Merry Master In The City

Chapter 152 Uncle Shi is so beautiful!

Han Shengwu Meng, he never dreamed that Han Qingyan would be here, did she go out to do business? Why did you come back suddenly? Normally, the uncles are all Shenlongs, but the disciples who have just arrived at the door have never seen her at all. This is all right. If the master knows it, then he will be scolded!

Qin Wei was also stunned, Han Shengwu called her uncle, isn't she also my uncle? I'm still crying at this sister, it's over, it's awful! I didn't say a lot about Han Daxi just now. It was her brother. Why was it so miserable for me? When I ran out, I caught another current. I couldn't tell the Changshengmen.

"What? No curse?" Han Qingyan walked to Qin Wei with a smile and asked, her eyes stared at Qin Wei, as if waiting for his answer.

"The uncle's words were bad, I just said it was not a curse, but a normal vent of emotions, otherwise he would be stubborn." Qin Wei grinned and busy and made excuses for himself.

"Really?" Han Qing Yan raised her eyebrows, and the moonlight sprinkled on her charming face, as if a layer of tulle was attached, adding a touch of mystery.

"Of course, how dare I lie to Uncle Shi!" Qin Wei nodded sharply. For the first time, he felt that it was so tired to communicate with a woman with a high emotional quotient. It's nothing.

Han Qingyan stared at Qin Wei, leaned against his ear, and said softly, "Why don't you lie without blushing?"

"..." Qin Wei looked at Han Qingyan and didn't know what to say. Did the woman have a perspective, or did she know me too well and she knew everything I was thinking.

Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei's eating, and smiled at the corner of his mouth, and said, "Do you know who the owner of this peach garden is?"

"I don't know." Qin Wei shook his head and said, he didn't know why the uncle asked him this question.

"Don't you know?" Han Qing said with a white glance at Qin Wei.

"Oh! I can't be your uncle ~" Qin Wei suddenly realized that he could put peach blossoms into a formation, I'm afraid there are only women with a high IQ like Han Qingyan.

"You're not stupid." Han Qingyan glanced at Qin Wei.

Why am I listening so awkwardly? Qin Wei thought in his heart, but his mouth seemed to be wiped with honey, and said, "Oh, no wonder I felt different as soon as I entered this peach garden. Compared with my sister and you, oh no, it is inseparable from your careful training with your uncle. "

Qin Wei chose to slap at the right time. Fortunately, he changed it just now. He kept calling his sister and suddenly became an uncle.

Han Qingyan didn't have much expression, just turned his head and looked at Han Shengwu sternly: "Sheng Wu, have you forgotten the rules in the door? Without my permission, you must not enter the Tao Garden without permission!"

The peach garden was built by Han Qingyan with one hand. She can hide herself here on weekdays. She made a rule. All disciples of Changshengmen must not enter without her permission, even Master Han Zangfeng is no exception.

"This ... Uncle ... I ..." Han Shengwu stammered, apparently frightened by Han Qingyan.

Haha, you also have today, aren't you here to catch Lao Tzu? Now let's play with myself, Qin Wei simply adjusted her hairstyle, and then looked at the excitement with a smug look.

"Uncle ... I came here to arrest Qin Wei, and I just entered here by mistake. I also ask Uncle not to blame!" Han Shengwu respectfully said, isn't Uncle down the mountain, why is this back? If you know that Uncle is back, He will not enter the peach garden!

"Catch Qin Wei? Why did you catch him? What did he do wrong?" Han Qing Yan raised an eyebrow.

"That's, what did I do wrong?" Qin Wei saw someone support himself, and he was so straightforward that he always made me trouble, and now let you taste this taste!

Han Shengwu looked angry at Qin Wei's face, and was very angry, so he said, "Uncle Qin Wei, he escaped from the mountain as soon as he didn't say a hello, and I came to catch him back to Master."

I rub! What you said is really good. If I say hello, why don't you call it escape? Qin Wei despise him in his heart, no wonder the little girl doesn't like you, IQ is the same as crayons, if there is a girl like you, it's weird!

"Escape? Who did you say? I just came to discuss life with Uncle in the garden. Uncle, are you right?" Qin Wei turned to look at Han Qingyan, with a smile on his face, and could not let Han Shengwu catch himself. Handle, otherwise it's a meal again!

Han Qingyan just looked at Qin Wei and didn't speak.

Let me wipe, don't say nothing, Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, as long as you say a word, I don't have to go to the board! Qin Wei looked at Han Qingyan pitifully, intending to stage a bitter plan.

"Uncle?" Qin Wei flattered.

Han Qingyan laughed without saying a word, went to Qin Wei's side, and whispered in his ear: "I still like you calling my sister ..."

Haha! Qin Wei is already happy in his heart. It seems that this meal does not have to be endured!

"Sister! You can prove it for me!" Qin Wei immediately blinked and signaled to Han Qingyan, Qin Wei knew that he could no longer run, as long as he was not beaten, let him shout anything.

Han Qingyan smiled and smiled extremely charmingly, just like a peony in full bloom, she nodded with a smile, Zhu Lip said lightly: "Qin Wei, it is really about to escape ..."

I rub! Qin Wei couldn't believe everything he heard in his ears. Didn't he sell himself in person? I wiped it out! What a woman ca n’t believe, what Zhang Wuji said is true, the more beautiful a woman is, the more vicious!

"Since Uncle Shi said so, I will take Qin Wei back to the master to dispose of it!" Han Shengwu respectfully said, with Han Qingyan, where it is his turn to decide.

"Um." Han Qing nodded his head, considered acquiescence.

"Come, take Qin Wei to Ziyunju!" Shouted Han Shengwu.

"Don't touch me! I will go by myself!" Qin Wei organized his clothes, showing a generous look, and I have to go with dignity! This feeling of being betrayed is even more disgusting than eating shit. I lost a bite of my sister's call to you, so you sold me so naked, not even saying hello, and taking advantage of me, Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

"What's the ink, don't hurry up!" Han Shengwu urged. It was a torture in the middle of the night that wasn't busy at all. Han Shengwu's thought was very simple. It was to make Qin Wei ugly in front of everyone and make Han Qianer hate him, so he would not There is a chance to get shallow heart.

"Hurry up, didn't you see me injured?" Qin Wei muttered to express his dissatisfaction.

Qin Wei did not forget to look back at Han Qingyan when he came out of the peach garden. I saw that Han Qingyan was looking at herself. She smiled and was very charming. Qin Wei suddenly lost her temper and could only sigh in the sky, woman heart, undersea needle, herself What should I do with this Needy Master ...