Merry Master In The City

Chapter 155 Twenty Years Ago! (under)

Qin Wei gave a glance at Han Nianxing: "If you want to talk, hurry up, don't sell off, the hen should lay eggs after a while!" After Qin Wei sat on the mahogany chair with her buttocks, crossed her legs and fell Cup of tea, and then murmured slowly, "If only there was a bag of seeds!"

"..." Han Nianxing sweated in his forehead, dare to love this kid as a storyteller? However, he has become accustomed to the following offenders of Qin Wei, so he doesn't care. If Qin Wei is the kind of person who seeks rules, he won't bring Qin Wei back to Changshengmen.

"Old man, don't you say that?" Qin Wei urged: "If you don't say I'll go back to sleep, then build up energy, and run tomorrow night!"

Han Nian walked to the window, looking at the bright moon in the sky, and his thoughts floated back twenty years ago, saying: "Qin Wei, the Changsheng Gate you see now, and the Fire Dragon Club that wanted to assassinate you that day, both It ’s an ancient martial art. It ’s been hundreds of years of history since it was first established. In fact, there are many martial arts like this in Wulin. For example, you have never heard of Wumen. ”

"I'm just here. How can I know so many martial arts mysteries, but I know that your enemies are quite a lot." Qin Wei leaned Erlang's legs, irrespective of his hang up, I care about your martial arts No martial arts, it is still serious to go down to the mountain to find the young lady!

"You said Song Wumen, right?" Han Nianxing turned and smiled.

"Well, I see that they have been yelling at the Snow Fairy, and they are going to arrest her and return to the doorkeeper for disposal." Qin Weidao said.

"This matter will start from 20 years ago." Han Nianxing said that he planned to tell Qin Wei tonight, just because he didn't want Qin Wei to misunderstand him. If he didn't stop it in time, I'm afraid Qin Wei has already Enchanted loses his mind.

"Twenty years ago, the rivers and lakes were very peaceful, and the major factions lived their own lives, supplementing and disturbing each other, but at this time, the fire dragon suddenly emerged from the martial arts. They were using the banner of dominating martial arts and provoking each The big martial arts, let the martial arts fight each other, so as to take advantage of the fishermen. "Han Nianxing Road.

"A sudden rise in force? Haven't you noticed it? Haven't you guarded it?" Qin Wei said, not to be guarded, not to be caught off guard by surprise.

Han Nianxing shook his head and said, "The Fire Dragon Club is a very mysterious and ancient martial art. They rarely participate in martial arts, almost do not participate. They have been living in a mysterious place for hundreds of years. We even live where they live. I do n’t know, how can I find out? "

"What happened later?" Qin Wei asked, and he felt that the story was like a movie, and now it was just the beginning.

"Later, the fire dragon would invade all the majors, intimidate and seduce, and obediently. If not, then they wait for their slaughter. At first there were more than thirty martial arts in Wulin. Now there are only a few. Now, most of them were the bloody rain that destroyed 20 years ago, even Changshengmen. "Han Nianxing touched the gourd around his waist, and some wine, he pulled the stopper and took a sip.

"How do you say that?" Qin Wei was already fascinated.

"Twenty years ago, Changshengmen was also one of the best martial arts in the martial arts. If you set up a big move, of course, the fire dragon will not let go, so you joined several martial arts that trusted them to siege Changsheng Mountain. Your uncle Han Changsheng wanted After being massacred, several sects were united, and they planned to fight against the fire dragon, and among them was Song Wumen! "Han Nianxing gave an overview of what happened 20 years ago.

Reading)? Net Sports "Old man, do you know, what you said is almost the same as in the movie." Qin Weidao.

"If you see it with your own eyes, you will know that it is much scarier than the movie." Han Nianxing said.

"Is it so exaggerated?" Qin Wei disagreed.

"Changshengshan blood flowed into the river, and several major martial arts suffered heavy losses, and those small martial arts disappeared directly from the rivers and lakes. Do you say it is exaggerated?" Han Nianxing asked in return, and did not care about Qin Wei, and he did not blame him. Because if you do n’t see it with your own eyes, you wo n’t believe and fear it.

"Then won or lost in the end?" Qin Wei wanted to know the result.

"No loss, no win." Han Nianxing said lightly.

"Well, what's the result? Isn't it the same as writing a novel!" Qin Weidao said.

"You say lose? But we repelled the Fire Dragon Club, causing them heavy losses and unable to stir up the waves in the rivers and lakes. You say win? Our martial arts were almost wiped out. Changsheng is still lying in a coma and unconscious in the bed. The Damonists have also become deadly enemies, killing an enemy for a thousand and damaging one thousand and two, do you say this is a win? "Han Nianxing looked at Qin Wei and asked intently.

"Look! This is a big loss!" Qin Wei patted his thigh. Isn't it obviously a loss? Qin Wei is standing on the business field to look at it. The business field is about win-win, but from the old man's In his mouth, he heard that the martial arts that followed the Changshengmen were almost indestructible, wouldn't it become a deadly enemy.

"You are right. From then on, Changshengmen lost its prestige in the martial arts, and the majors were not in contact. They all had their own. For the past two decades, we have been studying how to save Changshengmen. Now, the fire dragon will have a comeback meaning, only Changsheng knows how to deal with them, otherwise, the tragedy of 20 years ago will repeat itself. "Han Nianxingdao.

"What is the poison of the doorkeeper?" Qin Wei asked curiously.

"In the beginning, we thought that Changsheng was poisoned by people during the fight with the Fire Dragon Club, but later it was found that if it was just poisoned, the toxicity would not be so deep. It should be a chronic cold in Changsheng At the beginning of the poisoning, there was no reaction, but the accumulation of blood and blood during the fighting made the cold poison invade the body quickly. ”Han Nianxingdao.

"Accumulate day by day? How could a dignified doorkeeper be so careless?" Qin Wei groaned. Suddenly he thought something, and was surprised: "Does it mean that there is a traitor in the Changsheng door? Is it deliberately poisoned?"

"This is the most terrible place of the Fire Dragon Club. Before you inadvertently, you cannibalize your martial arts." Han Nianxing sighed and said, "This is our biggest mistake."

"Since the host has cold poison, can you find an antidote?" Qin Wei said.

Han Nianxing stared at Qin Wei and said, "You see things too simple, and the poison in longevity is very complicated."

"How complicated?" Qin Wei said.

"It's so complicated that we don't know what poison is in him." Han Nianxing said.

"..." Qin Wei was speechless. Isn't this the same as not saying, no wonder it hasn't been unlocked for 20 years.

"But it is certain that the people of the Fire Dragon Society did it, because no martial arts in the martial arts have such strange poisons, so we have been investigating the Fire Dragon Society secretly. Hope to find clues." Han Nianxing said.

"Old man, did you bring me into the Changsheng gate, did you just let me detoxify the master, now I am here too, now we will go to detoxify, and rescue the uncle, I am also a hero in the door, I did n’t ask for anything else. You asked me to go down the mountain, and then you gave me whatever you wanted. The peach garden looked good to me, and I got it. "Qin Wei smiled, did n’t he just change his blood to save people? What's difficult.

Han Nianxing glared at Qin Wei, blowing his beard and staring, "What you want is what you want? That peach garden is your uncle Qingyan. If you want, go to her and get her!"

"Uh ..." Qin Wei was speechless, and the appearance of Han Qingyan's horrifying people and the people suddenly appeared in his head, so I asked her to ask? She doesn't know how to clean up me yet. Qin Wei has been a great guide to her, so I hope she won't provoke her!

"In this case, old man, let's go and save the doorman now!" Said Qin Wei, jumping from his chair and saying, "Hurry up and save people, save me and go down the mountain. The young lady is still waiting for me at home!"

"Not in a hurry!" Han Nianxing held Qin Weidao.

"Of course you are not in a hurry not your wife!" Qin Wei glanced blankly.

"I mean there is no rush to save people." Han Nianxing glanced at Qin Wei, the boy was getting bigger and smaller.


"Because you are weak now, you can't exchange blood at all, and you will go in vain when you go. Wait until your body recovers." Han Nianxing said.

"Then can you give me your cell phone, I'll make a call." Qin Wei begged, he was really worried about Miss, and wanted to make a phone call to tell her.

"Now the other party already thinks you are dead. If you suddenly appear, do you know what the consequences will be? If you want to hurt your young lady, the mobile phone is here, and you can call it casually." Then, Han Nianxing sent Qin Wei Phone on the table.

Lying down! You are threatening me! When I hit, the young lady is in danger. If I do n’t hit, the young lady will always worry, I rub! Qin Wei hesitated, forget it, for the safety of the young lady, I'm just forbearance, Qin Wei reluctantly looked at his cell phone. ,

"Are you going down the hill to find your young lady now?" Han Nianxing asked.

"Don't find it!" Qin Weiqi sat on the ground with a buttock. Damn, you brought Lao Tzu and told so many stories is not to keep me from going down the mountain, rub, really an old fox, Qin Wei is in my heart. Secretly cursed.

Han Nianxing looked at Qin Wei's eating, and couldn't help smiling. This kid still suffers? It seems that he has a good strategy. He can't deal with Qin Wei, he can only do it with wisdom!

Qin Wei looked at Han Nianxing's arrogant look, and he wasn't angry. "Old man, don't be proud, don't think you are trapped in the mountain, I will obey you! And you did not see that Has morality been looking for me? Can't you say a few words for me? "

"He is your uncle." Han Nianxing corrected.

"Uncle Shit." Qin Wei muttered softly.

"You can't be so rude." Han Nian said.

"I'm rude? I rub it, old man, anyway, I'm your apprentice, what do you say to me besides calling me" Changshengquan "? Qin Wei, I have to fight now!" Dissatisfied.

"The" Fist of Longevity "is profound and profound, wonderful and wonderful ..." Han Nianxing said.

"Don't blow it, Luo Xue said that this is the first level of boxing, even the children in the door will be able to." Qin Wei gave a blank look, interrupting Han Nian's walk.

"Then what do you want to learn?" Han Nianxing asked.

"I want to learn advanced!" Qin Wei beamed his eyes.

Snapped! Han Nianxing took a book from his arms and threw it to the ground.

"Yu Jian broken magic?" Qin Wei picked it up.