Merry Master In The City

Chapter 145 Majestic Ambition!

Qingshan Villa, Liu Yihan is still eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Qin Wei. Does she even know what happened on the highway just now, she is just a woman looking forward to happiness today.

"Han Han, you are calling Xiao Qin to see when he arrives, but the guests are all anxious." Wang Guizhi called Liu Yi Han aside and whispered, it was almost twenty minutes, Qin Wei Why haven't arrived yet.

"I know, I'll just hit it." Liu Yihan said with a smile and pulled out his cell phone. "This Qin Wei is also true. When I called just now, I said it was almost there, why is there so much ink?"

Liu Yihan dialed Qin Wei's cell phone, but it was unanswered. Strangely, Liu Yihan muttered in his heart, what was he doing, why didn't he answer the phone so many times.

"Cousin, you are so pretty today!" Liu Xinru came to Liu Yihan and smiled quietly.

"Xinru, when did you come back, didn't you study abroad?" Liu Yihan looked at his childhood friend and asked with a smile. It seems that his engagement today is really a reunion.

"Cousin's engagement ceremony, how could I not come to attend it, but my brother-in-law, why I haven't seen it yet." Liu Xinru grinned smirk. She must have embarrassed the prospective brother-in-law and got some benefits from him.

"I'm calling him, I don't know what to do, and I won't pick up the phone." Liu Yihan muttered.

"Han Han, come here." Just then, Liu Dongshan walked out of the villa with a solemn look.

"What's wrong, dad?" Liu Yihan said.

"Have you called Qin Wei?" Liu Dongshan asked.

"Hit, but no one is connected." Liu Yihan said.

"That wouldn't be great!" Liu Dongshan worried.

"What's wrong? Is something wrong with Qin Wei?" Liu Yihan asked anxiously.

"I just called and said that Qin Wei was assassinated on Qingshan Highway, and now his whereabouts are unknown!" Liu Dongshan was afraid that Liu Yihan could not accept it, so he spoke very slowly.

"What ?! Assassination! This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible!" Liu Yihan couldn't believe what he heard, how could Qin Wei be assassinated, I'm going to find him, and go now!

Liu Yihan ran towards his Porsche, and she couldn't hear her, no matter how many people around her shouted, her eyes and her ears were born only for Qin Wei.

"Old Liu, what's wrong with Hanhan?" Wang Guizhi saw her daughter rushing out, very worried.

"Xiao He, don't stand still, hurry and help me get Hanhan back!" Wang Guizhi said to He Mu.

"Auntie, rest assured, I will bring Yi Han back." He Mu agreed to drive and chase Liu Yi Han.

He Mu sat in the corner of the car with an unknown smile. It seemed that his plan was successful, and now he couldn't wait to see what the scene looked like.

Liu Yihan drove his Porsche and hurried to Qingshan Highway. At the exit, she found Qin Wei's white Chrysler. She stopped and walked down. She saw the blood on the ground and she got into Qin Wei's car. After getting out of the car, she ran under the highway and ran up again, but no shadow of Qin Wei was found.

At the beginning, she was still hopeful. She felt that Qin Wei was nearby, but now the line of defense in her heart has collapsed. Is Qin Wei really assassinated? This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Okay today engagement, where did you go? Liu Yihan couldn't control her emotions either, her tears had broken ...

"Yihan ..." He Mu followed.

Liu Yihan wiped his eyes. Her weakness except Qin Wei did not want to be seen by the second man.

"Why are you here?" Liu Yihan asked with his back to He Mu.

"Aunt is not assured of you, so let me come over and look at you specially." He Mu cared. When he saw the blood on the ground, he knew the situation of Qin Wei. It seems that the mysterious man really did not lie Yourself.

"I'm fine, you go back." Liu Yihan said coldly, her mood now is falling from the sky to the ground.

"You have nothing to do, or should I stay with you." He Mu walked to Liu Yihan and comforted him. For Mu Qin, He Mu hated it, but for Liu Yihan, he was distressed. He even jealous Qin Wei, Would she cry for me if she disappeared one day? He Mu suddenly thought that this idea was ridiculous, because he knew that since he was tied to that man, there was no way back.

"No, I just want to be alone." Liu Yihan rejected He Mu's kindness.

"Let's go home first, it's not safe here," said He Muti, since if she wants to act, then she should be realistic.

Home? Liu Yihan seemed to think of something and drove to Qin Wei's house. She didn't believe everything in front of her. She believed Qin Wei must be at home.

Liu Yihan came to the Ocean Apartment and ran up the sixth floor. She kept knocking on the door of Qin Wei's house, but no one came to open the door. She clearly remembered that last time, Qin Wei secretly opened the door to look at herself. Joke, she hoped that Qin Wei would laugh at herself again, even if she was a lifetime ...

Without seeing Qin Wei, she would not believe that he was really assassinated. He believed that Qin Wei's skills must be hiding there. Qin Wei, I am your person, no matter how long, I will wait for you!

Be sure to find out who is behind the ghost! Liu Yihan secretly swears in his heart!


At He's Manor, He Mu stepped down after the car was quite well, and the housekeeper was already behind him waiting for the mission.

"Uncle He, thank you in person today, no matter who comes, you will not see me." He Mu commanded.

"Yes, Master." The steward nodded in the back. There were many people who visited the Master on weekdays, most of them were for money, otherwise He Mu would be difficult to be clean.

He Mu was in a good mood. Compared with the day when he borrowed wine and poured his sorrow, it was like changing a person. He will still drink this time, and it is a wine that has been collected for decades. Because of happiness, Qin Wei was finally removed. This The biggest rival, he will start with Liu Yihan, he will never be passive as before!

"Oh, it seems that He Shao is in a good mood drinking such luxurious wine!" The mysterious man suddenly appeared behind He Mu.

"Trusted you, it's really good." He Mu turned and smiled. "I went to the assassination scene and didn't find Qin Wei himself, so I want to confirm it with you."

"Haha, what a shame it really is, and it's really thoughtful, even if you don't see Qin Wei, what's the matter? At least my men told me that his flying knife was stuck in Qin Wei's chest, do you think Do you still need to confirm? "The man pressed his cap and played with the taste.

In fact, in a certain sense, his plan was only half successful. He is the master of the church, how can he discredit himself.

"I hope there will be no Qin Wei in the world in the future." He Mu looked at the cup, and her eyes were full of ruthlessness, and Yihan was mine, so no one could take it away!

"You can rest assured, I promise that there will be no Qin Wei in the world." The man said coldly, he was very confident in Chengfeng's sword.

"He Shao, your business is over, then it's time to talk about my business." The man opened the door and saw the mountain road.

"What is it?" He Mu asked.

"The cooperation I said, I can support you behind and become the largest company in the city, but you want me to invest in the shares." The man expressed his thoughts.

"This is no problem. How many shares do you want?" He Mu said.

"Fifty percent," the man said.

"No, I can't give you so many shares." He Mu said, if he gave him 50% of the shares, he would be on an equal footing with him in the company.

"He Shao, do n’t worry, listen to me first. The 50% I said is just 50% of your dividends. It is not to join your company. What I want is money. I can help. You become the largest company in the city, and at the same time, you are making money for yourself, "the man said.

"Your ambition is great." He Mu said.

"Big? I don't think it's enough!" The man laughed arrogantly.

"Can you tell your true intentions?" He Mu asked, and he hated the feeling of being caught in the drum.

"It's not the time, you'll know by then," the man conceited.

In the dark night, men showed insidious smiles. He Mu was right. Their ambitions were so great that they wanted to dominate Wulin!