Master! Why did you leave such a wonderful woman beside me! Qin Wei Yangtian sighed, crying without tears! What he was most afraid of was that women wouldn't listen to themselves. No, I have to be firm in my thoughts. There would be no woman in Qin Wei who can't figure it out!


Qin Wei took a deep breath, then raised his head, with a smile on his face, exposing the standard eight teeth, and asked Han Luoxue, "Don't you lose a little bit?"

"Lost?" Han Luoxue finally raised his head and said, "I have nothing to lose."

I rub! This sentence stopped Qin Wei from knowing what to say, so Qin Wei took a deep breath again and summoned his courage: "If I get married, who will give you a baby?"


Han Luoxue threw out a silver needle and stuck it on Qin Wei's left face. She looked at Qin Wei angrily, this kind of person is typical for three days without hitting the room to expose the tile! !!

"Ah!" Qin Wei could not help but screamed, "Shimei you are not so good, you look at how old you are, there is no boyfriend, you are so violent, that man will like you ..."

Huh! Before Qin Wei's words were finished, Han Luoxue's second silver needle was thrown out and stuck on Qin Wei's right face.

"Ah!" Qin Wei couldn't help but shouted again, shit, you still have a lot to do, and I'm kind, too, why are you!

"Deserve it!" Han Luoxue gave Qin Wei a white look, but she had no gas, and now she has found a trick to cure Qin Wei, which is silver needle! As long as Qin Wei is presumptuous, it will be mercilessly thrown out!

No, Lao Tzu must not let a woman take her nose and walk away, so she was unhappy: "I want to go shopping!"

Han Luoxue didn't say anything, and then ate his own food.

"You accompany me!" Qin Wei ordered, it seems that he does not show a temper, do you think I am bullying! Anyway, I'm your brother too!

"Don't go!" Han Luoxue refused directly.

"Why ?!" Qin Wei asked from the chair straight up.

"I don't want to go!" Han Luoxue said simply.

"Don't forget that you're my bodyguard!" Qin Wei threatened, but Han Nianxing asked Han Luoxue to protect himself. Of course, she followed me wherever I went.

"So what?" Han Luoxue looked up, without fear.

"So you have to follow me!" Qin Wei also lost his temper.

"Don't go!" Han Luoxue still insisted on his own idea, don't think that using the second master to press me, I will be afraid of you.

"Don't go, right?" Qin Wei suddenly had an idea in her heart, so she looked proud: "You don't have to go with me, then I will go by myself, you are not saying that the fire dragon society is already in the city Well, anyway, I will call on the street that I am the person of the Changsheng Gate, I am in the blood of the demon! Who will save your gatekeeper when I see it! "

Huh! There was a silver needle whistling past, thanks to Qin Wei's fast-moving eyes and hiding.

Qin Wei hesitated and didn't care, while Han Luoxue was glaring with anger.

So half an hour later, in the bustling commercial street of s city, the most weird scene appeared, a tall and handsome man, followed by a woman wearing a white robe, a woman with three thousand blue silk hanging shoulders, a beautiful The vulgar face attracted people around to watch it frequently, and more people followed behind, unwilling to leave.

Of course, the man is Qin Wei, and the woman is Han Luoxue. Han Luoxue doesn't like liveliness in her bones, so she is disgusted with this. She changed to Changsheng Mountain. She has used light work for a long time. She is not good at performing light work, she can only follow behind Qin Wei, but she can't wait to pierce her ten thousand times with a silver needle!

"Ah, guys, look, isn't this Qin Wei!" A passerby recognized Qin Wei.

"Really, really Qin Wei! He is even more handsome than on TV!" Another companion also shouted. This shout didn't matter, he called more people.

"Look, look, the woman behind Qin Wei is so beautiful!" A man in the crowd shouted.

"Wow! She looks like a fairy! She is actually wearing a costume!"

"It's the first time I've ever seen such a beautiful woman!"

"It's not going to be a TV series, they're not going to be actors!"

Sure enough, the beauty's influence is greater than that of the handsome guy. It didn't take long for Qin Wei and Han Luoxue to be surrounded by the people who watched the crowd. The road that could have been completed in five minutes was only twenty minutes. There are many girls who blushed to find Qin Wei's signature, but imagine that Qin Wei is now a household name in S City.

"Well, my popularity is pretty good!" Qin Wei smugly said. There were still a few young boys who came to Han Luoxue to sign, but he was scared away by Han Luoxue's gaze. Qin Wei was really scared. At that time Han Luoxue threw a silver needle over it, but it was troublesome.

"When will I go to the place!" Han Luoxue could not bear it anymore. She had never been shopping when she was so old. This was the first time that shopping was so troublesome.

"Anxious, isn't it already here!" Qin Wei gave a white glance at Han Luoxue Road.

"Depending on the woman?" Han Luoxue looked up at the sign on her head and said, "Aren't you shopping, how come to the women's shop?"

Qin Wei blinked, with a smirk on his face: "Of course I'm shopping! But I need to change you first!"