Merry Master In The City

Chapter 147 Visiting the Falling Snow!

The beauty is pregnant, the nose is fragrant, and the hand feels very good. This is Qin Wei's first feeling. Qin Wei, who was still trying to take advantage of Qianer, is now trying to die for happiness. He really wants to kill the man at the door. In the last sentence, it's time for you to come!

Qin Wei was refreshed, but Han Qianer had the heart to die. How can this be clear? She now wants to find a place to dig into it! Hmm, but his arms are really warm, isn't it like a man's arms?

"What are you doing!" Han Shengwu stood at the door and shouted, "Master, is he bullying you!"

Han Shengwu is an apprentice to Han Houde. He usually walks very close to his master Han Cangfeng. Among the many disciples in Changshengmen, his seniority is relatively high. Because his master is ranked third, Han Qianer also calls him a brother. He is a personal disciple, so he always runs rampant in the door on weekdays!

"Brother, it's not what you think." Han Qianer hurriedly got up from Qin Wei and shook his head. She just changed to Qin Wei for a medicine. How could this be the case, it's all because the brother came too late!

"Also said no, if you look at him and look at you, it must be that he bullied you, Shimei, rest assured, I can't get around him!" Han Shengwu said angrily, but he dared to bully Xiaoshimei and see that I would not clean up you! You pervert!

After saying that Han Shengwu stepped forward, leaped into the air and ran to Qin Wei!

Nima! Isn't this just bullying me can't move, rub! Qin Wei is now seriously injured and has difficulty moving, and Qin Wei obviously feels that this man's effort is more powerful than that of throwing a flying knife, but he came to himself in the blink of an eye, so how can I hide it!

"Brother! No!"

Just when Qin Wei had given up, Han Qianer opened his hands in front of Qin Wei.

It is indeed my little sister, enough for justice! Qin Wei is proud of himself, and then you can look at Han Shengwu with a look of Lao Tzu.

"Sister Mei, you let it go, see if I don't teach this pervert!" Han Shengwu said angrily.

"Brother, you misunderstood, he didn't do anything to me." Han Qianer shook his head and explained quickly.

"It's okay, he made such a voice and still hugs you!" Han Shengwu stared at Qin Wei.

"I was really changing medicine for Qin Wei just now, not what you think." Han Qianer blushed and bit her lip, how could she not know what Han Shengwu meant.

"Sister, don't beg him for confession, I won't read it wrong, he was holding you just now, otherwise how could you two lie in bed!" Han Shengwu was a little emotional.

Qin Wei looked at Han Shengwu's anger, and suddenly understood what I was rubbing. Is this kid secretly in love with my little sister?

"Brother, please take care of yourself!" Han Qianer looked slightly furious, staring at Han Shengwu: "If you really want to pack him, pack me first!"

Han Qianer stood in front of Qin Wei, covering Qin Wei with his thin body. Nima, this is true love. Qin Wei's urine moved by two drops.

"Sister, don't worry about me, he wants to hit me, then let him fight, anyway, the two of us are innocent!" Qin Wei also got a temper, posing a dead pig not afraid of boiling water, come, Come on, it hurts and itches! It ’s just a hug. If you do n’t come, I plan to kiss her!

"Qian Er, are you angry with me for such a person?" Han Shengwu couldn't believe that he and Han Qianer had been in the same door for more than ten years, and he couldn't even compare to this newly introduced rogue!

"Come on, come on!" Qin Wei blinked his eyes, proudly facing the mouth, saying that he could eat as long as Han Qianer was present, and Han Shengwu would not dare to treat himself.

"You!" Han Shengwu pointed at Qin Weiqi's speechlessness, and he used to run rampantly in the door. Where did he suffer from this kind of mischief, there is an unwritten rule in the Changsheng Gate. Han Qianer was from Han Shengwu, even though other disciples had an admiration for the two beauties, they did not dare to show it.

"If nothing is wrong, I'll change the medicine for my sister." Han Qianer didn't want to watch the two people quarrel, so he packed his things and planned to leave this place of right and wrong.

"Qiaer, wait for me, I just want to see the falling snow!"

Qin Wei hurriedly got out of bed, put on shoes and ran out with Han Qianer. Qin Wei went out secretly fortunately, but fortunately followed him, otherwise Han Shengwu didn't know how to pack himself, and now he is injured, it's better to be careful.

"Qian Er, is this Changsheng Mountain?" Qin Wei walked beside Han Qianer.

He couldn't believe what he was looking at, and he was surrounded by ancient buildings painted with lacquer, carved beams and columns, rain-floored terraces, and rockery waterfalls. He walked in the garden with a burst of flowers Then, there are towering ancient trees, walking to the waterfall, smoky, and looking far away, like a fairyland.

Han Qianer saw Qin Wei's surprised look, and he felt much better, so he laughed: "This is a jade garden. There are dozens of large and small Changsheng Mountains like this. You see the tip of the iceberg."

"Dozens of them?" Qin Wei's eyes were all gone, Nima, Han Nianxing, you stinky old man, didn't you say you have no money and no room, what is this special? tens of? How much does it cost to sell? Would n’t it be an astronomical figure, if he had rescued Han Changsheng, and let him sell a garden to himself, for the sake of a better life in the future, we must wake up the doorkeeper!

"You don't want to run away. If no acquaintances lead the way, you will definitely get lost!" Han Qianer reminded kindly.

"Why am I willing to leave when you are such a fairy?" Qin Wei grinned. He felt that with Han Qianer, everyone became pure, but he should also make fun when he was pure, otherwise how can he improve his relationship? .

"No wonder the sister said you, you are so bad!" Han Qianer's face was reddish and whispered softly, she could be angry with Han Shengwu, but she had no temper with Qin Wei and did not know why.

Men are not bad, women are not in love, I am even worse, have you not seen it? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

Qin Wei followed Han Qianer, walking through the gardens one after another, and finally came to Han Luoxue's room.

"Shh!" Han Qianer urged before entering: "Sister Luo Xue is still lethargic, don't disturb her."

"Huh!" Qin Wei nodded.

He walked into the room, and this room was Han Luoxue's, just like her, she was so high. Han Luoxue hit Shengxue in white, lying on the bed, motionless and pale.

"Qian Er, how long did she sleep?" Qin Wei whispered.

"She slept for as long as you slept, and she lost all her anger to you." Han Qianer said, now she feeds Han Luoxue on time every day, so that Han Luoxue's internal force can quickly recover.

"She, how long will it take to wake up?" Qin Wei looked at Han Luoxue in a distressed manner and asked that she was going to block the sword to save her. I didn't expect that she would have to save herself in the reverse. I knew I would not go Having suffered that stab, save trouble.

"This ..." Speaking of this, Han Qianer's face was a little dim. "At least two or three days, many ..." She paused, and didn't continue.

"I see ..." Qin Wei interrupted Qian'er's words, and he was afraid he didn't have the courage to listen.

Qin Wei walked to Han Luoxue's bed, crouched down, looked at the sleepy Han Luoxue, his nose was sore, "I fell snow, I guessed the beginning, but I didn't guess the ending, I didn't think that the knife hurt me, It hurts you too. "

"Falling snow, I know you will be able to hear what I say. Do you remember when we first met? At that time, I saved you. At the Haiyuan warehouse that night, you saved me again. Do you know that you are in heaven? It looks really flying! "

Qin Wei said a snot and a tear, and his mind was full of pictures of himself and Han Luoxue these days. He pulled up Han Luoxue's hand and said deeply: "Although your chest is flat and your butt is not enough, but, As long as you wake up, I will give birth to you! "

"Qin Wei, can you not be so disgusting!"

Han Luoxue lying in bed opened his eyes and looked at Qin Wei with contempt!