Merry Master In The City

Chapter 140 The Girl Next door!

Han Luoxue had no choice but to follow Qin Wei into the clothing store. Whoever made Qin Wei so despicable always threatened himself with Changshengmen and Master!

"Do you want to change me?" Han Luoxue was surprised, she really couldn't understand why Qin Wei brought her here, how did the change change?

"Nothing wrong, come here to buy you some clothes first." Qin Wei nodded and said that the equipment for the transformation should be the most basic. Although Han Luoxue is as beautiful as heaven, after all, it's a mortal world.

"What do you buy clothes for?" Han Luoxue said.

"I'll wear it for you!" Qin Wei said. He couldn't help but despise his sister and sister, and asked why he bought clothes. Do you believe it? !!

"But I have clothes to wear!" Han Luoxue said especially seriously, and looked serious.

"..." Qin Wei has been completely defeated by Han Luoxue. He simply sorted out his hairstyle and said, "If you don't want to go out and get noticeable, just trouble you to change the robe on your body. Did you see that someone said just now? Did you come through? If it weren't for you to be too inhuman, we wouldn't have walked for twenty minutes to get there! "Qin Wei expressed his dissatisfaction in one breath.

"I think the robe is pretty good." Han Luoxue poked his lips, still untouched, completely out of step with this world, just now there are fans of yours, and they all blame me!

"Sister, please, isn't this the longevity gate, please, don't you always fly around like a fairy, can you occasionally fall into the dust of the earth, change your clothes, and everyone is convenient to go out." Qin Wei bitterly persuaded that Han Luoxue was his own bodyguard, so it must not be a joke to take it out.

"This ..." Han Luoxue's face was embarrassing. He didn't seem to want to obey Qin Wei's advice.

"Don't you think so?" Qin Wei saw the meaning of Han Luoxue, took a deep breath, and shook his hair. "I'm Qin Wei, I'm Changsheng ..."

"Don't you dare to say it, believe it or not, nine silver needles are thrown on your face!"

When Qin Wei shouted the three words of Changshengmen, Han Luoxue immediately touched her sleeve. She hated Qin Wei to threaten herself, but he was the only person who could save Master. When Qin Wei was caught, the master would have been lethargic.

"Cut, it must be thicker than me!" Qin Wei despised in his heart. It seems that she only needs to threaten her in the future. If I use this threat to Han Luoxue to be my wife, I do n’t know if she will agree. Qin Wei is in My heart crooked.

"Hello sir, what can I do for you?" Miss Shopping Guide came over and asked.

Although this place is not as good as the clothing store Liu Yihan took to himself, it is also a famous brand. Qin Wei said, "Give her two clothes."

The shopping guide lady smiled slightly: "Sir, your girlfriend is so beautiful!" When Han Luoxue walked into the store's door, everyone's eyes gathered on Han Luoxue, showing how shocked she was. God!

"Ha? Girlfriend? Yeah yeah!" Qin Wei grinned, even if it wasn't true, even if it was misunderstood!

"Dare to talk wildly, watch out for my silver needle!"

Qin Wei suddenly felt the back of his neck cool, and sure enough, Han Luoxue's two eyes had radiated cold light!

"Sir, what kind of clothes do you want to choose for your girlfriend?" The shopping guide lady smiled, covering her mouth, and she had seen Qin Wei on TV. I didn't expect that the real person would be so handsome.

"Let her choose." Qin Wei said.

"Okay, then this lady, please come with me. We have the latest women's clothing on the market." The shopping guide took Han Luoxue aside to try on clothes.

Qin Wei was finally able to catch his breath. He sat on a lounge chair and looked at Han Luoxue. He found that Han Luoxue kept a long distance from the shopping guide. When a person deliberately kept away from a person, it must not be. Believe him, he now feels how happy Han Luoxue is behind him, at least she believes in herself.

Han Luoxue didn't have too much communication with the shopping guide, but just chose clothes by herself, which made the shopping guide very embarrassed and didn't know what to do, so she could only follow her.

Seeing this scene of Qin Wei, he suddenly seemed to understand something, maybe it wasn't that Han Luoxue really did not eat human fireworks, but that she had no friends and didn't know how to communicate with others, so she would be cold to everyone. Like this, thinking of this, Qin Wei's heart was unconsciously involved.

It seemed that it wasn't just himself who was suffering, Qin Wei smiled with a bowed head, and seemed to feel sorry for her.

"Sir, your girlfriend is really beautiful." The shopping guide lady walked over with a smile.

Qin Wei looked up, looking at Han Luoxue, and his eyes almost fell out, Nima! Do you want to be so beautiful! Han Luoxue, who had taken off her robe, chose for her a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. Skinny jeans exposed Han Luoxue's leg shape to Qin Wei's eyes, and that shirt made her look kind of The feeling of the girl next door.

The fairy is a fairy, and she looks good in everything she wears. Qin Wei's eyes stared at Han Luoxue, and she stopped at her chest. It seemed that it was not small. How did it feel ordinary on that day? Is it a measurement error? No, I am very confident in this aspect! Could it be that the food is so good these days that it skyrocketed?

"Cut out your eyes when you look!" Han Luoxue came over and reminded Qin Wei's ear, she didn't know what Qin Wei was thinking, but it was not easy to attack outside.

rub! Qin Wei is very speechless. His appearance has changed, but his temper has not changed. This is such violence!

"Luo Xue, talk to Shi Shi, is there anyone chasing you in the door?" Qin Wei and Han Luo Xue started to gossip and asked, after walking on the pedestrian street, the two people were not there. Watching as I did just now, we can see how much influence this dress has.

Han Luoxue has become accustomed to Qin Wei's gossip, so he will not ignore him at all, but just go by himself.

"Do you know falling snow, you are not so good, you will be lonely like this, you will not find a boyfriend like this!" Qin Wei reminded her out of kindness.

Han Luoxue hastened his pace, seems to want to get rid of Qin Wei, it is too annoying, just like a repeater!

"Falling snow, wait for me!" Qin Wei shouted from behind.

So there was another weird scene in the commercial street. A young and beautiful woman was followed by a man who was chasing after him, and the man still said something from time to time.

rub! Why is this chick so stubborn!

Qin Wei simply stopped chasing and stopped and shouted, "My name is Qin Wei, I am a long life ..."

Huh! Han Luoxue turned and a silver needle flew in, right in the mouth of Qin Wei!

"Ah!" Qin Wei shouted in pain, covering his mouth, showing this burst of strength.

"Deserve it! Let you threaten me!"

Han Luoxue stood in the distance, and a smile finally appeared at the corner of his mouth.