Merry Master In The City

Chapter 142 Stormy! (under)

The Qingshan Villa, the Liu family is already a scene of joy and joy. The servants are nervously decorating the courtyard. They dare not be sloppy. Liu Yihan treats them well on weekdays, and the young lady is engaged. These servants are also very happy.

The guests have already entered the venue, and Liu Dongshan hurried to greet them. These are his business partners and half-lifetime friends. None of them can be neglected. The provincial government complains. Where is the engagement ceremony? It ’s all a gathering of entrepreneurs. !!

"Old Liu! Attending so many weddings, I finally caught up with your daughter!" Li Xingwang stopped with a big belly from the Bentley car and greeted Liu Dongshan.

"Uncle Li!" Liu Yihan saw that Li Xingwang also came forward to say hello. The two of Liu and Li were world ties. Later, Li Xingwang company moved abroad and was rarely in the country. It was deliberately rushed back by plane.

"Well, Han Han really has become more and more beautiful!" Li Xingwang looked at Liu Yihan and nodded, "I remember when you asked for candy in my arms at that time, now it's a big girl!" "

"Uncle Li, you know how to make fun of me!" Liu Yihan pretended to be angry.

"Look, I haven't said anything yet, I've got a temper!" Li Xingwang smiled.

"Ha ha, Lao Li, come in quickly, our brothers will not get drunk tonight!" Liu Dongshan greeted with a smile.

"Why, isn't Chairman Liu going to say hello to my sister?" Cao Feihu got down from his Rolls-Royce and smiled. She and Liu Dongshan are business partners. The relationship is naturally familiar and occasionally open. Just a joke doesn't bother.

"Look, what are you talking about? Come on, let's go into the house together!" Liu Dongshan was already so busy that Liu Yihan naturally greeted him.

Liu Dongshan is a rich man, of course, he is also a rich man. It is said that the cars parked outside the Qingshan Villa today total more than 100 million yuan! It can be seen that the value of these people, and Liu Dongshan is also quite generous, custom-made wine from abroad, it is said that each bottle is about 300,000, and he is such a daughter, who does not give money to her?

"Xiao Han, what about your dad?" Qin Mao just asked Liu Yihan just when he got off the bus.

"I'm in the room with Uncle Li." Liu Yihan answered with a smile.

"Oh? Lao Li is back? Then I have to check it out!" Qin Mao ran to the villa with a smile. Where is the group president? This is an engagement ceremony, but it is more like an old friend. A long reunion party.

The wedding dress Liu Yihan wore today was designed when he went to school. It has been preserved to this day. Liu Yihan has a very good figure. This pink mini skirt is in line with her temperament, and a small bow tied at the waist. , Added a bit of naughty, and the long wave of hair made her more mature and feminine.

"Yihan." He Mu's voice sounded behind her.

Liu Yihan turned around and looked at today's handsome He Mu, with a smile: "Here it is."

"Um." He Mu nodded with a smile. "You are beautiful today, the most beautiful time I have ever seen." He Mu never praises Liu Yihan. He is right, she is blooming today. Is particularly beautiful, but unfortunately this flower is not for my appreciation.

"You are also handsome today." Liu Yihan said with a smile.

"Bless you." He Mu laughed, but her heart was very bitter. This seems to be the first time in eight years that she said she was handsome, perhaps with some kindness.

"I hope you can find your other half earlier." Liu Yihan smiled. She really hoped that He Mu could let go of her attachment and find someone who loved him.

"Yes." He Mu nodded and then entered the courtyard under Uncle Liu's greetings. After all, he also had business contacts to take care of.

"Han Han, please call Xiao Qin and ask him where he is, and let him come early to say hello to these elders." Wang Guizhi anxiously.

"Mom, I know, I'll just call." Liu Yihan muttered, and then called Qin Wei's phone.

"Qin Wei, where have you been? My mother is anxious." Liu Yihan glanced at Wang Guizhi and covered her mouth.

"I have already reached the Qingshan Highway right away, and it will take another ten minutes." Qin Wei said as he drove.

"Then you hurry up, don't be late, all of you who are here today are rich!" Liu Yihan said with a smile. She meant that these people couldn't be neglected.

"Are there any beauties?" Qin Wei cared.

"Everyone has a family and dare to look at a beautiful woman? Wait for the kneeling washboard at night!" Liu Yihan snorted coldly and hung up the phone.

"Oh, it seems that the family law is very strict! Brother!" This is Han Luoxue's first call to Brother Qin Wei.

"Hit is kiss, scold is love, then you don't understand." Qin Wei shook his head and said.

"Oh!" Han Luoxue snorted coldly. She knew that this was Qin Wei's sophistry, but it was a matter of two people on earth and had nothing to do with herself.

Qin Wei has also been single for many years, and now he is a wife again. Of course, I am in a good mood, humming the song, turning the steering wheel to the left, and driving the car on Qingshan Highway. This road is all rich people, and now rich people are Gathered at Liu Yihan's house, so few people on the road.

Qin Wei drove for a little while, and at the first turn, suddenly rushed out of a man.

Qin Wei's first reaction was braking!

Nima! Is this man sick? rub! Qin Wei stopped and walked down, very angry.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Qin Wei got out of the car, the man took Qin Wei's hand and said, "Brother, help, save my wife, my wife is going to have a baby! My car broke down, I can't drive it at all!" Hurrying to his car.

Mercedes? Qin Wei looked at the man's car, and could Mercedes break down?

"Wife, you are holding on, I stopped the car, and now I will take you to the hospital." The man opened the car door, and the woman suddenly groaned in the car.

"Brother, can you borrow your car and take my wife to the hospital!" The man asked from his car half a head out of the car, his expression was tense, and even his words were a little unpleasant.

Nima! I rub! Isn't this the plot in the movie, lending you a car? Who is going to get engaged for me?

"Brother, don't look busy, come and help me carry my wife to your car, and then the child will be gone later!" The man was crying, and it was so difficult for him to have a child. He did not expect that the car broke down halfway.

"Uh ..." Where Qin Wei had encountered such a thing, coupled with the painful screams of pregnant women, he was already soft-hearted, rubbing it, and finally I went to the villa a little later, anyway, Miss is all my person, This won't work.

Qin Wei approached the Mercedes-Benz car kindly and planned to be a good person. When he walked to the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz car, he realized that the woman lying in the car was not a woman, but a man in a black suit. The howling of a pregnant woman is playing in the tape recorder.

"Not good!" Qin Wei, who responded, yelled, and this was obviously overcast! Thirty-six counts to run!

"Want to run ?!" The man in the suit jumped out of the car for a moment.

The man looked at Qin Wei who was running away, and the dart in his hand was thrown out immediately, whistling and chasing Qin Wei like an arrow!