Merry Master In The City

Chapter 158 His Name Is Han Wei!

Qin Wei was stunned by the uninvited guest in front of him. What a savage from where he ran out. The strong man was extremely tall, about one meter nine, he was also very strong, with a shaved hair and a unkempt face. In front of them, we can only use thinness to describe. The strong man only cares about lowering his head and chopping rice. The speed is staggering, as if he has not eaten for several days.

"I rub! Who are you ?!" Qin Wei said angrily. He wanted to stop the person in front of him, but found that it was useless to stop, because the rice was covered with the saliva of the man.

"Hey." The strong man raised his head and smirked as a reply to Qin Wei, but the movements on his hands have not stopped, and he has been stuffing food in his mouth, a bit silly.

I rub, is this man sick? I do n’t need chopsticks. I actually grabbed my hands and ate. Qin Wei muttered in his heart. Qin Wei looked at the man's unkempt appearance, and suddenly came up with an idea. Is this person a fool?

"Ah! What's your name?" Qin Wei asked, looking down.

The brawny man looked up, smirked, and when he wanted to speak, he heard a voice outside.

"Did you see Han Wei?" Han Sheng said angrily. Although he was not an elder's disciple, he was the most accomplished among ordinary disciples, so he was very prestigious among the people.

"Have I looked for it!"

"Brother, what happened to Han Wei, are you so angry, calling out so many people to catch him?" Said a junior disciple.

"He roasted my parrot and ate it! Damn it! But I went out to carry out the task and bought a lot of money!" Han Sheng cursed.

"But brother." A junior disciple touched his head and said, "Even if you catch Han Wei, your parrot will not return."

"Stupid!" Han Sheng hit the head of his brother and said, "Let him spit it out! Find it for me!"

"Originally your name is Han Wei." Qin Wei stared at the man in front of him and said, "Is the parrot delicious?" Qin Wei had already heard the words outside, no wonder he ran here.

"It's not delicious." Han Wei shook his head like a child.

"Then you still eat?" Qin Weibai glanced. He thought that Han Wei's IQ was as big as a five- or six-year-old child. It seems that he is really a fool.

"Hungry." Han Wei grinned, revealing eight white teeth, he patted his belly, smiled especially happy.

I don't know why Qin Wei saw this scene and thought of his previous life. At that time, like Han Wei, he only had to eat a full meal and be satisfied.

"Brother, I haven't found this jade garden." Said his brother.

"Go in and see!" Han Sheng said.

"Brother, isn't it good, Uncle San has spoken, idle people, etc. Don't go to Cuiyuyuan!" Said the younger brother, but Han was furious yesterday, but frightened him, he didn't want to touch the mold.

"Stupid!" Han Sheng patted his brother's head and said, "Are we idle men waiting? If you don't say I don't say, how could the uncle know."

"But this is the place where Qin Wei lives." The teacher and brother aggrieved, never thinking that he was kind enough to read a book. 'Net, the first donkey liver and lungs.

"What happened to Qin Wei?" Han Sheng's eyes were full of disdain!

"He is an apprentice of Ershibo! He might become the master of the door in the future! Will we offend him if we break in this way!" The apprentice worried, Qin Wei's performance last night really shocked him, dare He is still the first person against the will of Uncle!

"What's wrong with Master Shi, don't forget the rules of the Longevity Gate. The inheritance of the gatekeeper has always been ranked according to capital. To say that the gatekeeper should also be a big brother, which round is Qin Wei! Besides, he is just a New disciples, why do you enjoy such a big garden! "

"Little brother, you can listen to Brother Han Sheng. He has a good relationship with his three brothers, so please put your heart in your stomach." Another disciple laughed, how courageous, how to do big things .

rub! Dare to look down on me! What's so great about my brother! Qin Wei heard everything outside in the room.

The footsteps in front of the door were getting more and more rapid, it seems that they must do so, Qin Wei said.

"Save me." Han Wei looked pitifully to Qin Wei for help.

Huh! A knock came.

"Is Brother Qin Wei here?" Brother Xiao carefully said outside. He was the lowest rank among junior disciples, so he took the lead in doing this. If he didn't listen, Han Sheng wouldn't let him go.

"I'm here," Qin Wei agreed.

"Can you open the door?" Little Master respectfully said, after all, Qin Wei was a brother, and it was no good to offend him.

"No!" Qin Wei refused directly. Mom just said something bad about me outside, and now I want to enter my house, there is no door!

"Brother, Qin Wei didn't dare to open the door for us, it shows that he had a ghost in his heart, maybe Han Wei was really hiding in his room." Another disciple followed in a whisper to Han Sheng's ear.

"You're right!" Han Sheng said, not afraid of knocking on the door if he didn't do bad things, he can now be sure that Han Wei is in Qin Wei's room.

"Qin Wei! You open the door!" Han Sheng shouted outside the door and grabbed Qin Wei's handle, of course he was right.

"Call me Brother! Have you forgotten the door regulations! I am Han Ningxing's apprentice!" Qin Wei said in the room. In the Changsheng Gate, everyone except elders and Han Zangfeng should call him a brother. Qin Wei's heart now But it is already blooming, it seems that the higher the seniority is, it can be compared!

hateful! Actually beat me by generations! When Laozi came to Changsheng Gate, you didn't know where it was yet! Han Sheng secretly said in his heart, he was very unconvinced: "We saw Han Wei entering your garden, he must be hiding in your house, you open the door!"

"I'm the only one in the room. I'm going to sleep. Let's go!" Qin Wei issued an order for chasing customers. If you let me open the door, I'll open it? This is a joke. I do n’t even care about Han Dato, let alone a younger brother.

"Brother, this is a naked provocation!" The little master whispered, touching his head.

"Shut up! Let me tell you!" Han Sheng glared at the little master and scolded: "Open the door for me!"

"This ... not so good ..." said one disciple: "After all, he is a disciple of Ershibo. You still have to look at the master when you hit the dog. Isn't it that he shouldn't take Ershibo seriously!"

"Aren't you embarrassed ?!" Han Sheng angered.

The disciples who followed me all watched lively. Now it's time to move your feet. No one has stood up. Everyone looks at me. I look at you. No one wants to offend people.

"Oh, don't you bother!" Han Sheng snorted coldly, then lifted one leg, and walked towards Qin Weifang's door!

boom! The door of Qin Wei's room was opened by Han Sheng. Before everyone could reflect that Han Sheng had entered the room.

"Qin Wei, why don't you open the door!" Han Sheng asked when he came in.

I saw Qin Wei sitting on the bed, wrapped in a quilt, lazily, and yawned by the way: "How many times have you said, you have to call my brother, how can you remember so badly at a young age!"

"Brother Qin Wei, are we here to ask you, did you see Han Wei?" Brother Shi came forward politely.

"What is Han Wei? Parrot?" Qin Wei said indifferently, he deliberately poked Han Sheng's wound!

"Haha." Several disciples couldn't help laughing.

"What a smile!" Han Sheng glared, how could he not hear Qin Wei's sarcasm, so he said: "Qin Wei, you should hand over Han Wei, or don't blame me."

"Is that so?" Qin Wei looked up at Han Sheng and said, "Why are you polite?"

"Search me! I don't believe Han Wei can grow wings!" Han Sheng ordered, but unfortunately he is not Han Shengwu, no one wants to kill him, everyone is still still.

"Don't move, right? I'll search it myself!" Han Sheng angered.

"Stop!" Qin Wei shouted, "This is my room. You can search and search? If you cannot find what you are looking for, don't blame me!"

"If I find it!" Han Sheng said, this jade garden does not have a back door, so Han Wei may be in this room.

"You can do whatever you like!" Qin Wei said angrily!

"Okay!" Han Sheng said.

So Han Sheng started the crazy dog ​​mode, and began to look for joy in the house. The inner room, cabinet, and even the beams were not overlooked, but he still couldn't find Han Wei's figure. He was unwilling because he was not looking for Han Well, it has evolved into two people competing against each other, no one wants to lose!

"What! No!" Qin Wei proudly said.

"Qin Wei, don't be proud!" Han Sheng angered, he was very unwilling, why any newcomer can become a close disciple of Han Nianxing, and why live alone in Cuiyuyuan! Why should I call his brother!

"Since you haven't found it, you can't get out of here!" Qin Wei scolded, and he liked to see Han Sheng want to punch him, but still couldn't!

"Let's go!" Han Sheng was reconciled, but he had to take care of himself and had to lead his brothers away.

puff! As Han Sheng walked to the door, a huge muffled noise came from Qin Wei.

"What voice?" Han Sheng asked out of curiosity.

"Brother, listen to the thickness and width of the sound, it sounds like fart." The younger brother said earnestly.

"Ah, I'm smoked to death!" Just then, Han Wei rushed out of the quilt behind Qin Wei.

"Qin Wei! Didn't you say Han Wei is not with you!" Han Sheng shouted.

It ’s over, Han Wei, Han Wei, when will you fart? Qin Wei's head is big!