Merry Master In The City

Chapter 154 Twenty Years Ago! (on)

"Master, let ’s just let Qin Wei go like this? Do n’t we punish him?" Han Shengwu whispered behind Han Dali, whispering, seeing that Qin Wei was about to endure the board, and unexpectedly, the Second Master Bo actually saved him. It's so irritating. When thinking of Qin Wei's hands on Qianer, Han Shengwu was furious!

"Shut up! With this spare time, you might as well practice as much as you can. If you do n’t move forward, you will retreat. What about your kung fu is not clear to you!" Han Daxi scolded Han Shengwu with a bloody dog, He knew Han Shengwu's little bit of flowery intestine, but he didn't say it in person, and left him a face.

Han Shengwu was scolded by Han Daxi, and he had to leave sternly. Only Zi Daju and Han Qingyan were left inside.

"Brother, what's the origin of Qin Wei?" Han Qingyan asked.

"Your second elder brother picked it up outside!" Han Daxi did not feel good, apparently he had not deflated. This Qin Wei was too ignorant of the rules and dared to face me in the face, which made my majesty!

"I remember Brother Er never taking a disciple. How can this be an exception this time?" Han Qingyan knew Han's moral temperament, so he didn't mind.

"Brother said he can wake up eternal life." Han Dali's eyes were full of seriousness.

"Really?" Han Qing smoked a hint of joy in his eyes.

"This is just guessing, but since there is a way, trying is better than suffering!" Han Dazhi said: "Changsheng has been lying on the bed for twenty years, and all the big and small methods have been tried, and it doesn't work, now It's up to Qin Wei ... "

"The second elder brother is so sure?" Han Qingyan asked.

"He said that Qin Wei was born with demon blood, and the blood of Zhiyang can solve the poison of Yin to Changsheng." Han Dadao said.

"Devil's blood? Could it be that he is a rare blood demon in Wulin?" Han Qingyan couldn't believe it. It was incredible. The blood demon, which was rare in a century, actually appeared at the Changsheng Gate. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will also be a crisis.

"Qing Yan, I know what you mean. You are afraid that the fire dragon will come to grab Qin Wei after knowing it, which will cause a lot of trouble for Changshengmen, but even if they do n’t know, the fire dragon will have a rebound meaning, right? Maybe Wulin will soon have another catastrophe. "

"You are right. I went down the mountain and heard some news about the Fire Dragon Club. Although we knew their intentions, we were unable to guess their plans." Han Qing Yandao said.

"Anyway, let's wake up the longevity before talking about it, after all, he's the real one] Read the book> The fastest person that Wang and the Fire Dragon will face each other ..."

In Ziyun Curie, Han Dadao and Han Qingyan were talking endlessly, and Han Qianer who was outside was the same.

"Sister, do you say that the second master will punish Qin Wei?" Han Qianer tilted his head, as if thinking about something, his expression was very high.

"No." Han Luoxue said indifferently, she is such a character, but she has a much better attitude towards Qianer Ke and Qin Wei.

"Sister, do you say that the Second Master would scold Qin Wei?" Han Qianer asked with a crooked head.

"No." Han Luoxue answered very simply.


"Because the second master hurts Qin Wei very much." Han Luoxue stopped and looked at the moon in the sky.


Han Nianxing took Qin Wei to his room. He didn't speak, just sitting on a chair and watching Qin Wei, he was just waiting.

Qin Wei saw that he didn't speak, and ignored him, and now he knows what to say to me. He was somewhat dissatisfied with Han Nianxing.

How could Han Nianxing not know Qin Wei's thoughts, he was just waiting for Qin Wei's demon to fade away, otherwise he said nothing more.

"Old man, you called me over, didn't you let me play with you and stare." Qin Wei was not very angry, this middle of the night, I will go back to bed if you are all right, and then slacken my mind, and tomorrow night Run away.

"Qin Wei, don't blame your three uncles." Han Nianxing finally spoke, because he saw that the blood on Qin Wei's neck had lost the red light, which showed that Qin Wei's demon had receded.

"Confiscating your mobile phone and disconnecting you from the outside world are all my ideas." Han Nianxing said that he felt it necessary to make things clear to Qin Wei and save him from misunderstanding.

"Old man, are you right? Why did you do this?" Qin Wei said inconceivably.

"To protect your safety." Han Nianxing said.

"I'm safe?" Qin Wei didn't understand even more. Is confiscation of my phone just to protect me?

"Do you know who was assassinating you?" Han Nianxing said. Although he didn't see it with his own eyes, he could conclude from Han Luoxue's mouth and Qin Wei's injuries that he was definitely not an ordinary killer, and It's from the martial arts.

"I don't know!" Qin Wei simply said, if I knew who was going to assassinate me, would I sit still?

"I don't know who wants to assassinate you, but I know it must be people in the rivers and lakes, because the hidden weapon and poison they use are related to the Fire Dragon Association." Han Nianxing said: "You think you Did you go back to S? "

"Why are you so sure that the fire dragon will do it?" Qin Wei asked.

"Luo Xue followed the Fire Dragon Club to S City in secret, which means that they have already arrived at the Fire Dragon Club. This is not the most worrying thing for me." Han Nianxing said.

"So what are you most worried about?" Qin Wei followed his meaning.

Han Nianxing stood up and said, "My biggest concern is that the Fire Dragon Club has secretly colluded with people in S City."

"Isn't they from the martial arts? Why do you want to do this?" Qin Wei wondered. In his impression, the martial arts people should stay in the old forest in the mountains and do something.

"Because they want to dominate the martial arts! Their plan of this has been implemented since 20 years ago, and now there is a lot of meaning to make a comeback." Han Nianxing said: "Who do you think is most likely to assassinate you?"

"He Mu, or Duan Qi!" Qin Wei, under the guidance of Han Nianxing, began to calm down and think. Although Duan Qi has been looking for his own troubles, and even kidnapped the young lady, they are all petty, and he doesn't have that at all. The ability to find the martial arts killer, then only Mu is left.

"Is it He Mu?" Qin Wei secretly said.

"It is very likely that He's enterprise is one of the best in S City. He has that ability. It is estimated that Fire Dragon Club is also working with him." Han Nianxing said.

"But why did he do this? Could it be because of the young lady?" Qin Wei subconsciously responded, because such a thing happened on the day of his engagement, then he should not be connected with He Mu!

"This is why I confiscated your mobile phone. Now everyone thinks you have been assassinated, so you are safe. If you return to the city now and go to Liu Yihan, it will pose a threat to you and to her. There is no way to deal with the fire dragon meeting, don't make a fool, otherwise you will lose. "Han Nianxing said.

"Do you want me to count?" Qin Wei's mind turned quickly, but this was unfair to the young lady. Without her own news, I don't know what she will rush into now. She won't think she is a fleeing marriage!

"Yes, this is the only way. Don't underestimate the fire dragon club. One step at a time, that is step by step. It is a devastating blow for the entire martial arts." Han Nianxing said seriously.

"You seem to be jealous of the fire dragon society." Qin Wei said, he is now a little curious, what kind of martial art is it, will make them talk about tigers change.

"This is 20 years ago. Are you interested in listening?" Han Nianxing asked Qin Wei.