Merry Master In The City

Chapter 172 Miss, are you okay?

Two people, Qin Wei and Liu Su, walked into the cave. This cave is extremely spacious. If you use the house as a metaphor, it is a luxury villa, and there are many private rooms, because Qin Wei found that there is not only one hole in the cave, but many. Caves, for those with choice barriers, will collapse when they see them.

"Brother Qin, where do we sleep?" Liu Su hid behind Qin Wei. Although she was strong, she was just a girl, and she was afraid of the dark and timid. Now she thinks Qin Wei is her backer. It is only him who can believe it.

"Don't be afraid to be with me. It ’s good if you hide behind me." Qin Weiying comforted the catkins with the firelight. He understood the catkins' mood. If he changed to a normal girl, he would fall on the cliff and fall into the water. To be trapped here, it is estimated that it has collapsed long ago. The catkins have been amazing, and have been supported for so long.

"Well, I'm not afraid!" Liu Su smiled, with Brother Qin saying that all her worries were swept away. She felt that the man in front of her felt a sense of security that she had never experienced before. This feeling will make her feel safe and make her blush.

"Good." Qin Wei couldn't help but touched Liu Su's head, the movement was so natural, and Liu Su didn't feel embarrassed.

This action of Qin Wei brought the two people closer together. If they are friends outside the cave, they are now good friends. Qin Wei feels that he will become a catkin's girlfriend soon.

Although Qin Wei lit a bonfire in the cave, due to the large area of ​​the cave, he could not illuminate the cave at all. He could only see the situation around him. For security reasons, he did not plan to go inside, but only at the entrance of the cave. It ’s good to be nearby, so that you can know what ’s going on outside, in case someone saves you, of course, it ’s just Qin Wei ’s whimsical.

"Brother Qin? What are you thinking about?" Liu Su asked Qin Wei looking at him in a daze.

"It's nothing, just thinking where we sleep." Qin Wei said, the ground is very cold. If it's okay to be a man, what about catkins?

"If you have anything to think about, just sleep on the ground." Liu Su said disapprovingly: "When I was returning to the Spring Gate, I went to the mountains to pick medicines and slept in the wild, but there was nothing to worry about overnight."

"Let you such a weak girl sleep underground, I read books [* .net novels will be distressed." Qin Wei smiled deliberately, but what he said was sincere, after all, he is a man who knows compassion and loves jade, and does whatever No one can bear it.

"Brother Qin, you are so bad!" Liu Su said with a reddish face, she bowed her head and was very shy, just like a flower with buds.

Am I broken? When you have n’t seen me really bad, Qin Wei looked at Liu Su with a smile. Men are not bad, women do n’t love, and Qin Wei doesn't justify.

"Xiu Su, you are waiting for me here, I will pick some wood outside." Qin Wei said.

"Brother Qin, I'll go with you." Liu Suxiao said that she would be afraid in the cave alone, so she would rather be a porter with Qin Wei herself.

"Why, you're scared?" Qin Wei said with a smirk. "Who told me just now that he was afraid of everything?"

"Hate, why do you always grab someone's tail?" Liu Sujiao yelled. This elder brother Qin is really so, some words are clear in his heart, why should I say it.

Qin Wei took catkins to go outside the cave and took the wood in. Although it is the bottom of the valley, there is a lot of wood and a lot of hay. Qin Wei took them into the cave and simply laid a bed to prevent moisture and heat. .

"Catkins, just sleep on it at night." Qin Wei said, he just tried a thickness just not to catch cold, and the hay such as hay is longer and warmer.

"What about Brother Qin?" Liu Su asked curiously. There was only enough hay outside to sleep on it. Where did Qin Wei sleep? Brother Qin had injuries and couldn't get cold.

It seems that she is quite concerned about herself. Finally, Qin Wei was thinking in her heart, so she said, "I'm an old man, I can just deal with it overnight. You don't have to worry."

"No!" Liu Su interrupted immediately before listening to Qin Wei's words, and said, "Brother Qin, you can't make any mistakes if you have injuries, and how can I bear to let you go outside to sleep."

"So what do you want?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, but he was now curious about Liu Su, what was in her head, wasn't she afraid that there would be something happening in the same room with the boy and the girl?

The catkins squatted down to spread out the hay, and then ran it across the middle of the wood, so a bed turned into a double bunk with her efforts.

Liu Su stood up and clapped his hands, looking at his masterpiece proudly: "Brother Qin, that's all right, I sleep on the left, you sleep on the right, no one is allowed to cross the border!" The wood reminds Qin Wei.

what? Qin Wei looked at the catkins in this move and was very helpless. Can she come up with such a method, Qin Wei was really defeated by her. Does she think that this wood can block her heart like a beast? Catkins are too naive.

"Brother Qin, don't you want to?" Liu Xu asked with wide eyes, she didn't think that much, just thinking about Qin Wei's body.

"Catkins, isn't it good?" Qin Wei was very shy and Qin Wei hesitated. After all, he was a little green and fresh, and there was a flower-like jade mushroom lying beside him.

This elder brother Qin is so generous during the day. Now how can he twist like a girl, and Liu Xuanqi said lamely: "Then you sleep here, I'll sleep outside!"

Really people are also kind, how can you refuse, Liu Su thought in his heart.

"This ..." Qin Wei was speechless. My aunt, did I come back and forth so many times just to make you a comfortable place to sleep, and you have to go outside, can we not do that? ?

Qin Wei didn't want to toss anymore, he was tired and wanted to take a break, so he could only compromise and said, "Okay, can't I listen to you?"

"Hum! Isn't this over?" Liu Su snorted, then went to the hay and lay down.

Liu Su was lying on the left, Qin Wei was lying on the right, and soon Liu Su fell asleep, Qin Wei could only helplessly smile, this girl is really stupid and cute.

This angle of Qin Wei could just look up at the moon outside, and could not help feeling sad.

I do n’t know if they know what it would be like for me to fall down the cliff. Qin Wei thought in his heart, what is now doing for Erren, would he worry for me, is Han Luoxue still cold? Where is the uncle? Still counting me? It's time for Han Nianxing to be happy, no one is causing you trouble.

Qin Wei looked at his thoughts and floated far away. His eyes were full of tenderness. Looking at the bright moon in the sky, Qin Wei thought of a person, Miss, I'm not by your side, are you okay? ...