Merry Master In The City

Chapter 144 Fighting Deadly!

The captain understands that Qin Wei is his goal. As long as Qin Wei is removed, he can complete the task. These three darts are very powerful, and even if Qin Wei can respond quickly, he cannot escape! As for this woman, the captain looked up at the woman in front of her. She has nothing to do with this task, so it doesn't matter!

But he neglected one point, that is Han Luoxue. As a master of the Changsheng Gate, Han Luoxue's reaction speed and resilience are the leaders in the door. She threw the silver needle in her hand and knocked out the dart flying in front , And then a silver needle, hitting the second dart.

clang! The second dart flew on the third dart, and both fell to the ground!

A double dart! Obviously the force of the second needle is much greater.

"Who the hell are you! Why protect Qin Wei!" The captain shouted in a dark face. This mission can only succeed, not fail! If it fails, the punishment will be quite severe! The owner never softens!

"Who are you again? Why kill me! Who the hell did you get fucked for?" Qin Wei stood up and jumped up the road. Mom's mother and you have no revenge in the past. Damn, it's not bad for me to talk to you, and dare to talk to my sister and sister like this.

"Oh!" Captain Lengheng stared at Qin Wei and said: "Don't think that with this woman you can sit back and relax and wait for my hand to see if she can protect you!" The captain is very confident in his men , His wind squad performed missions and never failed!

"Shimei." Qin Wei assaulted and ran beside Han Luoxue and said, "Listening to him, there seems to be a helper."

"I heard it." Han Luoxue blandly said, and she was not stupid. Couldn't you hear the meaning of a man, just to scare herself and let herself surrender Qin Wei.

"Then you don't have to hurry up or decide quickly, or I will be dead when a helper comes in!" Qin Wei anxiously said, "We are still married to somebody. I don't want to be engaged by these unknown people." Dead, I have to marry my wife and have a son!

"..." Han Luoxue was speechless. At this time, the bastard was still thinking about himself!

"Well, I'm afraid, as long as you surrender Qin Wei, I will let you go!" The captain heard Qin Wei's words and thought that Qin Wei recognized him, so he was very proud: "Luo Feng. , I will give you credit in front of the church owner! "

Sure enough, it is a martial art in rivers and lakes! Han Luoxue confirmed his own judgment from the captain's words.

"You are just a woman. How could we be the opponent of our team, don't ask for it!" The captain mocked at Han Luoxue, who didn't believe how capable a woman could be.

"Why, then I want to taste it." Han Luoxue said coldly, but a look of murderousness in her eyes showed how angry she was now.

"Since you want to die, I'll do it for you!"

Said that the suit man took the lead in activating his body first. He had to start first. He just saw from the battle between Luo Feng and Han Luoxue that Han Luoxue had worked hard in his legs, and what he was good at was hand kung fu. As long as you fight closely, the odds will be great!

"You have to fight! Then fight!" Han Luoxue flew into the air at the moment of speaking, extremely domineering!

This scene of Qin Wei has been stupid, worthy of being my sister, so domineering in a fight!

Han Luoxue has already seen through the captain's intentions, so she is not using her footwork. If you want to fight in close combat, I will have a trick with you!

The man ran at a light speed and hurled a fist into Han Luoxue's face!

"I see how you take this punch!" The man roared, he was extremely fast, and Luo Feng was obviously two martial arts practitioners, and he was proud of these iron fists on weekdays. He had absolute confidence to defeat Han Luoxue !!

"Qin Wei, you are optimistic, what is Wanzhangquan!" Han Luoxue did not forget to remind Qin Wei before the fight, the man was right, he could not protect Qin Wei all the time, only Qin Wei was strong to be safe. The "Changsheng Boxing" he has practiced is not yet ready, and he can't deal with the practice family at all!

"It turned out to be a person from the Changsheng Gate. No wonder it looks so beautiful, but it will become a dead body when it is beautiful!" The man arrogantly said.

Han Luoxue was unmoved. He put his hands on his chest and pressed it to the abdomen. The hands turned palms up and down, and then moved slightly. Then, he pulled a small air mass between Han Luoxue's hands. The speed of the falling snow is gradually increasing.

"Nima, isn't it? Is this Qigong?" Qin Wei couldn't believe the scene in front of him. He now began to wonder if he was watching a movie. Is this what Han Nianxing said about Qi?

She has such internal strength? The captain was also surprised by Han Luoxue, but that couldn't save you. The man yelled and slammed in the air at Han Luoxue's face!

It's now! Han Luoxue held his hands up, and the air mass in his hand flung towards the man's double fists!

boom! The air mass exploded with a muffled sound, and the man was repelled by the internal force released by the air mass! It's impossible that she could have such a deep internal force at a young age. Besides, isn't Changsheng Men already declining, how could there still be such a master.


The man in the suit spit out blood and seemed to be injured by internal forces.

How could Han Luoxue give him a chance to catch his breath and use his light skills to get close to the man quickly, turning his palms into punches and defeating him in one fell swoop.

The man screamed badly, then raised his hands and raised his hands to Han Luoxue.

Han Luoxue was very quick in his hands. When he saw the move, he hit the man's acupoint every time, and kicked the man's leg under his foot!

Two people come and go! Very fast with a whimper!

"Who do you think will win?" Qin Wei lowered his head and asked the injured Luo Fengdao.

"Of course we will win! The combat capability of our wind squad is the highest among all the factions, and our captain is a master of the master ..."

"Wipe your uncle!" Luo Feng hadn't spoken yet, and Qin Wei kicked him on his chin, kicking him personally and turning over.

"Fuck, Du Teme was beaten and spit by my teacher and sister, but also a master in the master hand!" Qin Wei stared at Luo Feng and scolded, not knowing why, when he saw Han Luoxue being injured by martial arts from Changshengmen When he was a man, he would have a little pride in his heart, not from Han Luoxue, but from that inexplicable sense of belonging.

Han Luoxue hit more and more fiercely, her punches became more severe, and her offense became sharper and sharper. She could feel that the man's physical strength could no longer keep up with himself. At the moment when the man was breathing, Han Luoxue finally found an opportunity and she punched It hits the man's chest and turns into a palm! Fly the man out!

As soon as the man felt his chest came in, there was a bloody smell in his throat.

puff! He couldn't help it anymore, a big blood spewed out, and the whole man fell to the ground!

"Captain!" At this moment, there were a few men in cyan clothes who were not far away. They were members of the wind team.

"How are you, Captain!" Cheng Feng ran in front and raised the captain lying on the ground concerned. He was the deputy captain of the Feng Squad. He had planned to ambush in the lower section according to the plan, but found that Qin Wei was late. Knowing that it was fighting here, he rushed with the team members.

"Take Qin Wei!" The captain gasped, even at this time, he will not forget his mission!

"Yes!" Cheng Feng replied respectfully.

"Qing Feng, go against Qin Wei, Yu Feng, you and me against this demon girl" Cheng Feng has seen in the distance that Han Luoxue hit the captain seriously.

Never forgive!

After Yufeng heard the command, he started to do it directly. Chengfeng followed him, but his flying knife passed. He was not so anxious. Sure enough, Yufeng was kicked by her to contact Han Luoxue!

The Qingfeng on the side had forced Qin Wei in front of him, and showed his own throat-cutting knife, which could kill him with just one knife!

"Sister and sister save me!" Qin Wei shouted, and then ran away, what martial arts, what mentality, have been left behind by Qin Wei!

Han Luoxue wanted to save Qin Wei, but found that the flying knife came to himself, and Han Luoxue opened his eyes! Seeing that there was no poison on the knife, the silver needle bounced, changed the trajectory of the flying knife, and then took it in hand, and the flying knife fell into his own hands.

After Han Luoxue picked up the flying knife, he did not stop, but threw it out directly, and stuck in the thigh of that blue wind!

puff! The sound of the flying knife entering the meat was very clear, but Qingfeng did not stop. He still chased Qin Wei, but his movement became slower.

Han Luoxue approached Qingfeng, pushed him away with one palm, and rescued Qin Wei!

"Sister, thank you, you saved me again, my admiration for you is endless!" Qin Wei said with a smile, with a master like Han Luoxue beside her, she did not put this waste at all In the eyes.

"Let's make a badass!" Han Luoxue glanced at Qin Wei. "If you have time to make a badass, you might as well practice more. Save me to save you!"

Han Luoxue didn't forget to count Qin Wei, but he found that Qin Wei was motionless and his eyes kept staring behind her. She turned her head and saw a flying silver knife with a silver light running towards her and turned her He had forgotten that the flying knife was about to come to his eyes, and even though Han Luoxue was reacting quickly, he was too late to dodge.

"Sister, dodge!"

Just at the moment of the moment, Qin Wei exerted all his strength and pushed Han Luoxue away. At this moment Qin Wei felt that he had more men!

clang! This flying knife penetrated into Qin Wei's chest!

"Sister and sister, hurry up ..." Qin Wei shouted with all his strength, he didn't expect that he, a greedy person who was afraid of death, would make such a choice.

Qin Wei spit out a lot of blood from his mouth. It hurts. It hurts like a chainsaw drill. Qin Wei feels that his nose is bleeding and his chest is bleeding. On, and finally fell backwards ...