Merry Master In The City

Chapter 165 Enter the Water to Save the Baby!

Qin Wei wanted to compare it, and also trimmed his hairstyle, and wanted to surprise the woman, but he was not surprised, because he forgot to take off his clothes to dry, and now there is only one panty left on his body, even though Qin Wei How thick his skin is, he will inevitably blush this time, how to explain it now?

"Girl, don't get me wrong!" Qin Wei hurriedly explained to the woman, otherwise the misunderstanding deepened and how to communicate further.

The woman covered her eyes and did not go to see him. This barren mountain, lonely man and widow, and Qin Wei were so exposed, how could people not think about it, and called him a pervert to be overdone, and he should be called a pervert.

Qin Wei didn't have much time to think about it. He immediately picked up his clothes and put it on. He said, "Girl, don't get me wrong. I'm not a satyr. I also fell from it. My clothes are wet and I can only dry them. You see. "Qin Wei pointed to the pile of fire.

The woman deliberately alienated Qin Wei. She saw Qin San's fire from her fingers, and Qin Wei was now wearing clothes. When she was struggling in the water just now, she felt that someone was coming to save herself. Now she wanted to I think it should be him. I didn't expect that I had misunderstood him.

"Girl, are you also Changshengmen?" Qin Wei asked tentatively, he slowly walked towards the woman, but kept a certain distance from the woman. From her scream just now, Qin Wei already felt To her poor sense of security.

The woman shook her head and didn't speak, apparently she had a little disbelief in Qin Wei.

Not a longevity gate? How did it appear here? Qin Wei was a little puzzled. Looking at her dress should also be in the martial arts. Does it mean that she is a reclusive woman? How about it, just ask clearly.

"Girl, my name is Qin Wei. What's your name?" Qin Wei asked with a smile. Although this is a very vulgar self-introduction, it is very practical.

"My name is Liu Su." Liu Su was obviously still nervous and shy, no matter which woman would be scared by the scene just now.

No wonder they wore a green dress, and their name was green. Qin Wei was thinking in his heart, so he asked, "Liu Su, did you fall from it?"

This is a problem that bothers Qin Wei. He was chased by a blind bear and accidentally fell off a cliff. What about catkins? Was she chased by the bear too? Still can't think of it, jumping off the cliff to seek relief, like most of her age will be trapped in love, if you really want to, then you can just take the opportunity to approach her.

"Oh." Liu Su screamed suddenly. Qin Wei's words seemed to remind her, and then she started looking for something, but she didn't seem to find it, so she said, "Qin Wei, have you seen my backpack?" "

"What backpack?" Qin Wei said confused, when he went to the water to rescue her just now, he didn't find any backpack. Besides, it would be good to save you, so many demands.

"I just installed it ... a gray cloth bag ..." Liu Su said halfway and changed his mouth. It seemed that something was being concealed.

"Are you sure you're carrying it?" Qin Wei confirmed, there might be where it fell, and anything is possible in this deep forest.

Catkin shook his head desperately: "It's impossible, I've been carrying it all the time, I can't lose it!"

Liu Su was very anxious, because only she knew what was inside the bag. He thanked Qin Weixiang to save himself, but he did n’t dare to trust himself completely. If Qin Wei was a person in Changsheng Gate, he knew the secret in the bag. He Will you let yourself go?

Qin Wei looked at Liu Su so resolutely, then there was only one possibility, so he said, "Maybe when you fell into the water, the cloth bag fell into the water."

After listening to Qin Wei's words, Liu Su began to think about what happened just now. She vaguely remembered the moment when she entered the water. All the water poured into her nose, eyes, and ears. She instinctively let go of her hands and struggled. It fell into the water.

"Qin Wei!" Liu Su looked at Qin Wei anxiously, and said, "Can you help me get the cloth bag up?"

"I ?!" Qin Wei looked surprised, my God, you let me go as soon as I put on my clothes? I'm still saying that I'm still hurting, what to do if something goes wrong.

Qin Wei shook his head, so wouldn't cold water become a popsicle by itself?

"Why?" Liu Su asked anxiously, there was something very important in that bag. If he couldn't take it out, then he would be in vain.

Qin Wei waved his hand and said, "I fell down once and saved you again, and I will save your bag once, then I must not freeze to death." This is only an excuse for Qin Wei. In fact, these two launches have already let him Physical exhaustion was a lot, and he was afraid that he would never go up again.

It turned out that he was afraid because of this. It was easy to handle. After hearing Xu Qin's words, Liu Su took out a pill from his small purse around his waist for a moment: "Qin Wei, if you eat it, you don't have to worry about the water. . "

"I rely! You let me eat it, I eat it! I'm not stupid, who knows that your stuff is poisonous and not poisonous!" Qin Wei almost jumped up, he didn't know what was in the catkin's head, and he actually took out this one Baubles, who knows what it does, I'm not a kid, I'll give you a sugar pill for your life.

"I know what you suspect, it's really not poisonous." Liu Su looked at Qin Wei, then put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it.

"Hey, what are you doing, why did I save you up? You don't need to take medicine without taking it." Qin Wei didn't understand the way of catkins, but she already took it, what can she do? I can only watch it.

At this time, Qin Wei chose to be a beautiful man quietly and observe the changes of catkins quietly. It didn't take long before he noticed that the water droplets on catkins' faces had evaporated and a little hot air came out.

"Your face seems to be angry." Qin Wei whispered to remind catkin, is this a fever? No, the fever should be blushing. She's not blushing. Is it that pill?

Liu Su wiped his face and said, "This is a medicine I developed that can instantly boost the internal force in the body and expel the cold. Now you believe it."

Qin Wei nodded. Can he believe what he saw with his own eyes?

After seeing Qin Wei believe in himself and knowing that there was hope, Liu Su asked Qin Wei for help: "Brother Qin, can you help me? The cloth bag really contains very important things. I walked by mountains and rivers. Just for it, can you help me? "

Qin Wei believes that if you have catkins, how could she beg her again and again if she is not a valuable item, and she will also try to see for herself. If there are really valuable things in it, then she can also divide points. Eat dead, Qin Wei thought.

"For your sake of calling me an elder brother, I'll help you, but let's talk about the conditions first." Qin Wei said shamelessly, other sisters have become like this, he still wants to rob.

"Conditions, what conditions?" Liu Su asked with eyes wide open. As long as Qin Wei could save Bao, she would agree as long as she could do it.

Qin Wei grinned and said, "Liu Su, see that I saved you once and run for you once in the water. You can't keep me busy."

Liu Su nodded his head to agree. He was right, Qin Wei had a life-saving grace, and now he was in the water to help him. He was already grateful and could not afford anything.

"Brother Qin, you can just say what you want, as long as I can do it, I will definitely do it." Liu Su nodded.

Haha, it seems that this little girl is quite generous, it seems that she can make a fortune! Qin Wei then said: "It's very simple, that is, you have to divide half of the contents in your bag."

After hearing about Qin Wei's request, Liu Su frowned and hesitated: "Are you really?"

"Huh!" Qin Wei nodded, looking at her hesitation. The contents inside could not be wrong, it must be valuable!

"Okay! Then trouble you, Brother Qin!" Liu Su made up his mind, as long as the baby didn't give it to him, it didn't matter if the rest was given to Qin Wei, she walked in front of Qin Wei, from the purse He took another pill and handed it to Qin Wei, signaled that he could eat it to prevent cold.

"No trouble, no trouble!" Qin Wei took the pill and ate. There was a baby, what was the trouble, and then he began to take off his clothes. Next, he took off his pants. He took off only a pair of underwear, then jumped and jumped. Into the puddle.

Liu Su blushed and looked at Qin Wei's jumping figure. She did not expect that Qin Wei actually took off her clothes in front of her face, and the outside world really was different from her imagination.

Liu Su stared at the water. She hoped that Qin Wei would come out quickly. After all, she was worried about her own things.

Qin Wei entered the water and felt that his body was not as cold as the first two times. It seems that the catkins' pills worked. In a while, two more spares were needed. The water pond was not very deep. Qin Wei swam around where the catkins were saved just now. , The bag should be right here.

really! In the bottom of the water in front of him, Qin Wei found the cloth bag. He quickly dived into the water, then picked up the cloth bag and headed upstream.

"It seems that this cloth bag is quite heavy, and there are a lot of valuables in it." Qin Wei came to the water and thought that he was such a person, even now in a desperate situation, he still wants to make money.

Liu Su watched Qin Wei go to the water. At one glance, he was holding his own bag, and said with joy: "Brother Qin, thank you!"

"You're welcome, it should be!" Qin Wei said so in his mouth, but the thought in his heart was that if it was not for your baby's sake, I wouldn't launch it for you.

"Brother Qin, can you give me my bag?" Liu Su asked anxiously.

"Yes." Qin Wei handed the cloth bag to catkins. He actually looked forward to the contents of the bag. Qin Wei closed his eyes and prayed, hoping it could be a diamond, not diamond gold.

After Catkin got the cloth bag, she quickly put out the contents and arranged it neatly. She was also looking for it anxiously, and she was praying, hoping that it would not break.

Qin Wei, listening to the crackling movements of Liu Su, knew that there were a lot of things, so he opened his eyes, come on, babes, blind my eyes!

I rub! Qin Wei opened his eyes and was stunned by the scene in front of him! Say good baby? What about good diamonds? The catkins were lined with herbs.

Oh damn! I was struggling to save a bunch of herbs? !!