Merry Master In The City

Chapter 141 Stormy! (on)

At the entrance of the university girl's dormitory, Chen Feng has been waiting downstairs for a long time. Needless to say, she is waiting for Mickey. Only in this way can she meet her. Since she was in a multimedia classroom, she encouraged her buddies to say bad things about Qin Wei. M Qi has always ignored her.

After a while, a lot of people came out of the girl's dormitory. They were all going to class. Mickey was also in it. She and her girlfriend Liu Wen were talking and laughing while holding their arms. They looked good.

"Mickey?" Chen Feng yelled at Mickey from the side. He was afraid of causing Miqi's misunderstanding and thought that he would cause her trouble again, so he could only yell in the back.

"Chen Feng?" Mi Qi frowned unconsciously when she saw that it was Chen Feng. He had caused himself a lot of trouble. Why did he come to himself, he said blankly: "You have something to do with me?"

"Well, there are some things I want to tell you." Chen Feng nodded and looked very sincere!

"If it is still the same as before, I don't think we need to say anything." Mickey refused, Chen Feng found himself nothing more than a cliché to say that he truly loves himself, and there is no other person in the world who loves himself more than him. Man, Mickey is really bored.

"No, you misunderstood." Chen Feng waved his hands in a hurry, and said, "I really have something to tell you, it's about Qin Wei."

"Wenwen, wait for me." Mickey and Liu Wen greeted and walked aside with Chen Feng. She didn't want to be heard by others.

"If you have something to say, hurry up, I have to rush to class." Miki said impatiently, she didn't like Chen Feng in her heart so there was no need to give her a good look.

"Mickey, in fact Qin Wei has been lying to you." Chen Feng cautiously, fearing that he didn't say what was right and angered Mickey, then his efforts were wasted.

"Cheat me?" Miki raised an eyebrow. "What can he do to lie to me?"

"Don't you know yet?" Chen Feng said inconceivably: "Qin Wei is getting engaged today!"

"Engagement? Don't make a joke." Mi Qi said a lip, and if Qin Wei was really engaged, how could she not know it, it might be Chen Feng's trick again.

"I didn't lie to you. You see that I brought all the invitations." Chen Feng was afraid that Miki would not believe it, so he took out the invitations of his parents.

Mickey took the red invitation, and looked at a group of bronzing boys leaping in front of her: "Welcome everyone to participate in the engagement ceremony of Miss Liu Yihan and Mr. Qin Wei!"

Qin Wei! Mickey's eyes kept staring at these two words, never shifting.

"Do n’t you understand Mickey? Qin Wei has been lying to you!" Chen Feng added the appropriate jealousy when he seized the opportunity. His disgust with Qin Wei was written on his face, in order to make Mickey completely dishearten him. I have a chance.

cheat? Oh, Mickey laughed very bitterly. Does Qin Wei need to lie to himself? He and he are nothing but friends. Why does he need to lie to her? All she is sad about is that it is not Qin Wei who is engaged, but Chen Feng.

"Mickey, Qin Wei is not a good thing, it must be for Qian Cai and Liu Yihan! He is not worthy to own you!" Chen Feng's righteous words, just like that is true, huh, huh, Qin Wei, let me catch your handle now!

"Oh!" Mickey sneered, looked up, and looked at Chen Fengxue coldly. "He is not a good thing, is it you? He is not worth it? Are you worth it ?!"

"This ..." Chen Feng guessed the ending, but didn't guess the ending. He didn't expect that this move would ignite himself, making Mickey hate himself even more.

Mickey turned around and returned to the dormitory with a lonely look. She didn't want to go to class. Her heart was so tired. She lay on the bed. She grew up in a embarrassing life and had never been crying. She was covered with a quilt. With red eyes, she even regretted why she didn't meet Qin Wei earlier ...


"I will marry you today."

"I'm going to marry you today!" Qin Wei stood in front of the mirror and fixed his hairstyle. He deliberately wiped Moss today, so that he looked even more heroic! Of course, you must dress up for your engagement ceremony. Liu Yihan asked the designer to customize the suit. Qin Wei wore it on her body. The silk fabric was soft and refreshing.

"Ah, Luo Xue, what do you think of me wearing this suit?" Qin Wei intentionally swayed in front of Han Luo Xue, who made her always bully herself.

"Luo Xue, what do you think of my hairstyle?"

"Falling snow, do you think I'm chic and elegant?"

Qin Wei looked sloppy in front of Han Luoxue, and just as Han Luoxue's silver needle shone slightly from his cuff, Qin Wei suddenly realized that: "Well, it ’s better to ask for yourself, I It won't bother you if you can solve it! "

Qin Wei's consciousness suddenly rose. He chose his favorite one from many leather shoes. These shoes were also bought by Liu Yihan himself. Nima, married to have money, oh no! Just marry a rich wife!

"Luo Xue, do you have any contact information for my Master!" Qin Wei asked, like this marriage event, Han Nianxing should attend the ceremony as his elder. Han Nianxing hurriedly came and went, and Qin Wei focused on Han Qianer and Han Luoxue. Beauty, how can I ask for any contact information.

"No!" Han Luoxue said directly, she didn't know what famous name Qin Wei was doing.

"That's all right, you, as my family, will be there instead of the old man." Qin Wei smiled, leaning in front of the door, pretending to be coquettish, said: "After all, this is also the first time an engagement, and you are alone Of course going to be a little nervous. "

"Seeing someone is arrogance!" Han Luoxue stood up and walked in front of Qin Wei.

Nani? !! I heard it right! This is actually from the mouth of the fairy teacher and sister! This is a line from a recent popular TV series!

"What are you doing, do you want to be late?" Han Luoxue stood outside the door and shouted at Qin Wei who was in a daze.

"Ha ?!" Qin Wei seemed to react to put on his shoes and left the house.

"When did you learn to listen to me so much?" Qin Wei asked on the stairs, and the little girl was clearly aware of her!

"If you don't follow your wishes, will you use the Changsheng Gate to hit me again?" Han Luoxue asked coldly.

"Yes!" Qin Wei thought without thinking.

"Shameless!" Han Luoxue scolded.

"I have white teeth, do you actually say that I have no teeth?" Qin Wei countered.

Han Luoxue had already regarded Qin Wei as air and ignored her. She got into the car and closed her eyes with a dummy to hide ...

As soon as Qin Wei kicked the accelerator, he left the Ocean Apartment!

At this moment, the man hiding behind showed his head, picked up the phone and said, "Tang Wei, Qin Wei has left the apartment."

"Follow the plan!" A man's voice came over the phone.

"Yes!" The man respected!