Merry Master In The City

Chapter 167 Beauty, Where Are You From?

Liu Su changed her clothes and walked out of the cave. When she changed clothes, she was worried that Qin Wei would peek, so she kept looking at the hole and felt relieved when he did n’t come with him. At least, take care of yourself, which makes Liu Su grateful.

"Brother Qin, I've changed." Liu Su went to the fire and put the clothes on a shelf for easy drying.

Qin Wei looked at the catkins wearing his clothes and couldn't help laughing.

"Brother Qin, what are you laughing at?" Liu Su asked with a crooked head. Is there anything I can't do well? Let him catch the laughing stock? Liu Su looked at herself and found no problems.

Afraid of her misunderstanding, Qin Wei quickly waved her hands and smiled, "No, it's because I think you are such a beautiful girl, wearing men's clothes, and suddenly feels awkward."

Qin Wei laughed for no reason. The look of catkins was very pleasant, and people could not help but have love. Like Qianer, she looked like a woman coming out of the painting, but the difference was that catkins had a kind of Almost persistent tenacity, which Qin Wei did not expect.

Qin Wei had thought about what Liu Su would look like wearing her clothes, but when she saw a real person, she could n’t help laughing. As you can imagine, a cute and pure girl wearing a men ’s t-shirt, because of her petite size, t-shirt What a funny scene to cover your knees.

In fact, Qin Wei joined the Longevity Gate. He reasonably should wear the robe of the Longevity Gate, but he really didn't like to wrap himself tightly in the summer, wasn't it hot? So Qin Wei chose to wear his own t-shirt.

"Brother Qin, don't say anything wrong, I'm not pretty." Liu Su lowered her head and said that this was the first time she had grown so big that some people praised her for being beautiful, but there was even a hint of joy in her heart.

No one can boast of such a beautiful girl? Qin Wei did not understand the aesthetic vision of those people, so he asked, "Who says you are not beautiful?"

"Sisters said." When Liu Su was saying this, her expression was obviously dim, as if she was very unhappy.

"Then they are all jealous, jealous of how beautiful you look." Qin Wei muttered. The woman thought carefully about him. He knew too much. They said that catkins were not beautiful for only two reasons. One was that they were too beautiful, and the other was naked. Jealousy, because Qin Wei does not believe that women who are more beautiful than Liu Su will promote themselves by demeaning others.

When Liu Su heard Qin Wei's words, she didn't talk and lowered her head and fell into deep thought, her mood was a little low, and her mood was not as bright as before.

"They are not good for you?" Qin Wei asked tentatively. He saw the catkins look low and wanted to comfort her and read a book. The comfort of Wang Tongren is from the heart, why Qin Wei does not understand this, maybe because she is the only one at the bottom.

"Um." Liu Su nodded, which was the default.

"They bullied you?" Qin Wei asked.

"Um." Liu Su nodded, still silent.

"How to bully you?" Qin Wei said.

"When you were young, you would hit me. When you grow up, it becomes a scold." When Liu Su said, her eyes were a little red, but she tried not to let the tears fall out. No matter what she did from a young age, she was a sister. Our eyes are all wrong. She is always the one who is bullied. In order not to look down on her, she tries to study medicine, but her achievements are not recognized by the teacher.

Qin Weichang sighed. He was distressed at the girl in front of him. He wanted to give her a hug and told her that these were only temporary, but he was afraid that Liu Su would mistake him for a satyr. After all, he was shirtless.

"Xiu Su." Qin Wei shouted.

"Huh?" Liu Su looked up and looked at Qin Wei. Even if she knew that Qin Wei was now shirtless, she didn't dare to look at it.

"When I have a chance in the future, Brother Qin must help you to teach them well, so that they can taste the feeling of being bullied." Qin Wei said fiercely, such a lovely girl you can bear and bully, it is estimated that the gang is not much better .

"Really?" A flash of joy flashed in Liu Su's eyes, but then disappeared again, and said, "Brother Qin, thank you for helping me, but I think it's OK."

When Liu Su was bullied by her peers in childhood, she always dreamed that someone could come to her rescue. Now when Brother Qin can help herself, she still chooses to give up. She has survived for so many years and is used to them. It is also a spur.

"Why not?" Qin Wei didn't expect that Liu Su would directly reject herself, didn't she even remember to hate them at all? I remember those who bullied myself as a kid.

"Do what you want, don't do it to others." Liu Su looked up at the sky and said, "All bad things will always pass, just like the clouds in the sky. It can't and won't always stay in front of you. This is me. What you often say to yourself. "

Qin Wei has been looking at catkins from this second. He didn't expect such a weak woman to have such a broad-minded heart. He knew how to compare his heart to his heart and knew how to be tolerant. Then Qin Wei did not worry that she would lose her identity in the face of adversity. Heart, because he saw too many people who were bound by hatred and jealousy, and lived uncomfortably.

"That makes sense, but the metaphor is terrible." Qin Wei laughed after he said it.

"Hate." Liu Xujiao yelled. He was really bad and joked about himself, but Liu Xu's heart was not angry.

Seeing that Liu Su's mood was not so low, Qin Wei's heart was also a little bit more comfortable. Here, the two of them, Liu Su, were putting their faces on, and they were still alive.

"By the way, you said that your sisters and sisters, are you also a martial arts member?" Qin Wei asked, and he was curious just now, but he was too busy arguing for Liu Xu, but he forgot to ask.

Willow nodded, then shook his head again.

I go? Is this true or not? Qin Wei was also confused.

"You can say yes or no." Liu Su thought with a crooked head, because she was confused.

"How to say?" Qin Wei also came to ask with interest. He wanted to know more about the martial arts except Changshengmen, and maybe he would use it later.

Liu Su looked at Qin Wei and said, "Brother Qin, are you from Changshengmen?" She stared closely at Qin Wei, waiting for Qin Wei's answer. If it wasn't for Changshengmen, it would be okay. Can only be concealed.

"Changshengmen? Wipe! I'm not!" Qin Wei said excitedly, not to mention the Changshengmen. It was mad at the thought of these three words. How could it be that Han Shengwu and Han Sheng would fall into the cliff? I'm really stuck here.

"Are you really not Changshengmen?" Liu Su asked happily, and she was very happy. Since Brother Qin was not Changshengmen, he could talk to him all by himself.

"Well, no." Qin Wei turned his head and replied that he didn't dare to look at the catkins, because he was guilty of a guilty conscience, but when he really went out, he left Changshangmen specially, but he didn't suffer from it.

"Then you can tell me now?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, without blushing for lying.

Liu Su stood up and flipped through her clothes and said, "I am a disciple of Huichunmen. Although Huichunmen is a martial art in the martial arts, but the disciples in the martial arts are not martial arts, so I ca n’t tell whether it is martial arts or not. In the middle. "

"Don't learn martial arts? What are you doing?" Qin Wei curiously, and there is such a martial art?

"Research on medical skills! Not all martial arts like martial arts, how tired it is to jump up and down." Liu Xu smiled. She couldn't imagine how hard those people who practice martial arts would have to suffer, and how happy she was with medicine every day like her. It's so easy to spend energy.

Liu Su's words Qin Wei listened to her heart and returned to spring? Does it mean rejuvenating? I feel very tall when I hear the name!

"Oh, Brother Qin, why is your chest bleeding ?!"

Just then, Liu Su screamed!