Merry Master In The City

Chapter 151 Sister?

Qin Wei looked at the stunning woman, motionless, he had forgotten to soak in the water, is this really a person? It can be so charming. If Han Luoxue is an immortal fairy, then the woman in front of him is a fairy who falls into the red dust. In this figure, Jiao Rong, and the charm in her bones, Qin Wei finally understands what a woman is. It's up!

The woman also watched Qin Wei and smiled without saying a word. She just drank the wine slightly with Zhu Lips. This action was very touching in Qin Wei's eyes.

Nima! Qin Wei swallowed. This was the first time a woman was so beautiful that she didn't know what to say. She couldn't be so embarrassed. She had to take the initiative and make a good impression on the beauties!

But what about calling her? Qin Wei was in trouble. Would it be frivolous to call the beauty directly? So what do you call a beauty? After thinking about it, Qin Wei decided to follow his feelings.

"Aunt ..." Qin Wei couldn't help but shouted. I don't know why Qin Wei thought of the Dragon Girl at first sight of the woman. I am afraid that only a peerless woman like the Dragon Girl can match this woman.

"Aunt?" The woman raised her eyebrows and had a playful look. She did not expect Qin Wei to call her aunt with a mouthful.

"Oh no!" Qin Wei saw the woman's dissatisfaction and quickly shook her head. "I just think that only a peerless fairy like Xiaolong Nu can compete with my sister." Qin Wei responded very quickly, knowing that women don't like aunts. This title was immediately changed to sister, it seems that women are like to pretend to be tender.

"Is that so?" The woman raised her head, then there was a hint of playfulness in her eyes, and she said, "Do you mean that I am out of date?"

I rub! What makes me pick it up? Qin Wei did not expect women to be so sharp! It seems that I still underestimated her!

It is said that a fair God will not give IQ and appearance to a person at the same time, why this woman has such a high IQ, she can find out the language problems in her words so fast, and speak with such a woman with a great intelligence and demon Qin Wei reminded himself in his heart.

"Sister, you have misunderstood what I mean. I mean, you are beautiful, you ’re a country, and you are a country, oh no, you are all over the country, and you ca n’t find a second look that can compare with you." As soon as Qin Wei was nervous, his mouth was a little vulture, and he was almost wrong.

Qin Wei faced the light and looked at the woman. It seemed that she was not angry with her words. Qin Wei was relieved. You must know that if a woman has a bad first impression on you, then in her subconscious, you are very It's hard to stand up.

"Who are you? How come here?" The woman asked Qin Wei as the first person to ask. After all, a man fell from the sky, or a handsome guy. Everyone wanted to find out.

"Who am I?" Qin Wei grinned, simply sorted out his hairstyle, exposed eight white teeth, and said, "My name is Qin Wei, Qin Shiming Yue Qin, Wei is ..." The words are poor. After all, he hasn't read a few decent books, and the cultural water reading network is limited. The catalogue is also limited, and he can say four-character idioms.

"Where is Wei? Which Wei?" The woman didn't seem to want to let go of Qin Wei, but had to break the casserole to ask the end. She looked at Qin Wei with a smile, waiting for his answer.

Nima! How aggressive is this woman? Have to force me! Actually asked which guard I was, Qin Wei whispered, "I said it was a sanitary napkin, do you believe it?"

"Oh!" The woman couldn't help but see Qin Wei's appearance of eating a tadpole, and laughed: "Don't think I didn't hear what you said, but I could hear it clearly."

After listening, Qin Wei smiled and did not refute. Hippie smiled and said: "Since the sister heard it, then the adults don't remember the villain, don't care about me." Qin Wei walked to the shore, after all, himself Don't stay in the water all the time. It will become swollen if you soak for a long time, which will affect your body.

"Yes, why did you come here so late?" The woman asked curiously.

"Why is that sister here?" Qin Wei asked when he walked out of the hot spring and shook his hair. He looked at the woman up close and found that she wasn't wearing Changshengmen's clothes, so he felt relieved. Although he just came to Changshengmen, But I knew that everyone in the door must wear the special robe of the door, so I could tell just by looking at the clothes.

"Sneaking in to make a hot spring." The woman took a sip of wine, her face indifferent.

"Ha? Come to the hot spring so late?" Qin Wei was dazed. Did she just soak in the hot spring, and then I dunked it again? That's not an indirect skin relative, Qin Wei fluttered a little.

"Since it's stealing, it's not night, shouldn't it come during the day?" The woman asked, raising her eyebrows.

"It's the same thing!" Qin Wei smiled, embarrassed, Qin Wei felt that her thinking was obviously not as fast as her, and there was a feeling of being held in her hands.

Qin Wei came to the woman and sat down. He suddenly felt a scent of peach blossoms coming out, very fresh and in line with the temperament of the woman. The peach blossoms in the garden, the hot spring in front of her, the beauty next to her, Qin Wei I feel that there is nothing more romantic than this, although this beauty has nothing to do with herself.

The woman tilted her head and looked at Qin Wei: "Then why should you be here?"

The woman tilted her head and seemed ready to listen to the story.

Qin Wei sorted out the hairstyle and said, "Why else? I still don't have a feeling in my heart. I feel that in this peach garden, a wonderful adventure will happen. Following the feeling of my heart, I followed here. I didn't expect to encounter it. Sister you. "

Qin Wei grinned, trying to make himself laugh even more sincerely, because he was telling lies.

"Although what you say is very good, but I know it is false at the first hearing." The woman pierced through Qin Wei's lies, and then laughed, very arrogant.

Nima! Is this a woman? Obviously fairies! She knows everything I think. If you want to soak her, it seems that you can only meet frankly.

Qin Wei stood up and sighed with a long breath: "Well, in fact, I am mean and helpless, I have no choice but to run away. I didn't expect to get lost in the middle of the road, so I just fled in."

"Run away? Why run away? Depending on your dress and dress, you should be a disciple of Changshengmen. Changshengmen has always been a school of righteousness." The woman curiously said.

"Renyi shit!" Qin Wei scolded, angrily: "Lao Tzu got started on the first day, and he had to hit my board. Fortunately, my brain turned fast, without being beaten, or I would hang up!"

"Then you just run?" The woman asked.

"The pair of masters and apprentices didn't look good to me and didn't run? I'm still here to be beaten? I'm not stupid!" Qin Wei was furious at the thought of daytime things.

The woman listened to Qin Wei's complaining like a child, with a smile across her mouth, and said, "Who sees you unpleasantly?"

"Isn't it Han Daji, and his baby apprentice is still full of morality? I am going to hit the wounded. I think he is the most immoral!" Qin Weiyue said more and more, and he could n’t stop the rhythm. He will be bad.

"Brother, I've searched all over. If not, there's only this peach garden left."

The voices of everyone came from outside.

"Then go to the garden and look for me. Be sure to find out Qin Wei! Can't let him run away!" Shouted Han Shengwu.

Qin Wei heard it clearly in the dust booth, he cursed in his heart, Han Shengwu, you are a second-hander, if I go down the mountain, who would steal the shallower from you!

"They seem to be catching you! Should I avoid it?" The woman asked.

"No need!" Qin Wei said suddenly: "Sister rest assured that I don't dare to hurt you in the slightest. You can soak in the hot spring afterwards, don't sneak it."

This is the best time to express yourself, how can you shrink back!

"Brother, I saw Qin Wei!" A disciple shouted as Qin Wei ran.

Qin Wei did not dodge this time, but chose to face face to face. He did not want the woman to feel like a coward.

"Show me, don't let him run away!" Han Shengwu's voice came from behind.

Seven or eight disciples of Changsheng Gate surrounded Qin Wei and the woman. Qin Wei stood, the woman sat, and neither of them spoke.

"Who are you, how could you be with Qin Wei, are you also a spy ?!" a disciple asked, pointing at the woman. ,

"You fart!" Qin Wei cursed, "Don't you dare say my sister is a spy ?!" Of course, Qin Wei will come forward to make a good impression on the woman.

"What's wrong?" Han Shengwu ran over.

"Brother, there is a woman here with Qin Wei!"

Han Shengwu's mouth smirked. This was just right, and Qin Wei was fooling around with the woman. It seems that his board is fixed!

"What woman!" Han Shengwu was serious.

"It's her!" The disciple let himself go.

Han Shengwu looked up at the woman, and was so scared that he couldn't speak, and it took a long time for him to say: "Uncle ..."