Merry Master In The City

Chapter 162 Strayed into the Beast Forest!

Qin Wei did not expect that Han Shengwu would come here to make fun of him. He was talking about how he became a traitor. Qin Wei's injury was not good. With Han Sheng's punch just now, his chest was a little painful. He covered his chest as much as possible. Let Han Shengwu see the flaws and have a chance!

Qin Wei ’s changes did not escape Han Shengwu ’s eyes. He could see that Qin Wei was injured, so if it was easy to deal with him, he only needed to let his masters and brothers take the shot, so that he could sit and collect the fisherman without any effort. Power, Qin Wei did not have the opportunity to grab a little sister with himself.

"Catch this traitor!" Han Sheng shouted for Han Shengwu. He has a good relationship with Han Shengwu. Now someone comes out to help himself. He just needs to shout a slogan.

Han Sheng and Han Shengwu are often embarrassed. How could he not know what Han Shengwu meant.

The brothers of the division did not move because they knew that Han Sheng was just Han Shengwu's follower, and everyone set their sights on Han Shengwu.

"Look at what I'm doing, don't hurry up Qin Wei!" Han Shengwu said, Qin Wei, I see what reason you have this time, I only need to make a little trick to make you never see shallow At this time, Han Shengwu was so proud of his heart that when the master asked, he put the responsibility on Han Sheng, and God didn't know it.

"Yes!" The disciples heard afterward.

Tie me up? Why tie me up? Qin Wei was a little confused, but if they looked menacing, they knew there was nothing wrong.

"Han Wei!" Qin Wei went to Han Wei and pulled him.

"Huh?" Han Wei looked up at Qin Wei, his eyes were very clean. In his eyes, the world was beautiful, and he was content to have a full meal.

"What a smirk, don't hurry to run!" Qin Wei pulled Han Wei.

"Oh!" Han Wei seemed to understand Qin Wei's meaning, immediately got up, and the two men ran inside the forest behind them.

Qin Wei chose to run because he felt that it was useless to talk to people like Han Shengwu. He had to be beaten hard. He had injuries on his body. He was not their opponent at all. It was better to find a place to hide and wait for them to walk. come out.

Qin Wei chose to run into the mountain forest. One was to walk away from himself, but it was a good hiding place in the forest, and it was not easy to pursue. He believed that as long as Han Shengwu was thrown away, they would be fine.

"Catch them both! Don't let them run away!" Han Sheng shouted from behind, probably with more than 20 siblings chasing after him, while Han Shengwu walked behind in a hurry, he was such a person And enjoy it.

"Han Wei, running into the woods, they couldn't find us." Qin Wei took Han Wei's arm and said as he ran, he looked back, I rubbed, these people chased after him, Qin Wei did not dare to fight with him [* 看书 网] ^ The catalogues did not say that there were injuries to the body. These twenty people were all martial arts practitioners. They could not fight at all. There was magic blood and fart. Kung Fu himself was beaten.

"Brother, why run?" Han Wei followed, and he was tall and awkward to run.

"Don't run? Are you waiting to be beaten?" Qin Wei coughed twice and his chest began to hurt. He felt his chest was cracking and he felt aching pain, while pulling Han Wei, he felt that he could not run fast either. It is a matter of time to be arrested.

"Oh." Han Wei nodded, and then wanted to understand, so he pulled Qin Wei and drilled into the woods. The speed was so fast that he rolled up the billowing smoke so that the people behind could only sigh.

When did this kid run so fast? Qin Wei was incomprehensible because he could not eat enough, because Qin Wei dared not run too fast on his chest, and he could not help but cough a few times.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?" Han Wei seemed to notice that Qin Wei was wrong and slowed down his footpath.

"You ran so fast, hit me." Qin Wei covered his chest and said, ran like a te plane, and I blame you if you don't cough! In fact, Qin Wei could not care about it today, but when he thought of Han Wei's strong man being bullied into a puppy, he was a bit unbearable.

Suddenly, Han Wei stopped and used his brain to think, saying, "Brother, thank you." His world is simple, as simple as others hit him, he does n’t even remember it, just think it ’s Joking with himself, but Qin Wei's appearance made him feel warm.

Qin Wei also froze. He didn't expect that the strong man in front of him would be so emotional. Although his IQ might be several years old, Qin Wei didn't expect Han Wei to thank himself, but he did so. Qin Wei had some in his heart. Some relief, like the story of a dog's blood, a pair of difficult brothers and brothers met in this way.

The sound of whistling in the woods was the sound of footsteps.

Qin Wei looked at Han Wei and said, "Why not run, what are you thinking about?" So the two ran to the deeper part of the forest.

"Look, Qin Wei are there! Quickly chase!" Han Sheng ran in front and chased him. He just let Qin Wei run away with a little inattention just now, and now it is a good time to enter the forest, as long as you find one yourself Start off where no one is, just fine.

"Brother, Han Wei is running too fast, can we catch up?" Han Xin gasped after him.

"Stupid!" Han Sheng patted Han Xin's head and said, "Did you not see Qin Wei injured, is it still so strenuous to chase an injured person? He who has talked has long caught up!"

"Oh!" Han Xin nodded, only chasing after him.

Han Sheng took his classmates to chase Qin Wei, while Han Shengwu waited for the news outside the forest. He is an identified disciple, and of course he would not do errands. He believed that with Qin Wei's injury, he could not run for long.

Han Shengwu did this for two reasons. The first was because the relationship between Qin Wei and Qianer was too close. The second was to remove Qin Wei. He also had face in front of Han Zangfeng, so that when he became the host, his own Status will also rise, and what he is doing now is to wait quietly for Han Sheng's news.

"Han Wei, it's impossible to run like this." Qin Wei panted. He looked at the surrounding woods. There are many trees here and shrubs, which can be hidden, but Han Wei is too big and can be found everywhere except in heaven. .

"How do you run?" Han Wei asked calmly, as if not tired at all.

"Run separately, you run to the left, and I run to the right. After throwing them away, I will return to Cuiyuyuan. If they are bullying you, you just go to the shallows and understand?" Qin Wei asked.

"I see!" Han Wei nodded.

"That's not time to run!" Qin Wei shoved Han Wei and headed for the deep forest on the left.

Qin Wei is not like what he was just now. He feels that his physical fitness is declining. He walks and looks around. The forest here is different from the outside just now. It is full of towering ancient trees, like a dense primitive forest, because it is too dense Only a small amount of light can shine in, and the most surprising thing is why this forest is so strange that there is no sound of bird calls.

"Brother, you see Qin Wei entering ..." Han Xin's voice came from behind.

Qin Wei turned his head and saw Han Sheng in the distance. They looked at themselves outside the forest and didn't come in. Did they give up? No matter how much, find a place to hide for a while, and wait for them to go out before going out.

"Brother, are we still chasing?" Han Xin asked.

"Ha ha." Han Sheng suddenly sneered: "No need to chase, entered this beast forest, no one can come out alive."

The beast forest is the ancient forest of Changsheng Mountain. There are all kinds of beasts in it. No one knows what kind of beasts there are, because the people who have entered have never come out. The beast forest is a forbidden area in Changsheng Mountain. Step by step, Han Sheng didn't know how Qin Wei would run in wrongly and positively.

"Brother, should we call Qin Wei back, after all, the fierce beast forest is not a joke." Han Xin trembled with fear, and he was also afraid of the fierce beasts in the deep forest. What should the elders ask if they ask?

"What did you shout, didn't he like to run? Just let him run." Han Sheng sneered, and then turned to leave with his brothers and brothers, Qin Wei, I think you are completely finished this time! Overjoyed, he couldn't help laughing, no one in the door was right against himself.

At this time, Qin Wei was completely unaware of his situation ...