Merry Master In The City

Chapter 148: Meet the Uncle!

Han Luoxue sat up from the bed and glanced at Qin Wei. Actually, when they came in from the shallows, she already had some consciousness, but she was still weak and unable to move. The reason why she was awake so quickly was because Thanks to Qin Wei's gift, he awoke himself with disgust. He was initially touched, but Qin Wei became nasty as he talked.

"Sister, are you awake?" Han Qianer said excitedly, this is all right, both of them are awake, their burdens on them have been relaxed a lot, and finally they can take a good rest. Han Qianer is not like the children of other Changshengmen, she Is the only disciple in the door who can not martial arts, only interested in medicine, may be related to her cold temper.

"Well, Qianer, thanks to your care these days." Han Luoxue smiled to Qianer. They are both Han Changsheng's disciples. The relationship is naturally better. They usually sleep together. Although Han Luoxue is so tall, But I still loved this girl.

"Sister Shi's body recovered, and Qianer was happy." Said Qianer revealed two shallow dimples, very charming.

"Qian Er, didn't you say she was lethargic, why did she wake up so quickly?" Qin Wei's old face turned black. Didn't Nima just play with me? I was so sensational. I was also disgusted. This mood is so strange.

"Not surprisingly, you woke me up." Han Luoxue stared at Qin Wei, gritted his teeth, and his chest was flat? Butt does not tilt? If it weren't for my lack of internal strength, Silver Needles would have been waiting.

"Why, is it a little touched?" Qin Wei smugly said. You still have to thank me for that, if you didn't know how long you would sleep.

"I'm not touched. The rest is just disgusting." Han Luoxue said coldly. He didn't save Qin Wei at all. He got up and walked by Qin Wei, washed his hands in the water basin, and she had clean habit. What she couldn't bear most was that Qin Wei's snot had just flowed in her hand.

This is the naked provocation. Qin Wei saw it. I touched your hand and you washed it immediately. Then I touched your butt last time. Should I wash it?

"Hey, Qianer is here, can't you give me some face?" Qin Wei was dissatisfied, and how can I say that I am also your brother.

"You have such a thick skin, what do you want your face to do?" Han Luoxue turned pale, coughed for two channels, and seemed to be cold.

"Wipe, for the sake of your wounded, I won't care about you." Qin Wei turned his head aside and didn't go to see Han Luoxue, no wonder you have a boyfriend, deserve it.

"Oh!" Han Qianer looked at the two quarreling people, and couldn't help but smile. The Changsheng Gate hasn't been so interesting for a long time. She even expected Qin Wei's arrival to change the dead Changsheng Gate. Where would she know, this is just just started.

"Sister, are you inside?" A man's voice came from outside.

"Is there anything wrong?" Han Qianer asked, and masters like them were elders' disciples, and had higher ranks than ordinary disciples.

"Uncle Er asked me to preach, and said that Brother Qin Wei was going to greet the uncles."

"I see, you go and tell the second master, we will come later." Han Qianer said.

"Please?" Qin Wei came up with countless pictures in his head. Would it be like asking ancient emperors in ancient times? This is so amazing. Qin Wei glanced at Han Luoxue, who made you come in, This is good, I can't run anymore.

"Brother Qin Wei, shall we go?" Han Qianer smiled, covering his mouth.

After finishing it, I didn't have a good time at Changshengmen. Even the little girl started to laugh at herself. Qin Wei sighed and seemed to be having a hard time in the future.

"Wait, I'll go too." Han Luoxue followed.

"Let me go, please, what fun are you going to follow?" Qin Wei glanced at Han Luoxue and said, "If you have an injury on your body, just rest on your stomach and run away blindly!"

Han Luoxue put on his coat and walked by Qin Wei, coldly: "I'm happy."

"Good intentions as donkey liver and lungs!" Qin Wei frowned.

"Brother, follow us, don't lose it!" Han Qianer reminded.

"I see ..." Qin Wei said listlessly.


Ziyunju is the place where the eternal life door discusses matters. The elders in the door will choose to discuss things here. This is a rule passed down.

"Brother, have you really found a way to rescue Jang Sang-sang this time?"

Inside Ziyun, a middle-aged man in his forties asked Han Nianxing. He is Han Houde. He is responsible for the trivial matters in the Changsheng Gate, but Han Nianxing takes the idea. After all, the seniority is there.

"Yes, how to save the longevity and how to save, it's all up to Qin Wei." Han Nianxing shook his wine gourd, empty, and let Qin Wei get some wine for himself. If this makes Qin Wei know, non An angry beard stares!

"Does he really have such a great ability? Can he save the entire martial art, or destroy the entire martial art?" Han Houde couldn't believe it. Many disciples in the door couldn't awaken eternal life after thinking of various methods. Is this the kid's Can blood awaken?

"Do you remember the catastrophe of the rivers and lakes 20 years ago?" Han Nianxing brought this matter to the ground, which was a taboo in the door and has been sealed for a long time.

"Remember, how could you forget." Today, Han Houde shudders at the thought, showing how terrifying it is.

"In the beginning, the Fire Dragon Club wanted to dominate the entire martial arts. It did not hesitate to provoke a battle between various factions. However, it was only a Fire Dragon Club, which could make the martial arts rain and blood, and had to say that they were terrible." Road.

"I know this, but what I don't understand is, what does this have to do with Qin Wei?" Han Houde said, this is all a thing of the past, is it necessary to mention it?

"This is not the most terrible. According to the information I have learned, the Fire Dragon would also be looking for someone with demon blood. Do you think that if he finds it, there will be something about our longevity gate?" Han Nianxing reminded.

"Brother means that if Qin Wei is controlled by the people of the Fire Dragon Society, then the rivers and lakes will be the same as twenty years ago?" Han Houde said in surprise.

Han Nianxing opened his eyes, his eyes widened, and said, "I'm afraid it will be more powerful than twenty years."

"In this case, then we must protect Qin Wei well and not let the people of the Fire Dragon Club succeed!" Han Houde said.

"Protection is necessary, but not too much, or it will only make the other person doubtful." Han Nianxing said.

"What does that brother mean?"

"The most important thing now is to awaken Changsheng. Some things are only he knows best." Han Nianxing now knows that the fire dragon will have a comeback, and he wants to dominate the martial arts. Only then knew the mystery of it.

"Second Master, Uncle Third!" Han Qianer walked in from the door with a smile, and bowed: "Qian Er, please greet the two!"

Han Luoxue followed, bowing to the two elders.

Turns out, please? Isn't that too easy? Isn't this the way to go? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

Qin Wei walked ahead and bowed deeply: "Qin Wei, please, Master, Uncle, I wish the two elders a good mood, I am so lucky, I won the game with a soft hand!"

Qin Wei said with a smile, are n’t all elders like this generally respectful and honourable, okay to drink wine, yo-yo, play cards or whatever.

"You are Qin Wei?" Han Houde came to Qin Wei and looked up and down.

"It's the next one." Qin Wei laughed. Did the old man tell his uncle his secret, now he wants to stutter himself? Qin Wei thought shamelessly in his heart.

"Qin Wei!" Han Houde said.


"Kneel down!"


Qin Wei looked at his master and was very confused. What is so special about singing?