Merry Master In The City

Chapter 150 A Stunning Woman!

Yueming, the stars flickered, Qin Wei sat at the window and looked up at the night sky, he was waiting, and everyone was asleep, he was so fleeing. This is why the first day of the meeting, I will hit Lao Tzu, where will there be better Life is over, let alone the young lady is still waiting for her engagement, I do n’t need to set a good life, but go to the forest!

So one hour passed, two hours passed, and the night gradually darkened, and my fingers were out of sight!

The moon is dark and the wind is high at night, when it is time to escape! Qin Wei waited just now, so he quietly walked out of the Jade Jade Garden. During the day, he followed Han Qianer to touch the whole area again, just to prepare for escape at night.

Qin Wei escaped very smoothly, but when he escaped from the Jade Jade Garden, he had a crying heart, because there was a garden outside the garden. How big is Changsheng Mountain? He thought it was just out of the garden. Can go down the mountain, so I begged Qianer to take him through the Jade Jade Garden during the day.

Nima! Now that it has come out, how can there be any reason to turn back, Qin Wei brazenly intends to run away, and walked along the courtyard, I can't believe the mountain.

"Who is there?"

When Qin Wei was thinking about it, he was discovered by a disciple who was up in the night. Qin Wei was subconsciously hiding behind a pillar and meditating in your heart. You didn't see me, you didn't see me ...

"You don't sleep in the middle of the night, what do you hide here!" The disciple followed, trying to find out.

not good! Qin Wei screamed in his heart. If he found out, wouldn't he have to tell Han Dato again, why don't I have to be beaten again! Thirty-six counts to run! Qin Wei ran away and ran!

"Stop! Don't run!" Shouted the disciple.

If you don't let me run, I won't run? I'm not a fool! Qin Wei hastened his pace, but fortunately, when he first arrived, everyone didn't know himself, otherwise he shouted his name!

"Come here! Come and catch the spy!" The disciple was chasing after him. He was just a disciple who had just started. This was the first time he encountered such a thing, so he could only call for help.

What the hell! Qin Wei couldn't imagine he really shouted! Fortunately, he knows a little bit of light work and runs fast. He can't care about his injuries now. Escape is the most important thing!

Look ^, the book 'Net <, rankings Qin Wei runs in front, Changshengmen's disciples chase behind, wherever they go, rolled up dust, Qin Wei ran one courtyard after another, they also chased one courtyard Qin Wei suddenly remembered what Qian Er said to himself, don't run around, but it's too late now because he's lost.

Nima! Qin Wei stopped, breathed, and looked up: "Peach Garden?" No matter what, go find a place to hide first, and then Qin Wei got into the Tao Garden.

This ... isn't that just a paradise on earth? Qin Wei looked at the scene with emotion.

Although it was late at night, it was brightly lit, the courtyard full of peach blossoms, dotted with the night, and the smoke was filled with romantic atmosphere. Qin Wei rubbed his eyes and determined that he was not mistaken.

"Chasing! The spy is right in front!"

The shout from behind was getting closer.

There was no way but to find a place to hide. Qin Wei had no time to get into the peach blossom forest. He ran desperately, but even if he had the ability to remember, he found that he was still on the spot and did not run out of peach blossoms at all. forest.

Formation? What kind of formation is this? So you get lost? Qin Wei muttered in his heart, how can he get out of here, if he can't go out, people outside will soon find himself, Qin Wei Yangtian sighed, Nima is too pit!

Suddenly, Qin Wei was attracted by the rockery not far from the peach blossom forest. As soon as he had a clever idea, as long as he climbed the rockery and climbed up to the height, he could see the peach blossom forest at that time, wouldn't he find the exit at that time!

"Brother Three, you are finally here!" Shouted from outside.

"What happened?" Han Shengwu asked, and he was in charge of the nursing home in Changshengmen.

"We found a strange man, so we followed."

Strange man? It must be Qin Wei! Does he want to escape? It seems that this is an excellent opportunity Han Shengwu said: "Catch me! You must not let him escape!"

"Yes!" Everyone went after them.

Qin Wei climbed to the rockery step by step. Although the rockery is not high, it is not so easy to climb. Qin Wei always feels that the rockery is a little humid. There must be water near here. Lin, suddenly stunned, this Nima is not just returning to the dragon formation. There is only one entrance and only one exit, but there are twists and turns. If you make a mistake, you will make no mistake.

"Brother, Qin Wei is gone!"

"Find it east, no."

"I've looked here too, but I don't see anyone!"

"Look for it!" Han Shengwu said.

At this point Qin Wei was standing on the rockery, looking up, and just heard the voice outside the Tao Garden. Han Shengwu, it's you again, you must be happy to put me to death? But I won't go out, see if you can find me! I ca n’t figure it out and I earn it. When I ca n’t sleep in the middle of the night, I watch a night show!

Qin Wei was proud of himself, but he did not pay attention to his feet, accidentally stepped on a falling stone, and fell off the rock!

It's over! This fall, it must be a disability to die! I knew that I had practiced light exercises! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, then closed his eyes ...

Flutter! With a loud sound, Qin Wei fell into the water. For a while, the water poured into Qin Wei's nose and ears. Qin Wei struggled subconsciously. He was good at underwater, so he threw a few times and came out. Over the water.

"Fortunately, fall into the water, or it will hang!" Qin Wei drilled his head out of the water and fluttered his hair a few times, but why is the temperature so mild and even hot, is this hot spring?

He looked up and looked subconsciously on the shore. It didn't matter, Qin Wei's eyes almost fell out!

I saw a slender woman leaning on the bench of Chenyan Pavilion. Her legs were arbitrarily exposed, revealing fair-skinned skin, and there were nine red lotuses blooming in layers on the outside of the thigh. Eye-catching eyes are very charming!

The woman's right hand gently played the jade gourd tied with a red rope to her neck. She didn't worry about the exposed skin. She picked up the sandalwood gourd next to her and took a sip. The wine overflowing from his mouth was a lazy look, watching Qin Wei lying in the hot spring, his eyes were playful ...



This is simply a demon that fucks the country and the people!

Qin Wei's eyes never left the woman ...