Merry Master In The City

Chapter 159: Do It Yourself!

They say that the fart is not smelly, but the smelly butt is not smelly, but Han Wei ’s fart is smelly and loud, which has smothered Qin Wei ’s head, but this ca n’t blame him. After a full meal, a little indigestion is also expected.

Han Wei looked at Qin Wei and felt his head, embarrassed and said, "Hey, I didn't hold back." Like a child who made a mistake, Qin Wei had no temper.

"Qin Wei, don't you say that Han Wei is not in your house! Do you still have to quibble now!" Han Sheng proudly said, but now he is justified and not afraid of Qin Wei, who is his apprentice!

"Ah, it turns out that you are Han Wei!" Qin Wei looked at Han Wei with a surprised expression: "Don't you tell me your name is Xiaohua!" Qin Wei did not know why, when he saw Han Wei throwing himself in for help At that time, he thought that he was so helpless that year, so he felt emotional and hid Han Wei in his quilt, but who thought that his fart was so powerful.

"Little flowers, haha." Several brothers couldn't help laughing, this Qin Wei was really interesting, bold and humorous. I felt that this person was also easy-going and did not have a personal disciple.

"What's laughing!" Han Sheng said angrily. He had lost face, but he didn't expect that the boys didn't stand on their side, and laughed at Qin Wei!

"Qin Wei! Now Han Wei is here with you, what else do you have to say?" Han Sheng said, the parrot that had been roasted by Han Wei was bought by a trustee for a large price, and he planned to honor Han morality. If you don't deliver it, it will become barbecue.

"Nothing to say." Qin Wei shrugged. Now that he has been arrested, there is nothing to say.

"Han Wei, follow me!" Han Sheng shouted.

At this time Han Wei, one meter and nine sons, was like a kitten, hiding behind Qin Wei, which made Qin Wei very difficult.

"Qin Wei, keep your way, there is nothing for you here! Don't bother!" Han Sheng angered, and then walked towards Han Wei, trying to take him away.

"Brother, save me ..." Han Wei dragged Qin Wei's clothes, and said pitifully. In his consciousness, he felt that Qin Wei and Han Sheng were different and a good man.

Nima! Don't you look at me so pitifully? Qin Wei can't stand a big man looking at himself so passionately, who let you steal someone's parrot.

"If you don't leave," Han Sheng said angrily, "If you don't leave, you can spit me out of me!" Han Wei did not have a master and did not interact with people in the door on weekdays, so no one dares. Bully him.

After hearing this, Qin Wei felt that Han Sheng's IQ was not high, so he said: "How can you spit it out if they have already eaten it. If you want, you can only let him out. "

"Haha." Brothers and sisters laughed loudly, this Brother Qin Wei is absolutely terrible!

Han Sheng glared at Qin Wei, and went straight to Han Wei without talking nonsense to him.

"What do you want to do?" Qin Wei said with an eye.

"I want to beat him! Give me a break!" Han Sheng pointed to Qin Wei, aren't you the apprentice of Ershibo? What's so great, don't think that Master is not in the door, you can read Yaowu) ^! Web eBooks are prestigious.

"If you want to slap him, I won't stop it." Qin Wei stared at Han Sheng and said, "But don't do it in my house, I'm afraid of getting dirty."

"Okay, then I'll go out and hit him! Han Wei follows me!" Han Sheng said.

"No, I won't go ..." Han Wei shook his head and said, "They will hit me, Han Sheng always hit me ..."

"Fuck! Let you talk nonsense!" As Han Sheng reached out and grabbed Han Wei, he wanted to get Han Wei out.

"Wait!" At this moment, Qin Wei stopped Han Sheng and said, "If he wants to go with you, he will naturally go with you. If he doesn't want to go, you don't want to force it!" Stage a hero to save the masters.

"Qin Wei, what kind of thing do you dare to care about?" Han Sheng joked. He knew that Qin Wei was getting started at first, and Wu Gong was definitely not as good as himself. He started to lose, so he was bold.

"I'm your brother, what do you say I am?" Qin Wei will use his own generation to oppress people at critical moments. He feels that treating Han Sheng as a villain is the best way.

"Qin Wei, don't be too arrogant. This thing has nothing to do with you today, and annoyed me to treat you." Han Shengdao said that there are no tigers in the mountains, monkeys are king, Han Zangfeng is not in the door, Han Sheng I also want to pretend to be better than one, but did not expect Qin Wei to grab his own limelight.

Qin Wei snorted coldly: "You're rude, why do you want to be rude? Do you still want to hit me?"

"Don't think I dare not!" Han Fang snapped and said, "Qin Wei, you dodged me, otherwise don't blame me!"

Han Sheng's voice was so loud that the whole Jade Garden could hear his voice, showing how angry he was.

"What do you want to do?"

Just when everyone was deadlocked, a voice came from behind the door, and everyone turned around and looked back. It turned out to be Han Qingyan.

"Uncle!" After everyone saw that Han Qingyan was coming, they immediately respected and said that even Han Sheng was a bit less arrogant, and it seemed that he was very afraid of her.

"Hey, uncle!" As soon as he saw Han Qingyan coming, Han Wei immediately rushed out from behind Qin Wei to say hello, stared at her with a smile, and drool was about to come out.

I rub! Is this all right? Qin Wei gave a glance at Han Wei, and he instantly understood a truth. It turns out that a fool also has an aesthetic, and he also likes beauty. Qin Wei feels itchy every time he sees Han Qingyan, because she looks too charming, as if someone is holding a dog. Tail grass is twitching his own heart.

"Han Sheng, how do you want to do it?" Han Qingyan walked to the center of the crowd and looked at Han Shengdao. She just stood there and could make people feel a kind of aura. Without talking more, she could make her feel. Anger.

"Uncle, I ... I didn't mean that ..." Han Sheng stuttered, he was afraid of Han Qingyan, after all, that was the elder, even the elder brother saw her respectfully, and he knew the second division Both Uncle and Third Master loved this sister.

Han Qingyan walked in front of Han Sheng and looked him up and down. The more she didn't speak, the more nervous Han Sheng was. There was no such thing in the door, but it didn't bother me, but Han Wei was different. She was still compassionate.

Han Qingyan picked his eyes, and a majestic spurted out of his eyes, saying, "Then I need to point and point at you? May I make you feel better?"

"Don't use it!" Han Sheng waved his hands in a hurry when he heard this. The sweat on his forehead has begun to go out, provoking the same door. If Han Dadao gets into trouble, the board will be fixed!

Qin Wei looked at Han Qingyan. He found that not only did this woman look bad for the country and the people, but even the charm of her body was rare in the world. She was standing there with her eyes frightened and she was scared to speak. How strong the aura is, I really don't know what kind of man can conquer her.

Han Qingyan looked at the person in front of him and said, "Why? Not yet?"

"Yes, let's go, let's go ..." Han Sheng gave his brothers a few white eyes, and immediately took them out of the Jade Garden.

"Let's go? Stay for a while!" Qin Wei saw someone support himself and immediately climbed up. After seeing them leave, Qin Wei immediately stepped forward, and hippie smiled and said, "Uncle, thank you for seeing the unevenness of your sword! Please hello! "Said Qin Weishen bowed deeply.

Han Qingyan didn't even look at Qin Wei and said, "Don't think too much, I just don't want Han Wei to be bullied."

"Hey, thank you Uncle, thank you Uncle." Han Wei immediately thanked Han Qing for his smoke, and the drool in the corner of his mouth was already on the ground.

Nima! You do n’t save me face anymore, Qin Wei secretly said in my heart.

"It ’s only two days since you came to the Changshengmen Gate, you have to offend all the people, Qin Wei, please do it for yourself." Han Qingyan walked to the door and turned his back to Qin Weidao. It was just that no one smiled at the corner of her mouth.

After speaking, she left Cuiyuyuan.

rub! Qin Wei looked at Han Qingyan's left shade, and was very upset. He found that there are no other advantages of Changshengmen. The biggest feature is that it can be compared to one. Han Luoxue is like this. My Asakusa sister is the best, and I know it hurts most.

Qin Wei turned his head and looked at Han Wei who was still looking at Han Qingyan's back in a daze, and said, "Wipe it, Harako has fallen to the ground."

"Hey." Hearing Qin Wei's words, Han Wei quickly wiped his sleeves and then smirked.

rub! It's so bad! Qin Wei couldn't bear to look directly, and suddenly Qin Wei had a thought in his heart. If this plan was successful, wouldn't he find his face back?

"Han Wei?" Qin Wei whispered.

"Huh? Hey," Han Wei still smirked.

"Have you been to Peach Garden?" Qin Wei asked.

"Yes, I used to go when I was a kid." Han Wei said slowly, but he finally finished a complete sentence.

"I saved you once, shouldn't you know the gratitude?" Qin Wei asked.

Han Wei tilted his head and thought for a long time, and nodded, "Yes!"

"That's good!" Qin Wei took out the paper and pen from the cabinet and said, "Help me paint the peach garden for me!"

Uncle? Ha ha, see how I can pack you tonight! Qin Wei said with a smirk ...