Merry Master In The City

Chapter 164 God! Give me a beauty!

Qin Wei is now falling rapidly. He doesn't know how to describe the mood at this time. He managed to escape the pursuit of the beast. Now he is falling into a cliff.

It's over, now I really want to say Goodbye to this world! Qin Wei thought in his heart. He looked up and looked at the blue sky above his head. He seemed to see the young lady beckoning to him, saw the little sister smiling at him, and saw Han Luoxue frowning at him. Saw, the black bear looked down at him on the edge of the cliff like a victor.

Qin Wei closed his eyes. He couldn't face the abyss, and could only choose to escape. I didn't expect that the knife in Lao Tzu's chest would be fine, but he would be planted on this cliff.

Why is this cliff so high? Qin Wei was waiting for the moment when he was thrown into a meat sauce, but it was strange that he was not in the end yet. Qin Wei gathered his courage, opened his eyes and looked down. He wanted to see how far he was from the meat sauce. This distance suddenly made Qin Wei's hope for survival, because he saw that there was actually a large water pond below him!

This is really no doubt about the mountains and rivers. Liu An Hua Ming Yai Village, Qin Wei doesn't know whether to cry or laugh now, he just thinks that he has experienced too many dreams in the past few minutes.


Qin Wei's whole person fell into the water and stirred up numerous water splashes. Because the forces acted on each other, the moment Qin Wei entered the water, he also felt the beating of the water. The pain came instantly, and he felt his The back is about to fall apart. He is not a diving champion and cannot get into the water elegantly.

"I wipe! How cold is that!"

After entering the water, Qin Wei fought hard for a few times, and then came out of the water. The water-cooled bones and the hot spring in Hanqing Yantao Garden are completely extreme. Fortunately, the water is not far from the shore. Yes, this gives Qin Wei a chance to catch his breath, otherwise the temperature of the water will have caused him to freeze to death.

Qin Wei got ashore. The first feeling was cold. It was too cold. Although it was summer, he was soaked. In addition, it was the bottom of the valley. The temperature was not as high as above. His first reaction was to find some wood to make a fire. But to Qin Wei's comfort, there is a lot of wood here.

After Qin Wei lit a fire, he held up two pieces of wood and roasted his clothes on it. He was also warming by the fire. He rubbed his hands and looked around.

This seems to be the bottom of a valley. There are cliffs on three sides, and only one side is dense woods. No one knows what is on the other side of the forest. Qin Wei also dares not to see it. After all, curiosity will kill the cat. Qin Wei turned his head Looked behind him, read the book 'Net'! I saw a cave not far away.

"Don't have a cave?" Qin Wei said, looking at the words on the mouth of the cave. Is this the name of the cave? Qin Wei muttered in his heart.

"Oh!" Qin Wei sneered, "Don't have any caves? Really so special and poor, rub, what's so bad about the poor mountains here besides a broken cave?" Qin Wei despised him, and considered himself self-deprecating.

At first Qin Wei thought he was glad to be rescued. After seeing the situation around him, he had been crushed. He started to worry about one thing, how did he go up? There is no ladder and no rope in this fucking. The cliff is less talked about and there are dozens of meters, and it will take a month to climb. By that time, I think I would have been starved to death!

"Are you going to be trapped here?" Qin Wei said to himself, he was not married, and even his wife would have to be gameove if he wasn't married. What a loss! Qin Wei's dissatisfaction and anger, and grievances filled his heart for a while, he needed to vent!

So Qin Wei stood up and shouted, "God! Give me a girl!"

Because there are mountains all around, the echoing sound is very loud, Qin Wei feels that his ears are going to be deaf! But Qin Wei was disappointed that there wasn't even a fly here, let alone a damsel!

"Ah! Help!"

When Qin Wei was discouraged, there was a sudden sound from the top of his head. Qin Wei looked up curiously, immediately rejoicing, because he saw a woman in green clothes falling from the sky!

Oops I rub! Qin Wei is very happy, God is too kind to me, afraid that I will be lonely at the bottom of the valley, really gave me a girl! But seeing the woman struggling, Qin Wei felt wrong, did she fall off the cliff? Come down?


After experiencing the same journey as Qin Wei, the woman also fell into the puddle, Qin Wei hurried over to see what happened.

How old is this woman? Is the long drift pretty? Not cheerful? But do n’t think about Han Luoxue ’s virtue. The valley floor is cold enough. In the coming iceberg, why do n’t you let me live! Qin Wei stood next to the water pool, trying to squeeze a smile, but he found that the woman was not showing up.

"Can't she be water?"

"I wipe!"

Thinking of this, Qin Wei jumped into the water again, the water was cold and biting. After entering the water, he felt that his vision was blurred, but he could faintly see a woman in front of her struggling. The woman would not move without a few throbbings.

Qin Wei knew that she was being carried by the water, so Qin Wei swam quickly, dragging the woman, and swam to the shore! He didn't dare to care about it now, he didn't have much time to think about it, just wanted to go ashore quickly.

Saving people in the water is extremely labor-intensive. Qin Wei spent nine cattle and two tigers to drag a woman from the water to the shore. Qin Wei is too tired. What he hopes now is that God ca n’t give it to him. A twat, he has no blessings.

"Ah, are you okay?" Qin Wei asked, panting heavily against the woman's mouth, thanking him for saving the woman!

There was no answer, there was silence ...

Qin Wei turned his head. Only with this turn did he find that God really treats him well. What a fuck is this fucking girl lying on the ground! What a special beauty!

I saw her wearing an ancient green long dress with fair skin, thin and long eyebrows like willow leaves, small and rosy lips like cherries, and Qiongbi apricot eyes. She was extraordinarily loving and her hair was wet with water. Dip on the cheeks on both sides, and a few drops of water hanging on the eyelashes, as if crystal-clear, particularly provocative.

Qin Wei didn't know why. When she saw her, she wanted to hurt her in the first sight. It might be that this woman was too painful. Now she picked up the baby. It doesn't matter if she doesn't go to the mountain. There is such a beauty Accompanying myself, Jiu Jiu love, it is estimated that it won't be long before the children can play soy sauce.

Before it happened, Qin Wei had already begun to think about Fei Fei. There was no way. As soon as Qin Wei saw a beautiful woman, she easily wanted to enter Fei Fei. Qin Wei squatted and looked at the woman and asked, "Can you hear me?"

The woman lay on the ground without a reply.

"I wipe! Will you hang up?" Qin Wei was afraid of hitting the woman's face, her skin was very tender, and she felt very good to the touch, but Qin Wei had no mood to think of it now, it seemed that she could only give it to her Do artificial respiration!

Qin Wei pressed a few times on the woman's chest, then took a deep breath, kissed the woman, and then pressed the chest again, and so on.

Cooing, the woman's mouth began to pour water out. Qin Wei knew that artificial respiration seemed to be very effective. When she woke up, she would see this handsome guy, and she would be very surprised. It seems that she must leave a Give her a good impression! Qin Wei was thinking in his heart.

The woman spit out the water, her consciousness was awake, and then slowly opened her eyes. The blue sky first appeared in the sight, then the cliffs, and then a strange man. He looked at himself like this, he He is very handsome, his eyes are clear, his figure is very straight, and the woman slowly looks down ...

"Ah! Pervert!" The woman screamed, covering her eyes immediately.

She didn't dare to look down. She saw Qin Wei naked and only wearing a pair of underwear ...