Merry Master In The City

Chapter 171 The Life of a Woman!

Han Qianer and his team were on the cliff, worried about Qin Wei's safety, but Qin Wei talked with Liu Su under the cliff.

"Brother Qin, are you telling the truth? Do you really have the ability to never forget it?" Liu Su asked in surprise, she did not believe that Qin Wei could memorize a book in such a short time. If he has a medical book now, he must be tested.

Liu Su opened her eyes and looked at Qin Wei. Her eyes rolled slowly, adding a bit of agility to her. She is really like her name, and she is just like catkins.

"That's still fake, I'm the sales champion in the city!" Qin Wei shook his fingers and was proud of his face. Qin Wei felt comfortable with Liu Su, and felt that Liu Su had a magical power on her, attracting herself. .

"Brother Qin, you are so powerful, you must have a lot of friends." Liu Xu said with a look of admiration, she had no friends, so she was envious of people with many friends, and that feeling must be great!

Qin Wei fixed her hairstyle, chic and elegant, "No matter where I shit, someone will send me paper ..."

Two people sat around the bonfire. Liu Su and Qin Wei were already familiar with each other. The clothes of the two had already been dried and changed, and the atmosphere was not so embarrassing. Qin Wei told Liu Su about his life in the city in recent years. Listening and making her laugh so much, Qin Wei is very good at dealing with the little girl, not to mention people like Liu Su who are not deeply involved in the world.

"The outside world is wonderful." Liu Su laughed. She listened to Qin Wei's story about his experience. From childhood to age, when she was fighting with Duan Qi, she laughed and talked about being abducted by Duan Qi. At that time, she would also worry, and later, when she was chased by the fire dragon, she was more admired!

Brother Qin can block the knife for friends, and he is indeed a kind person! You read it right! The catkins' eyes are full of admiration!

"The outside world is very helpless!" Qin Wei sighed, then looked up at the 45 ° angle to pretend to be sad, and then flung his flowing hair. He saw Liu Xu looking at his eyes and knew she had trusted Myself.

It seems that he did not tell these stories in vain, and said his voice was dumb, Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

"Why do you say that?" Liu Su asked innocently. She grew up in Huichunmen since she was a child. She has never seen urban life. The outside world was heard from the mouth of the same door. As Qin Wei said just now, she yearns more for urban life, and it is accurate that she wants to absorb new things.

"The outside world is not as simple, as good and complex as you think."

Qin Wei turned the fishway on the fire: "The pace of life in the city is fast. Everyone has money in their eyes and ignores emotions, so it is difficult to have trust."

Qin Wei ’s underwater martial arts are good, because he has done swimming sparring, and it ’s easy for him to touch the fish. He caught two fishes for today ’s dinner and looked at the catkins. At the bottom of the valley, it is also interesting to have women like catkins around.

"Brother Qin, I don't understand what you said." Liu Su tilted her head and looked incomprehensible. She didn't understand the fast pace that Qin Wei said. Is it fast to do anything?

Qin Wei looked at the simple catkins and read it) The book

Qin Wei knew that she didn't tell her clearly at one and a half hours, so she had to use a strategy of slowing down soldiers, not to mention if she didn't know it later, would she want to live in seclusion? Qin Wei carefully grilled the fish to prevent it from becoming mushy. There is no seasoning here, so I can only make it up.

"Catkins, would you like to try my craft?" Qin Wei asked, holding a fish stick on a wooden stick. This was the only dinner, and he had to eat it if he didn't eat it.

"Okay," Liu Su smiled with a smile on her mouth, looking forward. This was the first time someone cooked for herself. Well, she temporarily understood it as cooking. This feeling of being cared for was very happy. She looked Qin Wei, she doesn't know if she will go out from the bottom of the valley, but she knows that she is happy at this moment.

Qin Wei picked the fish in his hand, picked out the thorns, and smiled at Liu Su: "Come, open your mouth ~"

Liu Xu's face turned red in an instant. This was the first time she had been fed by a man. Besides, the two were so close to each other, Qin Wei looked at him with a smile, and Liu Xu was already shy, but She still opened her mouth because she didn't know how to refuse.

Qin Wei smiled, and gently put the fish in his mouth into Liu Su's mouth, thinking in her heart, was she pretty obedient?

"Is it delicious?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, this was intentional, he wanted to tease catkins, after all, the bottom of the valley was too boring.

"Huh!" Liu Su dared to speak where he could only answer with a hum, his cheeks were already red, and Qin Wei's barbecue technique was quite good. The meat in the fish was tender and bitter in his mouth.

"Brother Qin, this fish is sweet!" Liu Su incrediblely said, this is the first time she has eaten sweet fish, is there something wrong with her taste buds?

"Sweet? How is it possible?" Qin Wei waved his hands. The fish were fishy, ​​how could it be sweet. Qin Wei also tasted it. I rub it, it's obviously salty!

Qin Wei looked at Liu Su with a grumpy expression, but did not expect that Liu Su actually giggled. How beautiful the girl was when she laughed. She was shaking with a smile, and Qin Wei looked fascinated.

"Brother Qin, you are fooled!" Liu Su smiled happily. She just came up with the idea of ​​teasing Qin Wei. Two people are like good friends and joking at each other. She enjoys this moment very much, is Never been happy.

It seems that this little girl is familiar with me, and she dared to tease me. Qin Wei was not angry but was comforted, which shows that Liu Su regarded herself as a friend.

"How old are you, how can you still be like a child?" Qin Wei said with a smile, and then passed her the fish in his hand. On this night, he could give nothing but comfort.

"You don't like it?" Liu Su asked a little bit, but this is the most true one. What if he doesn't like it? Do you want to change yourself?

"I like it very much." Qin Wei laughed. He looked at Liu Su's embarrassed face and instantly felt cute. Qin Wei felt that the women she had met in the past few days had raised her aesthetic standards, and Han Qingyan's enchanting charm, The tenderness and sweetness of catkins are rare rare women in the world. When Qin Wei thought about it, he couldn't help feeling that if the three thousand weak water could drink it with a spoonful, it would be great.

After hearing Qin Wei ’s answer, Liu Su ’s heart was also put down, and she was also very surprised. She was just acquainted with Qin Wei, why should he care so much about his thoughts?

"Brother Qin, where are we sleeping tonight?" Liu Su worried, these are all gables. Fortunately during the day, the night must be extremely cold.

Qin Wei motioned to catkins not to worry, he pointed to the cave road opposite: "Isn't there a cave in there, then we will have a bonfire in it, and we will deal with it one night now, and we will find the way tomorrow morning."

"Okay." Liu Su nodded, and now all he can believe is Brother Qin.

Qin Wei was also worried, and it is reasonable to say that the people at Changshengmen should find themselves missing, why no one came to save themselves? Han Shengwu, I will spend my whole life at the bottom of the valley to curse you, and Han Sheng!

Qin Wei folded his hands and prayed silently. He hoped that when he opened his eyes, he would be able to land a plane from the sky and flee with him, or have a magic pen, draw a door on the mountain wall and push away. But the reality is, open your eyes and nothing but catkins winking and looking at you.

Alas ..., Qin Wei sighed, and walked into the cave holding the wood ...

"Brother Qin, wait for me ..."


On the cliff, the disciples of Changshengmen have not yet dispersed. Everyone is thinking of ways, but now it is too late to see the situation under the cliff, and according to Han Qingyan's speculation, this cliff is less tens of meters away. The black mountain is too dangerous.

"Uncle, what shall we do? Brother she really fell down?" Han Qianer asked Han Qingyan's hand, and now she has Qin Wei in her mind, handsome face, bad smile, and From time to time, Han Qianer knew that without Qin Wei's whereabouts, she would definitely have trouble sleeping.

Han Qingyan felt very distressed when touching Qian Er's head. From the eyes of Qian Er, Han Qing Yan could see that she cared about Qin Wei. This silly child, if Qin Wei really lost the cliff, could she accept this reality?

Han Qingyan was more worried than that. She turned her head to look at Han Luoxue, and saw that this heavenly pride girl never put any eyes on the world, her face also looked sad.

"It's dark today, and tomorrow we will go down the hill to look for it." Han Qingyan ordered. She was an elder who had to think about the disciples next to her.

"Uncle, I want to wait for my brother here." When Han Qianer said this, his eyes were red. The bad Qin Wei always liked to make himself happy. Is there no one to make Qianer happy anymore? ?

"Luoxue, hold Qianer back first." Han Qingyan knew that Xuexue had a good relationship with Qianer, so she let Luxue take care of her.

"Um." Han Luoxue nodded, then stepped forward to help Han Qianer, and followed everyone back.

"Sister, Qin Wei must be all right, right?" Han Qianer asked with red eyes, even if 10,000 people said that Qin Wei was dead, and only one person said that Qin Wei was alive, then she believed.

"Um." Han Luoxue bit his lip.

Han Qingyan walked at the end of the team, watching Han Luoxue and Qianer's back, could not help but sigh. Is this the woman's life ...