Merry Master In The City

Chapter 160: Lessons learned from a beautiful lady!

At midnight, it was confirmed that everyone was asleep this time, and Qin Wei secretly escaped from the Jade Garden and sneaked into the Peach Garden. How dare my mother teach me? Still betraying me? Do you think you're bad for the country and the people, I will let you go? Mock up, just pack you up, Qin Wei plans to blow the lights in the middle of the night, sneak into Han Qingyan's room, and scare her well, save her not to look at herself.

"Fortunately, I am resourceful and have Han Wei spend a map of the peach blossom forest for myself." Qin Wei entered the peach blossom forest and followed the arrows on the map. It didn't take long for him to walk out of this dragon formation. Qin Wei Looking at the map in his hand was amazing.

Taohualin is nothing to the people of Changshengmen, because they grew up here since they were young, but they really have a headache for Qin Wei. Although they have the ability to remember, peach blossoms look the same. What do you want? Distinguish.

After passing through the peach forest, Qin Wei saw a house. If he guessed right, this is Han Qingyan's residence. Qin Wei looked around, the pavilions and the water, and the smoke was dazzling. It did have a meaning of wonderland on earth. No wonder the uncle was a little mundane. There is no taste, it turned out to be the reason for living in Wonderland.

Qin Wei lay on the door of the room and listened to it. There was no movement in it. It was estimated that Han Qingyan was asleep. Then he was relieved. Qin Wei gently opened the door and groped to the bed. Good martial arts, uncle, see how I scare you, Qin Wei smiled.

Qin Wei was getting closer and closer to Han Qingyan's bed, and his footsteps were getting lighter and lighter. He was afraid that he would wake her up, one step, two steps, three steps. Qin Wei was about to come to Han Qingyan's bed ...

"What do you want to do?" Just then, a voice came from behind Qin Wei. ,

Lying down! Who is speaking? For a moment, Qin Wei was so frightened that he stood up. He turned around subconsciously, and saw Han Qingyan suspended in the air, staring at himself, Nima! This is too scary.

"Qin Wei, what do you come to my room for?" Han Qingyan hung in the air and asked expressionlessly.

"Uncle, are you ... a man or a ghost?" Qin Wei wiped his eyes to make sure that he read correctly. Now he can hang clothes on his hair. It's terrible. You can imagine a woman in the dark What a sight of the beard spreading in the air.

Snapped! When Han Qingyan flicked his finger, the light in the room turned on.

Han Qingyan will wait to light up and ask, "Do you say I am a human or a ghost?"

Qin Wei lifted his head, and saw that a rope was erected on both ends of the house, and Han Qingyan sat on the rope and looked at himself. No wonder it was suspended, so it turned out that Qin Wei finally held his heart in his stomach. But at night she was not in bed, but sitting on a rope. Is it practice?

Qin Wei grinned, and looked charmingly, "How can there be a female ghost like a master in this world."

"Poor mouth!" Han Qingyan laughed and cursed, her mouth slightly raised in a charming manner, Han Qingyan's flattering has been integrated into the bones, just a smile, can upset all beings, the world's rare woman.

"Uncle, you are so beautiful." Qin Shushu:

Han Qing suddenly jumped off the rope and said, "Don't think that you say a few nice words, I will spare you. Don't sell off, just say, what do you want to do in my room in the middle of the night?

"Uncle, look at what you said, as if I have some plans for you." Qin Wei would not be stupid enough to say his intentions, so he said cheekily: "I am not helping Uncle Xie today for help. Well, here I am, please.

"Have you been so kind?" Han Qingyan stared at Qin Wei with a sneer. "Don't forget that Han Dadao even beat you with a board, and you didn't bow to him, but now you rush to come and greet me? Qin David, do you really think everyone in the world is a fool? "

Han Qingyan reads countless people, and she has already developed a pair of golden eyes. She can see through a small trick like Qin Wei.

"Uncle, you are misunderstanding me, but I am sincere!" Qin Wei said with a sincere look.

"Isn't it easy to enter my peach blossom forest?" Han Qingyan asked with interest from the wine gourd in his hand: "I arranged the Huilong array of peach blossom forest personally. The ingenuity is only known to my disciples. No one tells you that you can come in by your unforgettable ability? "

After speaking, Han Qingyan stared at Qin Wei with a smile on his mouth. This smile seemed to Qin Wei as if he hid a knife in his smile.

"It's not easy. If I hadn't done enough homework, I'm sighing at Taohua now." Qin Wei rarely said a four-character idiom and four-character.

"Say, what is it for here?" Han Qingyan waited for Qin Wei's next.

"Uncle, as the saying goes, you can stay alive and meet each other in the future." Qin Wei hippie smiled, intending to confuse the pass, he figured it out, no matter what reason she made up with Han Qingyan's IQ, she can see through, but you I ca n’t tell her that I came to your house to get revenge on you? Being human cannot be too real.

Han Qingyan smiled, and said that Qin Wei had already eaten it: "Do you think I don't know if I don't say it? Isn't it just to avenge me? Want to give me some color?"

"This ..." Qin Wei was speechless. What exactly did Nima Han Qingyan do? Is there mind reading? She can guess whatever she wants.

"No need to pretend, I didn't help you that night, plus today's disregard, you already have a pretty good opinion of me." Han Qingyan asked with a smile, not angry at all, and Qin Wei was not angry with her That's strange.

"Yes." Qin Wei nodded, since it has already been said, there is no need to cover it up.

"Say, how do you want to deal with me?" Han Qingyan asked with a smile, and was also interested, after all, no one had dared to arrogantly with her in Changshengmen for more than 20 years.

"I want to scare you. I didn't expect to scare you, but scared myself." Qin Wei shuddered at the scene where Han Qingyan was suspended in the air.

After hearing this, Han Qingyan laughed loudly, and said quite boldly: "Since you have entered my door, don't try to go out."

"Ah? Uncle, what do you want to do? I'm green but fresh!" Qin Wei hurriedly covered her shoulders, did she want to take advantage of me? This is not impossible. Who makes himself look loved, blossoming, and beautiful in nature?

Han Qingyan was so thoughtful that he suddenly guessed Qin Wei's thoughts: "I heard that my brother has taught you the imperial sword, and I am sitting here, motionless. If you can hit me, even if you win . "

"Then what reward did I win?" Qin Wei asked shamelessly. Although he was just learning, such a short distance was just a short distance away.

"What you say is what." Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei with a smile on her face, which meant that only two parties knew.

Oops what I say is what? Qin Wei's small heart has begun to thump, and it's very clear that he is thinking about it again.

"So what if I lose?" Qin Wei asked with an extra heart. The uncle had a lot of thought, and he must be careful with her bet.

"Then what do I say?" Han Qingyan glanced at Qin Wei and said, "Do you dare?"

"If you do n’t dare, come here!" Qin Wei can't control so much now, and has already spoken out. After winning, there will be beautiful people embracing each other. Why not, Qin Wei is already thinking about victory After all this, saliva has flowed out.

"Dry your saliva and start putting it in." Han Qing smoked.

"Uncle offended!" Qin Wei said so, but it might be even more offensive in a while. He concentrated his thoughts, turning his hands in front of his abdomen, transfiguring the air mass, and then pushing hard with both hands. The whole air mass flew to Han Qingyan. Go, hey, Qin Wei stared at the air group, Han Qingyan didn't dodge at such a close distance, it would be undoubted!

The air mass approached Han Qingyan. In a flash, when Han Qingyan flicked his fingers, the air mass broke open and disappeared.

I wiped it! Is this all right? Qin Wei said inconceivably: "Uncle, aren't you immovable?" Saying that is not immovable, is it that you are a woman and can't do anything differently? !!

"I didn't move." Han Qingyan said blankly.

"then you?"

"It was just a manual operation." Han Qingyan shook his hand, his eyes playful, and he took it for granted!

"Is this okay ?!" Qin Wei opened his eyes in surprise.

"I'm willing to lose." Han Qingyan looked at Qin Weidao.

"..." Qin Wei was speechless. Although he could not work, it was quite good to escape. He was about to take advantage of Han Qingyan's attention and turned to escape.

"Do you think you can run away from me with your skill?" Han Qing's eyes looked so delicious that Qin Wei's mind had already been eaten.

"..." It's really stealing chicken and not eclipsing rice. Qin Wei now has a heart to cry ...

So five minutes later, Qin Wei squatted on the ground, his hands wrapped around his ears, and sang: "I was conquered by you ..."