Merry Master In The City

Chapter 161 Catch the Renegade!

The imperial sword is divided into three layers, the first is sword energy, and it is divided into three phases. The first phase is to gasify the mind and use its own ideas to form the gas field. The second phase is to gasify the gas. The vital energy in the body is used to rectify qi. In the third stage, the qi is converted into heart, and Qin Weidu sits on the rockery in the training ground and closes his eyes on the book "The Sword of Demon Slayer".

Qin Wei can understand in the first and second stages, but in the third stage, what does it mean to rejuvenate qi by heart? Could it be that when you think about it, you get angry? Qin Wei is thinking. His current stage is the first stage. Every time he uses the sword to break the magic, he must concentrate his thoughts first. What can be done? Whoever starts with you will make you think.

"If I have internal forces in my body, is it easier to be lucky?" Qin Wei said to himself, if so, then I can use the records in "Changsheng Quan" to practice internal forces. How much shadow Qin Wei's first conquest has brought to him has begun to practice hard.

Qin Wei sits on the ground. This is the martial arts ground. There is silence around it, which allows you to practice with peace of mind. With fresh air, it is suitable for breathing and breathing. Qin Wei relaxes, closes his eyes, hands on his knees, and his brain is blank. law.

Inhale and draw the essence of heaven and earth, Qin Wei takes a deep breath.

Exhaling, vomiting the filth in the body, Qin Wei exhaled.

The simple way to make him feel that his brain is much more awake. Then, according to his mind, he suddenly felt his abdomen gradually warming up, and then the heat was swimming around his body. It seems that his exercise method is correct.

Because of the energetic walk, Qin Wei feels a lot more relaxed. It seems that Han Nianxing is very reasonable. Qi is superior. Use internal skills as the basis, so that Qin Wei does not have to think hard every time to get out. Then a small lump of anger.

Qin Wei felt that there was some upsurge in his body. It seemed that he had so much anger, so he got his luck at his fingertips, and pointed with his backhand, and saw a clang, and a pothole appeared on the rockery not far.

"It seems that I practice well!" Qin Wei stood up and looked at his results, and was very satisfied. It seems that he has reached the second stage, and ordinary people need time to practice. He is only in possession of magic blood. You need to understand. This is the instinct of natural talent and natural blood. It is especially quick to accept martial arts.

Qin Wei pointed a finger at will, and a sword smashed the stone into a pothole again. It seems that he has progressed extremely fast!

"Miss, wait, I can go down to find you when I am trained." Qin Wei said to himself, at Changshengmen, he couldn't contact Liu Yihan. Qin Wei was worried about her, too Afraid she misunderstood herself, the last time was just a small contradiction, and the young lady was exhausted by herself. I don't know what will happen to her this time.

Hey ... thought of this, Qin Wei couldn't help sighing. Reading! Net leaderboard breathed ...

"Brother, I caught Han Wei, he is hiding here!" A man's voice came from under the rockery.

"Good job! I'll be here!" Not far away, Han Sheng came and ran, while the followers followed.

Qin Wei looked down the rockery, Han Sheng? Does he want to deal with Han Wei again? Because they were under the rock, Qin Wei could only see a few people facing Han Sheng, but he couldn't see Han Wei hiding at all.

Han Sheng rushed over in a few steps, and saw that Han Wei was scared to shrink into the corner, his eyes did not dare to look at them, and his body was still twitching.

"Han Wei, I see where you are going this time!" Han Sheng looked at Han Wei and cursed: "Yesterday you were lucky, a master is protecting you, today I see what you do!"

"Brother, do we really want to hit him?" The younger brother asked weakly yesterday. His name is Han Xin. He likes to fight, but if he doesn't follow Han Sheng, he will be bullied. , But he felt that Han Wei was really pathetic.

"How can you still have pity on him?" Han Sheng asked back.

Han Xin nodded and said, "Brother, if Han Wei isn't really hungry, he won't eat your parrot."

"Fart less!" Han Sheng patted Han Xin's head and cursed, "Just do your follower, when will you teach me to do things?"

Han Xin was speechless by what he said, he could only stay aside and not participate.

"Han Wei, I said, eat me and spit it out!" Han Sheng walked over and grabbed Han Wei and said: "Waste like you can stay in the door, no wonder we have no status on the rivers and lakes. Here it is! "

"Look how I hit you today!" Han Sheng raised his fist and smashed at Han Wei.

boom! With a muffled sound, a sword gas passed across Han Sheng's face, hitting directly on the side trunk, and the trunk was punched out of a pit.

This sword spirit is exactly the sword used by Qin Wei to break the magic, just trained, ready to practice with Han Sheng.

"I remember saying in the door regulations that fists can't be waved to the same door, I don't know how many boards you will be hit with this punch?" Qin Wei came over with a kind reminder, but he was happier than anyone.

"Qin Wei! It's you again! Do you still want to worry about your business?" Han Sheng stared at Qin Wei and asked, if it wasn't for you yesterday, he wouldn't be scolded by Han Qingyan himself.

"Why don't you say that you are bullying yourself?" Qin Wei now has a little effort, so his strength is hardened.

"This matter has nothing to do with you, get away!" Han Sheng cursed.

Qin Wei smiled, and was extremely happy, saying, "It's just a parrot. Are you aggressive?"

"Aggressive? That parrot cost me 30,000 yuan. Is it easy for me to get 30,000 yuan?" Han Sheng's face had darkened, and his heart was extremely unbalanced.

Thirty thousand? I rub, is this parrot made of gold? Is Changshengmen so rich? It ’s so generous to buy a parrot. Han Nianxing even cried poorly with himself, rubbing it.

Qin Wei turned his head and looked at Han Wei very helplessly: "Brother, I can't help you this time."

"Hey." Han Wei grinned at Qin Wei, smiling.

Han Sheng looked at Qin Wei. He knew that Qin Wei had nothing to say this time, so he said, "Hit me!"

"I see who dares!" Qin Wei shouted! The roar was so imposing that he shouted a few of the leaves.

"Qin Wei, don't toast or toss!" Han Sheng has been intolerable, and Qin Wei is challenging his own bottom line.

Qin Wei sorted her hairstyle, and her expression was stubborn: "What if I want it?" Qin Wei knows that many disciples at Changshengmen are dissatisfied with himself. If he doesn't prove himself, then anyone can ride on his head Shit, he is not Han Wei, he will not be slaughtered, Han Sheng will be his stepping stone.

"Then don't blame me!"

When Han Sheng finished speaking, he rushed to Qin Wei. His boxing speed was very fast and sharp. Qin Wei took a shot of his anger when he came, and then forefinger flicked, breaking Han Sheng's fist style. It looks like the six-pulse magic sword in the movie, but unfortunately Qin Wei is not Gao Fushuai.

"What kind of work is this? Why haven't I seen it before?" The disciples talked a lot.

"Yeah, I haven't seen it before. Could it be another martial art?"

"What are you talking about?" Just then Han Shengwu suddenly appeared in the training ground. He heard the noise here, so he hurried over, but did not expect to find Qin Wei and Han Xingwei's hands.

"Hello Brother Three," said the disciples.

Han Shengwu nodded and asked, "What were you talking about?"

"That is to say that the martial arts used by Brother Qin Wei is strange. We have never seen them, it seems that they are not the martial arts of our own." One disciple said.

Qin Wei turned his head and saw that Han Shengwu was looking at himself with discomfort. At this moment, Han Sheng seized the opportunity. He punched the air with a punch, and a stream of air hit Qin Wei. Qin Wei was low. When he hid, he randomly released a sword qi from his hand, but this sword qi was smaller than the previous one, and he couldn't stop Han Sheng's punch at all.


Qin Wei hit the punch in the chest and spit out blood. Damn, it seemed that he had insufficient internal strength. Qin Wei wiped his mouth.

Han Shengwu looked at Qin Wei. I really haven't seen this martial art. Isn't it really martial art of our own, or is it martial art of another martial art? Zhengchou didn't have an excuse to clean up you. I didn't expect you to take the initiative.

"Come! Grab this betrayal traitor!" Han Shengwu shouted at Qin Wei!