Merry Master In The City

Chapter 173 My Wedding Dress Is For You!

S city, Castle Peak Villa.

Liu Dongshan and Wang Guizhi were having dinner. At this time, Liu Yihan returned from the outside. She was a little embarrassed and her expression was not very good. Since Qin Wei disappeared, she has not been better.

"Han Han, have you eaten? Come and eat?" Wang Guizhi cared. She knew that Qin Wei was missing, and she knew her daughter's temper. If Qin Wei wasn't retrieved, she might have been depressed.

Liu Yihan shook his head and said, "I'm not hungry, you can eat."

After that, she went upstairs.

"Old Liu, look at your daughter. What can she do if she doesn't eat?" Wang Guizhi was worried and said to Liu Dongshan, her daughter was the mother's heart, and she saw Liu Yihan's appearance, how could she feel well.

"Let's go with her. After a while, you can ask the mother to send the meals hot." Liu Dongshan said, mother loves water, father loves mountains, water is warm, mountains are heavy. Men care about their daughters differently from women.

"Is there no news from Qin Wei?" Wang Guizhi asked, all of which have been missing for more than ten days. Liu Dongshan did all these things within the male lead and the female lead.

Liu Dongshan shook his head and said, "Nowhere has Qin Wei been found."

After hearing this, Wang Guizhi hesitated and asked, "Are you still alive?"

Liu Dongshan stopped the chopsticks and sighed, "I don't know." He really didn't know. Liu Dongshan had asked all his friends to help find out, and asked his assistant to ask someone to look for it, but there were still some clues. No, people have searched even under the Qingshan Highway. There is still no Qin Wei's news.

"Do you know who did it?" Wang Guizhi asked, sure to find the killer! Who is so bad, the victim daughter is now like this.

"Who do you think did it?" Liu Dongshan asked.

"Will I ask you if I know?" Wang Guizhi reluctantly said that she was just a daughter. How could she have so many ideas, she would be at home everyday without contacting the company, how would she know.

Liu Dongshan sighed and swallowed back what he wanted to say. He also wondered who actually started Qin Wei. The two most likely people were Duan Qi and He Mu. Duan Qi was purely for Qin. Wei, that He Mu is for Yi Han, but he is only guessing, but he has begun to watch out for He Mu. Reading books

Liu Yihan returned to his room, sitting on the window sill and looking outside. She had been holding hope for more than ten days. She believed that Qin Wei was still alive, and she believed that Qin Wei would return to her one day.

When Qin Wei wasn't missing, although Liu Yihan didn't say anything, her happiest day was fighting with Qin Wei in the company. Now Qin Wei is missing. She is a machine in the company. nothing.

When she returned home, she locked herself up. She had lost a lot of weight in the past ten days. People learned how to cherish it after losing it. Now Liu Yihan has realized it deeply. Liu Yihan looks at the moon in the sky as if he saw Qin Wei's face, with a smile on his lips, looked at himself.

"It's still so bad." Liu Yihan said to himself, just a bit bitter.

Just then, Liu Yihan's cell phone rang and she looked at the call. What was Mu Mu? What did he call so late?

"Hello?" Liu Yihan pressed the answer key.

"Yihan, are you okay?" He Mu asked on the phone with concern, the concern was real, but the rest was acting, he knew that at this time Liu Yihan needed comfort most, if he could grasp it Taking advantage of this opportunity, he firmly believed that Liu Yihan would forget Qin Wei.

"It's okay." Liu Yihan said lightly, and she could hear her attitude from the words. She always had such an attitude towards men other than Qin Wei, bland.

"If you go on like this, it's bad for your body, it's bad for your body. If you want to come out and relax, I will accompany you." He Mu worried, if Liu Yihan came out at this time, then he would have the opportunity to show himself, according to his character, He would definitely say that Qin Wei was dead, and Liu Yihan was completely disheartened.

"No," Liu Yihan said directly.

"That ..." He Mu had changed his expression on the other end of the phone. His face was very bad. He Mu hadn't thought about it, it had been more than ten days, and Liu Yihan was still indifferent to himself.

"If it's okay, I'll rest." After that, Liu Yihan hung up the phone without any delay.

"Little aunt?"

Just then, the door was opened and Liu Xuner came in and shouted softly.

"Huh?" Liu Yihan turned his head when he heard it, and saw Liu Xun'er holding a Pooh bear in his hand, leaping towards himself, Liu Yihan suddenly felt that if she was her, it would be so good that she would not grow up. There won't be so many troubles.

"Why don't you eat, aunt Aunt?" Liu Xun'er asked Liu Yihan's hand, and she was ordered by Wang Guizhi to come to be a lobbyist and let a child persuade. There was no other way.

"Aunt is not hungry." Liu Yihan touched Xun Er's head.

"You lied!" Liu Xun'er beaked his mouth, very angry, and seemed to be dissatisfied with Liu Yihan's answer.

"How did I lie?" Liu Yihan asked.

"You're not hungry, you're worried about your uncle!" Although Liu Xun'er was a small child, he caught sight of it and immediately expressed Liu Yihan's voice.

"Well," Liu Xun'er couldn't help sighing. "Ask what is love in the world, it's called life and death." I don't know where she heard this little clever ghost.

Liu Yihan just smiled and didn't speak. She was right. She was really worried about Qin Wei. Xun Er was just a child. How could she say such a thing? It must be that the mother was uneasy and let Xun Er take a look. Liu Yihan touched Xun Er's head and thought.

"Auntie, will you always wait for your uncle?" Liu Xun'er asked with a wink, she didn't know why Qin Wei disappeared. In her consciousness, Qin Wei just didn't say hello and ran out, adults' world She doesn't understand.

"Yes!" Liu Yihan said without hesitation, she believed that Qin Wei would not leave herself, he was the only man he was motivated to, and she would wait forever no matter what the result was.

"That little aunt needn't worry about me!" At this time, Liu Xun'er grinned and laughed.

"Why?" Liu Yihan asked curiously.

"Because you are here to wait, my uncle will be back!" Liu Xun'er said excitedly, thinking of Qin Wei's return and having someone play with her, she was very happy.

Liu Yihan smiled slightly. This was the first time she smiled in more than ten days. I didn't expect to comfort her as a child, which made her feel a little funny, but Xun Er was right, as long as she waited here, She believes that Qin Wei will come back one day.

Liu Yihan once told Qin Wei that the dress she wore during the engagement ceremony was designed by herself, but what she didn't tell Qin Wei is that my wedding dress will be reserved for you ...