Merry Master In The City

Chapter 149: Fight Me!

What is the rule? It makes people kneel as soon as they meet. Do n’t you know that there is gold under the knee of a man? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, so he set his sights on Han Nianxing, but the old man had no expression. Why did you say something for me, I'm still not your apprentice!

"Qin Wei, you are a disciple who has just started. This apprentice who just started, should kneel and worship when you meet the uncle. This is the rule of Changsheng Gate." Han Houde walked to Qin Wei and had been in charge of the Changsheng Gate affairs for many years. He was a little more majestic, making people feel intimidated.

Qin Wei was very dissatisfied with his rules, saying, "When I worshiped the old man as a master, I had already bowed and worshiped. You are my uncle, not my master. Why should I kneel? "

Qin Wei smiled, although this sounded bad, but it was reasonable, and Han Nianxing was not involved, just like a good show, you old fox, fooled me here, what else do you want? Just pick it, now you don't care about me?

Hearing Qin Wei ’s words, Han Dali ’s face was clearly displeased. At Changsheng Gate, no disciple dared to disobey him. This is Qin Wei, the first one. How could he fuel his arrogance, so he said: “Every entry All the disciples have bowed and worshiped. Why should you set a precedent for you? "

"That's why they are willing to kneel. What does it have to do with me?" Qin Wei disapproved. Anyway, I've already kneeled once. Don't try to make me kneel. I have already saluted you. Why are you still here? doing what.

"Presumptuous!" Han morality said angrily: "You are a headless man! I don't have my uncle in my eyes at all. According to the rules of the Changsheng Gate, you should hit!"

"Kneeling is respect?" Qin Wei asked in disgust. What age is this?

"Uncle, don't be angry. Brother is just getting started and the rules are not very clear. Besides, he grew up outside and hasn't adapted to our life in Changshengmen, so don't get angry with him and get angry It's not worth it. "Han Qianer came to Han Dadao and advised that, according to the door regulations, Qin Wei should be beaten with ten boards, and his physical condition could not even bear it.

Sure enough, it was still the little girl who was distressed by me. Qin Wei looked at Han Qianer's heart full of emotions. At the sight of Han Luoxue, she was watching coldly, the same girl. Why is the gap so big? That flying knife?

Han Luoxue knew what Qin Wei was thinking, so she didn't care what she had cared about in the past 20 years.

"If it wasn't for you being seriously injured, you would be ready for this board!" Han Daxi stared at Qin Wei, as if Qin Wei had committed a big mistake.

rub! As for what? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart that he hadn't expected that his relationship with his uncle had become so rigid as soon as he arrived. This is not confusing, but fortunately, there is a little lucky star who protects himself.

"Master!" Just then, Han Shengwu ran in from the door.

"What's the matter, so panic?" Han Daci glanced at his apprentice, and cursed: "How many times have I told you that there must be no danger when things happen, what kind of system do you have!"

"Yes, the disciples knew it wrong, and they must remember it next time!" Han Shengwu nodded, and walked to Han Daxi and muttered something.

It turned out that the two were masters and apprentices, no wonder one virtue, always love to pick people up, Qin Wei muttered in his heart.

"What? Are you telling the truth?" Han Dali asked.

"The disciples saw for themselves, how can there be fake!" Han Shengwu said seriously.

"Good! Come!" Han Daxi shouted to the door: "Give me Qin Wei's top 20 boards!"

Nani? Make no mistake, did n’t you just say you did n’t want to fight yet? What did Han Shengwu tell you to make Han moral so angry, you have to hit Lao Tzu, Qin Wei thought to myself.

Just as Qin Wei was thinking, two big men came in from the door, each one around one meter nine, half a head taller than Qin Wei. The two of them had long hands in their hands. Board, living door god live!

"Uncle!" Said the two respectfully.

"Give me Qin Wei's 20 boards!" Han Dali screamed.

When Han Qianer heard it, he said anxiously, "Uncle, you can't fight. Brother, he just woke up. If you hit these twenty boards, you will kill him!"

"Qian Er, you don't have to plead for her. Sheng Wudu has already told me. The uncle will give you justice and won't let you suffer." Han Dadao said, Qian Er was kind and was counted by others. do not know.

"Yes!" The two strong men shouted in unison, then took out the bench and motioned to Qin Wei to get on his feet, seemingly familiar with the business.

"Wait!" Qin Wei shouted, and asked Han Dadao: "Dare to ask Uncle, why did you hit me?" There's no end to mother's, isn't it just to kneel to you, as for his mother Are you looking for me one after another?

"Why are you so embarrassed to ask!" Han Daxi snorted: "What you did yourself, you should know clearly!"

"What did I do? I didn't do anything, why did I get rid of the board!" Qin Wei's temper also came up. Now that he was stiff, why not be stiff!

"Did nothing? What did you do to Qianer in the room? Do you have any idea?" Han Daxi said, I have said this, but I'm just saving you face, Qin Wei, don't you know what to do.

"Hehe." Qin Wei sneered, and he understood what Han Shengwu was doing so eagerly. He turned out to sue himself, you mean man, Qin Wei despised Han Shengwu in his heart.

I ’m so proud of Han Shengwu this time. I mean, but you, but fortunately, I have a master who is in charge. See if the master believes in you or me! Dare to take advantage of shallow children, I will let you pay the price, Han Shengwu secretly in his heart.

"I am innocent, it seems that someone is chewing the root of the tongue behind me, framed me!" Qin Weidao said, holding the shallower himself, he was going to be beaten, I rub it, you are vilifying!

"Framed you? Seungwu, in front of your second master, tell what you see." Han Dadao said.

"Yes!" Han Shengwu approached Han Nianxing and respectfully said, "I saw Qin Wei taking advantage of Qianer while he was changing his medicine!"

Han Luoxue glared at Qin Wei, it is really difficult to change the nature of Jiangshan, it is unexpected that you are still so shameless! Even the little sister's advantage is accounted for!

Nima! Lao Tzu really didn't guess wrong, Qin Wei said in his heart, but you seem to be mistaken, you sue me in front of my master? Do you think you will win? No need to be beaten now, Qin Wei said with confidence.

"It's time to hit." Han Nianxing finally spoke.

"I wipe! Old man, are you still my master!" Qin Wei was about to cry. Why don't you just keep talking and push me into the fire pit as soon as you talk? I'm the apprentice you sent to charge Right.

"Uncle Er, not what Brother Three said." Han Qianer said anxiously, there was her reason for this, she didn't want Qin Wei to be affected.

"Shallow, don't beg for Qin Wei." Han Dadao said.

"Uncle, really not what Brother Shengwu said, you misunderstood." Han Qianer was crying now, and he was clearly innocent.

When Han Shengwu heard this, he was not happy, and he stood up and said, "Qian Er, how come this time, you are still protecting Qin Wei, don't you treat him ..." Han Shengwu paused for a moment, after all, in When Master talks about his children's private affairs, he will be misunderstood by Master.

"It was when I changed my medicine that I accidentally hurt Brother Qin Wei. It's not a matter of Brother! It's all about doing things carelessly!" Han Qianer's tears rolled around his eyes, and Chu Chu said pitifully: "If you want to fight, hit me. ! "

Qin Wei was so confused, he didn't expect that Qianer was so kind and righteous, and he said angrily, "Don't you want to hit me, come!"

Qin Wei suddenly lay on the bench and said, "Come on!"

"Hit me!" Han morality said.

"Brother, don't die!" Han Qianer said anxiously.

"Yes!" The two strong men raised the board and hit Qin Wei.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you, kill me, and see who will save your host!" Qin Wei lay on the bench, sneer.

"Wait!" Just then, Han Daxi stopped! Qin Wei is right. If he is in trouble, who will awaken the eternal life? He will be my army here!

"Why not fight ?!" Qin Wei said on his stomach, seeing that Han Daxi didn't speak, he got up and said.

It seems that this trick is not only useful for Han Luoxue, but also for everyone in the door. It seems that this has become his own universal volume, no matter who you are!

Qin Wei walked to Han Shengwu in front of him and said, "Come and hit me. I beg you to hit me and destroy me. Who will I save to your doorkeeper?"

Damn, you dare to count me at your IQ? Lao Tzu ’s shopping mall, when the organs were exhausted, you did n’t know where it was yet. Qin Wei looked at Han Shengwu with a rogue look. Nothing wrong, he is now a rogue!

Han Shengwu looked at Qin Wei with anger, Master did not speak, he did not dare to do anything!

"Don't fight? If not, I'll go back to bed and rest!" Qin Wei simply adjusted her hairstyle, and then walked out of Ziyunju casually.

"Brother, wait for me." Han Qianer followed and yelled, "Be careful of your wound."

Qin Wei walked out of Ziyunju, and was relieved. Thanks to his resourcefulness just now, otherwise he would be fucked. It seems that this place should not be stayed for a long time. I have to find a way to escape, but I ca n’t bear to be my kind little sister. Fraternity is trouble, Qin Wei said in his heart.

Everyone left Ziyunju, leaving only Han Nianxing and Han Daxi.

"Haha!" Suddenly, Han Nianxing burst out laughing, he couldn't help it anymore, Qin Wei was really a bastard.

"Brother, what are you laughing at?" Han Daxi said.

"Don't you think Qin Wei is like a person?"

"You mean longevity? ..."