Merry Master In The City

Chapter 163 Falling Cliff!

Han Shengwu has been waiting outside the forest for a long time, but he hasn't seen Han Sheng bring anyone back. When he was going to go in and see what happened, Han Sheng had brought his brothers back.

"Where is Qin Wei?" Han Shengwu asked, and this was his most concerned thing.

A sly smile appeared on Han Sheng's face, saying, "Brother, you don't have to worry about Qin Wei's affairs, he will not be in front of him."

When Han Shengwu heard Han Sheng's words, he pulled him aside and asked for a place no one asked: "You killed Qin Wei?" If this is the case, then he must find a better excuse. Otherwise, Qian Er will not be able to get through that level, but thinking of Qin Wei disappearing in this world, he still feels a little unhappy.

Han Sheng shook his head and said, "I didn't touch him."

"Then what do you mean?" Han Shengwu asked curiously. He even looked forward to Han Sheng's answer. He hoped that Qin Wei himself fell down the cliff, so that he didn't have to worry about making excuses.

"Qin Wei ran into the beast forest by himself." Han Sheng said word by word, this was much more comfortable than coming by himself. The beast forest was not called in vain.

When Han Shengwu heard Han Sheng's words, he first hesitated, then laughed, and said, "It really deserves Qin Wei's bad luck. He is actually a fierce beast forest, so we can't blame us."

"Yeah, brother, you did n’t see it, so he walked in, so it ’s better if we go back." Han Sheng was close to Han Shengwu. He knew the gap between him and Han Shengwu. If he wanted to mix an elder, I can only have a good relationship with such a personal disciple.

Han Shengwu's mouth raised a smile. Since Qin Wei arrived at the Changsheng Gate, he hasn't slept in a sense of stability. In the days when Qin Wei was lethargic, Han Qianer's meticulous care had stimulated Han Shengwu. What he didn't expect was that He was angry to protect Qin Wei and himself, which he could not tolerate.

"Brother, please rest assured, Qin Wei is now estimated to have become the meal of the beast." Han Sheng was very confident. Since the day the Changsheng Gate was established, there has been a beast forest, but no one has ever heard of anyone going in and out So, Qin Wei, huh ... Han Sheng sneered, this is the end to himself.

Han Shengwu was expressionless, but his heart was already secretive. He turned around and read! Book Net. "Wu Xia asked his brother and sister," If the uncle asks, do you know how to answer? "

"I know, I know." A disciple replied first. "Jin Wei said that he entered the beast forest."

"Yes, he walked in by himself." Another disciple followed.

Han Shengwu laughed. He believed that the people in front of him would not betray himself. These were the confidantes he had cultivated over the years, so he turned around and said, "Let's go!"

Han Shengwu walked in front, smiling extremely strangely, Qin Wei, I will take good care of the younger ...

Han Shengwu took someone away. Qin Wei didn't know. He only knew that no one was following him, so he found a hidden place to sit and rest. He didn't dare to run, because he was afraid of involving the wound. Effortless.

"I don't know if Han Wei has been arrested." Qin Wei leaned against a big tree and said to himself, the leaves blocked the sun. It was dark here. Qin Wei didn't know that he had entered the beast forest, he always felt that there was What's wrong, but couldn't tell.

Leaning on a big tree, Qin Wei recalled his encounters at Changsheng Gate in the past few days, and what kind of excitement he was playing again, singing and conquering. Then he was rushed to the virgin forest. Now he wants to What I want to do is to return to the young lady as soon as possible, or to restore my strength and leave this forest.

Qin Wei closed his eyes and wanted to take a rest and adjust his strength, but just when his eyes were closed, he heard the sound from a distance, and then he did n’t know where the rabbits, robes, etc. came from. Skip directly and ignore him as a human.

Where does this come from so many animals? Qin Wei looked confused at the creatures in front of him, but he was not surprised at all. It would be strange if there were no animals in the forest. I do n’t know if there were any phoenix-like animals in this primitive forest. Obviously Qin Wei was There are so many fantasy novels.

Qin Wei looked in the direction in which they ran, but this look, almost did not scare the courage!

I saw a black bear walking near here, no wonder these animals are running, who is not afraid of the blind bear coming? I saw this black bear's burly body, standing about 2 meters high, black body, crescent-shaped white spots on his chest, short limbs, and dangling along the way, but because of his weight, Qin Wei could feel it. The ground is shaking.

Calm down! Be calm! Qin Wei knew that at this time, he couldn't panic. Although he hadn't gone to school, he knew that the black bear was called a bear blind because it had poor eyesight, but the black bear's sense of smell and hearing was very sensitive, so Qin Wei wanted to escape, so You have to be careful and run away before it approaches.

I rely! No wonder Han Sheng didn't chase them in. It turned out to be the strange beast in the city in the deep forest. Han Sheng, I'll wipe your uncle! Qin Wei has scolded him countless times in his heart. How could I run here without you chasing me, and that Han Shengwu! Qin Wei now understands that this is all a conspiracy!

Qin Wei lay on the ground, moved forward carefully, and did not dare to make too much sound, afraid of arguing the black bear on the opposite side. If he stood up and ran, he would scare it. Next, there is no next. I guess he will Teared by the black bear as a toy.

You can imagine how a tall man lying on the ground in the primitive deep forest is a scene, which is derived from the instinct of survival.

As Qin Wei ran away, he looked back. He was afraid he was too careful. He didn't even know he was caught by Xiong. The black bear seemed to notice something and stared at Qin Wei.

Qin Wei was panicked, he kept his posture intact, but the black bear came swaying in this direction. Damn, this must be a female bear, otherwise why do you look at yourself that way, Qin Wei had too much time to think about it, and Saya ran And, it also used the light work of the Changsheng Gate. Whatever hurts, let's go away. I'll escape.

Qin Wei didn't move, it was okay. The move really scared the black bear. The black bear chased after him. Although the black bear's eyes were not good, the running speed was really fast. It also wanted to figure out what was running in front.

No matter how good Qin Wei is, he also has two legs and is seriously injured. The black bear is heavy and also has four legs. How does the two legs compare to the four legs? Seeing to catch up with Qin Wei.

I rub! No! Qin Wei shouted! Qin Wei, who was busy escaping, didn't notice that he had run to the edge of the cliff, slipped under his feet, the whole person was suspended, and fell off the cliff.

I rub! A big loss! I'm not fucking married!

Qin Wei's howl rang through the valley ...