Merry Master In The City

Chapter 170 The Beauty Looks for Qin Wei!

It's dark and the night is over. Han Qingyan led a group of disciples at Changshengmen to come to the beast forest, Han Nianxing was sitting in Ziyunju waiting for Qin Wei. In case he was like Han Wei, he did not know where to run Come back? Everything is changing fast.

Han Shengwu and Han Sheng were locked in the room by Han Mori, and their feet were banned. This matter is not big or small, and whether the big thing can be reduced depends on whether Qin Wei is safe. If Qin Wei is safe, Wei is back, then everything is okay to say, if he ca n’t come back, as the law enforcement elder, Han morality will not pass him first!

"Brother, uncle, how did they know?" Han Sheng asked in the room. He was very nervous now, and he was praying that Han Qingyan found Qin Wei. If Qin Wei really did something wrong, he would not be able to eat it. .

"Not you yet?" Han Shengwu took out the identity of his brother and taught: "Did you forget what you said? Let you stay at Han Wei, why did you let him enter Ziyunju!"

Han Shengwu was very angry. Everything was arranged. It happened that Han Wei had a problem. Now Master explains how Han Shengwu was in the room.

Walking around, thinking about countermeasures.

"Brother, this can't blame me all." Han Sheng hastily disassociated himself. He didn't want to be a gangster. Originally, he just wanted to teach Han Wei. You asked me to chase Qin Wei, and he said he was a traitor. They all pushed on me. Han Sheng was not a fool, of course he didn't do it.

"Don't blame you? Then I ask you, how did Han Wei enter Ziyunju?" Han Shengwu asked instead, and the thing was that there was nothing wrong with it.

"Brother, I have sent someone to hold hands at the front of the mountain, and someone watched in front of Ziyunju. I really don't know how Han Wei came in." Han Sheng was telling the truth, he had already ordered Go ahead, is there any secret here?

Han Sheng approached Han Shengwu and whispered: "Brother, is there any secret way that we don't know?"

"Thank you fart!" Han Shengwu couldn't help but scold: "I haven't heard of Taoism in Changshengmen for more than 20 years. I'm not good at doing things myself, and I'm making excuses!"

Ha ha! Han Sheng only had a sneer in his heart. If both of us are grasshoppers on a rope, if the uncle blame it, it will be carried together. If the sky collapses, Han Shengwu, a close disciple, will bear it. What am I afraid of?

And Ziyun Curie, Han morality is now anxious, Brother is the only one in these decades? Look? Disciples of the book network, Han Shengwu has made such a thing. How could he have the face to talk to Han Nianxing, now he can't wait to find a place to dig into it.

"Morality, don't go, just sit down and rest for a while." Han Nianxing meditated with his eyes closed. Han Mori's walk and stop had already affected him.

"Brother, this is what I did not manage Shengwu." Han Dali said apologetically, he was really embarrassed.

"Don't blame him, things haven't been found out yet, don't rush to a conclusion." Han Nianxing still looked so immobile, as if nothing had anything to do with him.

Han Dali looked at Han Nianxing and thought, wasn't he worried? This is his only apprentice, and also the hope of Changshengmen. Han Shengwu, after the end of things, see how I teach you!

"Wait a minute, when Qingyan comes back, everything will be clear." Han Nianxing closed his eyes, as if the old monk had settled in, what was he thinking? Nobody knows.

Han Qingyan has led his disciples into the forest, and has instructed to continue. All disciples must not travel alone. This is also to prevent a beast from hurting everyone. All of them are carrying flashlights to prevent getting lost.

Han Wei, who had broken his leg, was carried to the front by several students. He was the only one with Qin Wei. Only he knew where Qin Wei had gone.

"Uncle, that's where!" Han Wei pointed to the place where he was separated from Qin Wei this morning.

Han Qingyan looked in the direction pointed by Han Wei, his face was sad, and there was no mistake. Here is the entrance to the beast forest. If he did not guess wrong, then Qin Wei must have entered the beast forest by mistake.

"Han Wei, do you know in which direction Qin Wei ran?" Han Luoxue, who had always watched things coldly, couldn't help asking, she also realized that the matter was serious.

"Just ... just run there." Han Wei pointed at the beast forest road: "I ... I watched him run in."

Some Hanba words have been spoken. He has been doing this for more than a decade. Han Qianer has also treated him, but it has no effect. His IQ is equivalent to a child. He does n’t know that the entrance is the entrance to the beast forest. Han Sheng heard it.

"Uncle, Brother Qin Wei really entered the beast forest, what should I do?" Han Qianer held Han Qingyan's arm and worried. She knew that the uncle hurt her. At this time, only the uncle could take the idea. If Qin Wei is injured, she can help too.

Han Qingyan touched Qianer's head and said, "Don't think about it first. Let's go in and see. Maybe we will find your brother."

"Well, I will find it." Han Qianer nodded firmly. She didn't know what it was like. When she heard Qin Wei disappeared, she was anxious. When she heard Qin Wei entered the beast forest, she would worry, she It's just a girl who hasn't tasted love, but she has passions.

"Do you have to be careful when you enter the Beast Forest?" Han Qingyan told, she was the elder in the door, and of course she didn't like the disciples to have trouble.


After listening, the disciples proceeded to the forest of beasts with caution. Each person flashed the forest with a flashlight. Because of the crowd, the animals in the forest were frightened and began to escape.

Han Qianer would not martial arts, but could only follow Han Qingyan carefully. She kept praying in her heart, hoping to find Brother Qin Wei.

"Uncle, look!" A disciple shouted pointing at the ground. "This seems to have shoe marks."

After hearing this, Han Qingyan walked over, looked down, and was shocked. There were shoe prints on the ground, but there were bear paw prints next to the shoe prints. Did Qin Wei actually meet the black bear? Han Qingyan looked into the distance and saw Qin Wei's footprints being messy. It seemed that he was in a hurry when he ran away.

"Uncle, we follow the footprints, we should be able to find the whereabouts of Qin Wei." Han Luoxue said beside.

"Hmm." Han Qingyan nodded, and then led someone to look for it.

They followed the footprints all the way to the cliff, Qin Wei's footprints disappeared, and Xiong Changyin disappeared.

"Uncle, look." A disciple found a small porcelain bottle from the edge of the cliff.

"This is the medicine bottle I gave to Brother Qin Wei, why is it here?" Han Qianer anxiously, this medicine bottle brother has always been with him, he must be here.

"Uncle, I have already found it. There is no footprint of Brother Qin Wei around." A disciple said.

Han Qingyan looked a little sad and said, "Are you looking carefully?"

"We all searched step by step. We really didn't find the trace of the brother, would we?" The disciple hesitated, "Will the brother fall into the cliff?"

"No! Brother will never fall!" Han Qianer shook her head desperately, she couldn't accept this fact!

Han Luoxue, who has always been indifferent, also bit his lips tightly at this time. Qin Wei, have you really fallen into a cliff? ...