Merry Master In The City

Chapter 168 Beauty Gives A Dressing!

When Qin Wei heard what Liu Su said, he looked down and found that his wound had cracked, and now he was seeping blood outside. He felt afterwards that he felt pain. After entering the water three times, his body was cold and numb. Speaking with catkins didn't pay attention.

"It's nothing, just a small injury, don't worry." Qin Wei smiled and pretended to be chic. In fact, his wound still hurts, but a big man can't make a joke with a small injury!

Qin Wei's words can deceive laymen, but she ca n’t lie to Liu Su. From the elementary school doctor, she can see at a glance that Qin Wei ’s wound is unusually minor and the wound is deep and long. If the infection is troublesome, Liu Su squatted down, Find among many herbs.

"What are you looking for?" Qin Wei asked curiously, was she worried that I wanted these medicines? It's really cute, Qin Wei smiled and said, "You can rest assured that I won't ask for these medicines. I just joked with you just now."

After hearing Qin Wei's words, Liu Su stooped and looked up and said, "I'm looking for Suzaku."

"Suzaku grass? What is that?" Qin Wei had never heard of it, but since he knew Liu Su, Qin Wei felt that he had broadened his horizons and saw many things that he didn't have in the city.

"It is a wonderful medicine for treating trauma. Look at your wound as a knife wound. Suzaku is just the right symptom. Just apply it." Catkin raised his head.

The moment Liu Su looked up, there was a ray of sunshine on her face, which brightened her face. Qin Wei felt that at this moment, she was beautiful.

"I found it!" Liu Su said happily, and the grace of dripping water was still reported, let alone she was grateful. She also hoped that she could do something for Qin Wei so that she would not feel so guilty.

After catkins found Suzaku grass, they took out a pounding stone from the cloth bag and smashed the stone. After crushing, catkins gently applied it to Qin Wei's wound. On the chest, she was a little shy and blushed, but the problem came. The medicine needed to be bandaged. What can I do?

"How can you bandage without gauze?" Liu Su worried, so that the efficacy would be reduced and the medicine would be scattered over time.

"Bag with something else, isn't it OK with clothes?" Qin Wei said, what is there to worry about, just put down your t-shirt for a while.

"No, you have to be right away, or the effect is not obvious." While Suyan was worried, she suddenly saw her green gauze skirt. The bottom of the green gauze skirt was a circle of white gauze, which just looked ^ *; Xianxia used it, Liu Su used his own knife to cut off the white yarn, and then used it to bandage Qin Wei.

"Is your cloth bag a treasure chest? How can everything be?" Qin Wei was stunned by the catkin's cloth bag, which is exactly what he wants.

Liu Xu smiled and said, "In fact, it's not as magical as you said, just come out and carry it with you, won't it come in handy now?"

Catkin carefully bandaged Qin Wei. Because there was no tape, she could only wind from the front chest to the back and tie it. Due to the girl's shyness, catkin was in a bad mood now, and she was afraid that she might accidentally touch her. When Qin Wei arrived, he was afraid that it would be too embarrassing to go too far. For the first time, Liu Su found it difficult to bandage a wound.

Strange to say, just after the Suzaku was applied to Qin Wei's wound, Qin Wei felt the wound was slightly hot. The heat was strong and mild, making people feel good. He believed in catkin's medicine, just like a friend ’s Trust, so don't bother.

"Liu Su, why did you come to Changsheng Mountain?" Qin Wei asked, bowing his head. Compared with Liu Su's uncle, Qin Wei is now enjoying himself, and there is nothing to worry about with such a beautiful lady.

Since Brother Qin is not from Changshengmen, can he tell him the truth? Liu Su thought in her heart that she had never lied and she did not want to lie to Qin Wei.

"I came to Changsheng Mountain to collect medicine." Liu Su told Qin Wei the purpose of his trip.

"Medicine? You already have so many medicinal materials in hand, what else do you use?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, she was so much medicine, was she a drug dealer?

Liu Su shook his head, looked at the medicine in front of him, and sighed: "None of these medicines can save my master. The book records that Changshengcao can treat sleeping sickness, so I'm not far away to try it at Changsheng Mountain."

It turned out that she was trying to save her master, Qin Wei thought in her heart, but how she was so similar to Han Luoxue, she was trying to save her master.

"Did you find it?" Qin Wei asked.

"Well, it was because I picked it that I fell asleep." Liu Su was still scared when she thought about it. She didn't know that Changsheng grass actually grew on a cliff. She showed Changsheng grass to Qin Wei.

Qin Wei wiped his eyes. He wanted to see what was special about the long-life grass, but to his disappointment, there was no difference except that the long-life grass was more forked, but no one picked it when it fell to the ground.

"You're so stupid, it's worth losing your life for such a grass." Qin Wei pouted and obviously didn't understand Liu Xu's behavior. He wouldn't do such a stupid thing anyway.

Liu Su shook his head and said, "Brother Qin, you do n’t understand. This long-growing grass grows only one year a year. It is very precious. I have tried hundreds of medicines, and I have not been able to cure Master ’s sleeping sickness. It is my only one. hope."

"So you regret it even if you lost your life?" Qin Wei asked.

"Yes!" Liu Su insisted. Master had the nurturing grace for her. How Liu Xu could not bear to watch Master keep sleeping, and cure drowsiness. This was Liu Su's desire for more than ten years.

If it is said that Qin Wei's tenacity makes Liu Wei look admirable, then Qin Wei admires her now. She is the first person she meets with such persistence and can give her life for the goal.

"But now it's no use getting the longevity grass." Qin Wei sighed.

"Why?" After hearing Qin Wei's words, Liu Su hurriedly asked, how could something so difficult to get was useless.

Qin Wei spread his hands, pointed his finger and said, "We can't get out now, what else can we talk about to save people."

Catkin raised his head and looked at the tens of meters high cliff, and the joy in his eyes disappeared. How can we go up? Are you really stuck here? But Brother Qin didn't seem worried at all.

"Brother Qin, aren't you worried?" Liu Su asked.

"Worried?" Qin Wei said.

The catkins pointed at the cliff and said, "Trapped here, don't you worry about getting out?"

Qin Wei shook his head and said, "Don't worry."

"Why? Don't you worry about being stuck here?" Liu Su asked.

"There is nothing to worry about with a beautiful lady like you." Qin Wei smirked with catkins.

Alas, it was just an instant, Liu Su's face turned red. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Qin Wei. This was the second time Qin Wei had praised her, and her heart fluttered.

Qin Wei knows Liu Su's shyness, but he doesn't say anything. Someone speaks very well, at least not lonely or boring.

"But Brother Qin, what are we going to eat here?" Liu Su asked. Surviving without food and drink was a problem.

"There are fish in the water pond. I can go down and catch a few to solve the urgent needs first. When we are full, we are looking for a way out." Qin Wei analyzed, and now the most important thing is to cultivate energy. He just now I saw fish when I went into the water, so I didn't worry about eating. What he was worried about now was where to sleep at night.

"Don't have a cave?"

Qin Wei looked at the line above the cave and smiled, at least somewhere tonight ...