Merry Master In The City

Chapter 146 Brother, you are so good!

"Mr. Qin Wei, are you willing to marry this kind and beautiful lady in front of you, love her, be loyal to her, whether you are rich or poor, or sick, will you?" The priest stood in the center of the courtyard of Qingshan Villa, holding in his hand With the Bible, ask godly.

The handsome Qin Wei looked at Liu Yihan affectionately and shouted, "I do!"

"Wow!" The guests roared below, and the atmosphere was very lively for a while!

There was a thunderous applause from the audience, and a group of peace pigeons flew over the duo's head. Wang Guizhi held tightly beside Liu Dongshan to witness the most important moment in their daughter's life!

The pastor nodded, then looked at Liu Yihan and asked, "Ms. Liu Yihan, would you marry this handsome handsome man standing in front of you, love him, be loyal to him, no matter you are rich or poor, or sick, would you ? "

"I'm willing!" Liu Yihan's eyes were affectionate, with a smile on her lips. Today, she is the most beautiful bride in the world!

"I do not want to!"

Just as everyone blessed Qin Wei and Liu Yihan, a person suddenly emerged from the crowd, and that person was He Mu!

"Yihan! You can't be with Qin Wei! I have loved you for eight years, how can you bear to make me sad!" He Mu shouted in the crowd!

"Miss, don't listen to him. His love for you is deformed. Don't believe him!" Qin Wei said to Liu Yihan.

"I don't agree!" Duan Qi stepped out of the crowd and shouted, "You two mean men, I won't bless you!"

"I don't agree!" Zhang Guangwei ran out of the crowd and said, "Qin Wei is a rogue. You won my championship by despicable means. I will not let you get married!"

Said that three people rushed to the stage together, He Mu grabbed Liu Yihan's arm and said, "Yihan, follow me, don't marry him!"

"Yihan, you can't go with him, you are my woman!" Qin Wei took Liu Yihan's other arm, and the two men just twitched.

"Damn, let go of her, that's my wife!"

Qin Wei shouted suddenly, then sat up from the bed with a stun, his sweaty, shortness of breath, and seemed to be awakened.

It turned out to be a dream, and in the dream he robbed my wife, mother! Qin Wei wiped his forehead and muttered quietly.

"Where is this?" Qin Wei looked up, only to find himself in a place he didn't know.

Qin Wei looked around and found that the room was entirely made of wood, antique, just like the house in ancient movies, the room was small, but it was very warm. A mahogany square table with a set of tea set on it was regarded as The most luxurious in the room, and a sandalwood stove was placed on the table, and cigarettes permeated the room.

"Where is this special? Did I cross?" Qin Wei looked at the ancient paintings on the wall. Although he didn't understand, he could feel that they were all ancient paintings. He lived in the city. How come here? Did that flying knife pass through itself?

"Brother, are you awake?" Just when Qin Wei was confused, the room door was suddenly opened. Han Qianer stared at Qin Wei and smiled. She was holding the medicine prepared for Qin Wei to change. I heard Qin Wei's voice.

"Qian Er, why are you here?" Qin Wei was surprised, didn't she go to the task with the old man?

"This is my home, where am I not here?" Han Qianer walked towards Qin Wei with a smile, and after sleeping for so long, you finally woke up, otherwise how could you explain it to Master, Han Qianer muttered in her heart.

Qin Wei looked at Han Qianer with a bright expression, like a spring breeze. It seems that the beauty has a refreshing effect, and Qin Wei has long forgotten the dream just now.

"Your home?" Qin Wei was confused.

"Yeah, this is Changsheng Mountain, not my home, but where else?" Han Qianer smiled, covering his mouth.

Changsheng Mountain? Qin Wei thought for a while and thought, "Why am I here?"

"Sister rescued you, or you can do it now ..." Han Qianer said, doing a movement to wipe his neck.

"I rub! Is it so serious!" Qin Wei was a little disagreeable.

"That flying knife was stuck in your chest, and it was close to your heart. It was the sister who gave you the true energy in you. You really should thank the sister, otherwise you will really rub!" Han Qianer blinked Eyes said.

"I think she has a little conscience," Qin Wei felt his chest and was still in pain. He remembered that he helped Han Luoxue to block the fatal stab, and then passed out and remembered nothing, but took me. Isn't it enough to go to the hospital, do you need to get me a longevity door! I really want to get engaged!

Han Qianer was born with wisdom. She guessed what Qin Wei was thinking, saying, "Brother, do n’t blame Sister, it is the poison on the flying knife. Only the grass growing in the door can detoxify. Moreover, you were still unconscious at that time, only Can carry you back. "

"Since this is the case, then I will come here, and let it be safe!" Qin Wei grinned, saying that there are many beauties in Changsheng Men's Gate, so he might as well live for a few days and make fun of it, haha.

"Qiaer, have you seen my cell phone?" Qin Wei rummaged for a long time and didn't find it. It is estimated that the young lady could be in a hurry in the past few days, so she must report her safety.

"Your mobile phone is kept by Ershi Bo." Han Qianer said.

"Why should I keep my things?" Qin Wei didn't understand.

"This is a door gauge. There are regulations in the door. In addition to the usual tasks, communication equipment is not allowed to prevent other martial arts from having a chance." Han Qianer said.

"So you didn't call me, did you?" Qin Wei asked blinking.

"Um." Han Qianer nodded.

"Wipe, when I become the master of the door one day, I must change the rules." Qin Wei said with a lip, why didn't he delay the brother from hooking up with his sister? Is there a mobile phone?

"There is no hope for you." Han Qianer smiled, covering his mouth, he was really special. Everyone wanted to be the doorkeeper, but they were all hidden in his heart. He just said it, and I didn't know that other teachers and brothers could hear it. What do you think?

"Why is there no hope?" Qin Wei said.

"Because you still have a big brother in front of you!" Han Qianer said: "According to the door rules of the Changsheng Gate, the door is inherited by the big brother."

"Then your master is still behind my master, and he has n’t been the master, so this truth doesn't make sense at all!" Qin Wei protested, mother, after I saved your master, let him change the rules. .

On these absurdities, Han Qianer was Qin Wei's opponent. He only smiled and said, "Brother, I should change your medicine." After that, Han Qianer's face turned red.

"Changing medicine?" Qin Wei looked down at the gauze wrapped around his chest, and immediately understood, saying, "Come on, but be gentle, it's the first time someone has let a girl touch it!" With a smirk on his face, oops, this longevity gate is really good, and it feels so good to have a beautiful girl serving!

"Hmm ..." Han Qianer's voice was as small as a mosquito. Although Qin Wei had changed her medicine these days, she was drowsy. Now that he is awake, of course she will be embarrassed. The blushing is like the sky. Sunset glow.

However, Qin Wei was laughing without saying a word, and was thinking how to tease this cute little girl.

Qin Wei opened his hands and asked Han Qianer to change his medicine.

Han Qianer wrapped his hands behind Qin Wei and helped him unfasten the gauze. The two people were close at hand, and even the sound of breathing could be heard. Han Qianer lowered his head and did not dare to look at Qin Wei's face. She could feel that masculine atmosphere It was so intense that she couldn't resist the girl who had never been in love.

Qin Wei saw Han Qianer's shameful appearance, itching in his heart, wondering how to take advantage of Xiaoshimei.

Han Qianer took apart the gauze and revealed Qin Wei's scar. Qin Wei lowered her head and just saw the knife edge.

"Nima! Really!" Qin Wei said in Han Qianer's ear.

"Ah!" Han Qianer just felt like she was shocked, and almost fell into Qin Wei's arms, which made her face even more rosy.

This little sister is really interesting. Qin Wei watched Han Qianer with a smile and secretly said that a simple girl like her might be extinct.

Han Qianer took a bottle from his arms, poured it on gauze, and gently applied it to Qin Wei's wound.

"Ah! Hey, you sister, please take it lightly!"

The properties of the medicine made Qin Wei's wound suddenly feel like a fire, and could not help crying out.

"Ah? This is the medicine." Han Qianer hurriedly, she was already very light and careful, Qin Wei's naked upper body originally made her heart troubled, and now I don't know what to do.

"Then you're just a little lighter." Qin Wei was even shameless.

"Huh." Han Qianer took a hand around Qin Wei's back and helped him entangle the gauze. Looking from a distance, the two seemed to be hugging each other. She lowered her head and not only saw Qin Wei's body, but also Seeing his muscles, his heart beat faster.

"Oh, tap!"

"Take it lighter, don't hurt people!" Qin Wei's howl was higher than that, in fact, Han Qianer didn't hurt him at all, because he deliberately made trouble and wanted to tease her.

"Yes, this is just right!" Qin Wei enjoyed with closed eyes, and now he is living like a god.

Han Qianer didn't have so many bad thoughts. She just wanted to fasten the gauze quickly and run away. It was really embarrassing, but the gauze was not long enough. She could only stick it on Qin Wei's body to reach it.

"What are you doing!"

The voice of a man came suddenly at the door!

"Ah!" Han Qianer suddenly screamed in fright. She was so guilty that she yelled at this, and flew into Qin Wei's arms!

Fragrant! Really fragrant! Qin Wei took a look at the situation, and the two fell down ...