Merry Master In The City

Chapter 153 Expulsion?

It was late, it was supposed to be asleep, but thanks to Qin Wei, all the people in Changshengmen gathered in Ziyunju.

Qin Wei stared at the people around him. Han Nianxing, Han Dadao, and Han Qingyan were all here. If Han Changsheng was not in a coma, he would probably be here too. Rub, wouldn't I just go out for a walk?

Qin Wei yawned, he was hurt, and soaked in the hot spring. Now he feels very tired. He wants to end sooner, so he can go back to rest. Although there is a superb beauty such as Han Qingyan, but if he sees it for a long time, Sleepy.

"Master, Qin Wei wanted to escape, I caught him back." Han Shengwu smugly reported, he has long been accustomed to Qin Wei, this is the opportunity to start!

"Um." Han Dadao nodded. He is the elder of law enforcement in the eternal life gate. If a disciple violates the door rule in ordinary times, he will handle it to him.

"Brother, what should we do about this?" Han Dali turned his head and asked Han Nianxing for his opinion. After all, Qin Wei was his apprentice, and the dog had to see his master.

"Do what you want." Han Nianxing said.

"Hey, old man, you can do it! You say something for me! You tried hard to turn me in, so why don't you sit and watch now?" Qin Wei was dissatisfied, or if you used beautiful women to hook me up, Can I worship you as a teacher? It's ridiculous!

Han Nianxing didn't speak, she just sat there, but Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei with interest, she wanted to see Qin Wei's next performance.

"Who is this person, dare to call the old man of the second division?"

"Yeah, I have never seen this person before!"

"I heard that Qin Wei seems to be a new apprentice to the Second Master!"

"Apprentice? Er Shibo never accepted apprentices!"

Qin Wei hadn't spoken yet, the following disciples had already been talking about it. They couldn't wait to see how the three masters handled Qin Wei. After all, Changshengmen hadn't been hit by the board for a long time, and they didn't let them get up in the middle of the night to watch the fun.

"Qin Wei, why did you run away?" Han Dali opened his eyes and asked.

"I didn't run away." Qin Wei crooked his head and said that he didn't look at you at all. At this time Qin Wei could only deny it.

"No escape? Then you are out of the room for the night shift, what do you do when you run outside?" Han Daxi asked, he didn't believe what Qin Wei said, because it was obviously false.

"Tired, go for a walk." Qin Wei said.

"Walk around? Is there a walk in the middle of the night?" Han Daxi asked.

At this moment, Han Kan's first book, Qian Er, and Han Luoxue also rushed over. She was not okay, and when Han Shengwu arrived, she started to show off again.

"Uncle, are you back?" Han Qianer said happily after seeing Han Qingyan. It seems that she has a good relationship with Han Qingyan, and it has been a long time since she was uncle. The one who hurt her most in the door was her uncle and sister.

"Um." Han Qingyan looked at Han Qianer pettingly, but he watched her grow up from a young age. Although he is not a master or apprentice, he is better than a master or apprentice.

"Luoxue, you seem to be injured?" Han Qingyan is a martial arts person. Of course, Han Luxue's weakness can be seen. She is the leader in the door. Who can hurt her?

"Uncle, thanks to Brother Qin Wei, if there is no brother to help and help the sister to block the flying knife, then the sister ..." Han Qianer did not continue, because she did not dare to think about it.

Han Qingyan shook his head with a smile, a little disbelieving. This person who scolded Changshangmen in his mouth would actually give up his life?

"It's true. In order to save Brother Qin Wei, she lost the vitality in her body to him, so she was so weak."

"Oh? He still has that ability?" Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei, his eyes were full of fun, Han Luoxue was famous for his cold temperament in the door, and never saw who she cared for, even Han Zangfeng. No exception, if this is true, then you have to look at him differently.

"Qin Wei, don't quibble. The uncle said you were going to run away, what else do you have to say?" Han Shengwu stood out.

"Qin Wei, now someone has proven that you really want to run away, do you have anything else to say!" Han Daxi asked, he is a law enforcement elder in the door, and must be treated equally.

"I have nothing to say." Qin Wei said blandly: "Since you recognize that I am about to escape, do you still believe what I said?"

"Well, now that you have admitted it, then I ask you, why did you run away?" Han Daxi stood up and asked.

"Why?" Qin Wei sneered, and you embarrassedly asked me why? it is good! Since you want to know so much, I'll tell you that Qin Wei, who was put on by Han Qingyan, has fire in his heart and nowhere to scatter it, now it is just right!

Qin Wei stared at Han Dadao and said, "On the first day I woke up, I didn't do anything. Just listening to your baby apprentice's words, you have to hit me with a board, isn't it because I didn't bow to you? With you, Han Shengwu! "Qin Wei pointed at Han Shengwu," Isn't that just walking closer to Qianer, are you fucking hitting my little report twice or three times! "

"What small report, obviously you did something wrong!" Han Shengwu said.

"Oh!" Qin Wei sneered, "only children see right and wrong, and adults only look at love and hate."

"Such a martial art, what am I not running here to stay here? Every day I get a board?" Qin Wei said coldly. He said that he was determined to go down the mountain.

"You!" Han Dali was speechless by Qin Weiqi.

"What are you doing! Hurry to return the phone to me! I will go down the mountain!" Qin Wei got on his temper, no matter how beautiful the beauty here is, I will not wait!

"Since you have already worshiped, you are the one in my door. Is the longevity door as long as you want to come, and leave if you want to go!" Han Daxi scolded, taking out his former majesty, and the disciples stepped back, afraid Interjection.

"Then what do you want! Hurry up and say something!" Qin Wei pointed to Mai Mang and gave up!

"Shengwu, what is written in the door regulations, what should I do if a disciple flees the door without permission?" Han Daxi asked.

"According to the door regulations, any disciple leaves the door, hits the twenty big boards, and then expels the martial arts!" Han Shengwu said in a high voice, but he was proud. Qin Wei saw what you would do this time, these twenty big boards. To the lighter, we have to be disabled!

"Uncle is really angry this time, even the door rules are used."

The following people whispered, what exactly is Qin Wei's origin, dare to speak so well, and angered the uncle for so many years, I have never dared to talk to the uncle like this.

"Hit! What else will you do except hit you!" Qin Wei's patience is limited, twenty in the morning and twenty in the evening. Is there such a bully!

"Don't you want to hit me! Cheng! I'll let you fight! After playing these 20 boards, I have nothing to do with your longevity gate!" Qin Wei's anger has been ignited, and he feels his own now The blood in the body was boiling.

Qin Wei took off his blouse and showed a sturdy figure. He lay on the bench and said, "Come on!"

"Come here, hit me!" Where did Han Daxi get so angry? No disciple has dared to be so rude to him!

Two strong men outside the door walked in with the board.

"Uncle, you can't fight! Brother is injured! Besides, he has to save ..."

"Qian Er, don't have to plead for me, let him fight!" Qin Wei felt a little red in front of his eyes at this time, and the anger in his body could not be released!

Just then, Han Nianxing could no longer sit idly by, because he saw the blood mark on Qin Wei's neck, which was slightly shiny.

"Qin Wei, come with me." Han Nian walked in front of Qin Wei.