Merry Master In The City

Chapter 174 Han Luoxue is angry!

The next morning, the elder of Changshengmen took his disciples to the cliff. Although Han Nianxing didn't speak, he was still worried. According to Qing Yan, Qin Wei was likely to fall off the cliff. It is 100 meters, at least tens of meters. Once it falls, it must die.

Han Nianxing is also reflecting on himself. If he does not force Qin Wei into the Changsheng Gate, he is still the company manager, laughing and scolding with his young lady, living a carefree life, and staying away from the grievances, Will disappear now, or even lose his life.

"Brother, this is it." Han Qingyan brought Han Nianxing to the cliff.

"Yinxian Cliff?" Han Nianxing frowned. He hadn't been here for more than 20 years. There are too many stories in this place, which he didn't want to remember.

"Why haven't I heard of the first-line cliff?" Han Qingyan curiously said. It stands to reason that she knew the size of the Changsheng Mountain, but never heard of this cliff.

"This is a weird cliff." Han Nianxing pointed to the cliff and said, "Qing Yan, look, the width between the two cliffs in front of our eyes is very wide, but it will become narrower and narrower as we slowly descend. No one knows what it will be like, but when it reaches the bottom of the cliff, the width will be the same as on the cliff. "

"Have you ever been down?" Han Qingyan then asked. It was the first time she had heard of such a weird cliff. If it had not been followed by Qin Wei's footprints, she might not have known this place for a lifetime.

Han Nianxing shook his head and looked at the endless cliff edge: "I haven't been down, and I have heard the origin of this cliff from Master's mouth."

Master Han Nianxing received only five disciples in his life. Master Han Fengya died in the battle 20 years ago. Han Changsheng was poisoned and lethargic. Han Qingyan was the youngest disciple. In the martial arts battle 20 years ago, several brothers Distressed her and did not let her participate in the dispute. At that time, she was only a teenager and had long forgotten.

"Have anyone gone down that door?" Han Qingyan asked. If anyone had gone down, he could ask for it to understand the situation below.

"There should be no one, even if there is, it is estimated to be trapped below." Han Nianxing sighed, he really regretted it now, and Qin Wei had no hope of surviving this fall.

"Second Master, you must find a way to save Brother!" Han Qianer got out of the crowd and she ran away. Han Qingyan knew that she was worried about Qin Wei, so she did not take her to the cliff. She ignored her safety alone. , Through the beast forest, is to inquire about Qin Wei's news!

"Qan Er, why are you here?" Han Qingyan cared, and she was also for the sake of her, and she was afraid of her grief. Han Qingyan knew Qian Er. She was simple and kind. She always contacted her brothers in the door. Qin Wei It was the first outside man she had contacted. It was normal to feel special. I was afraid that she would like this emotion in this silly girl.

Han Qingyan doesn't want to destroy Qianer with a love letter. She has seen too much of this kind of thing. The love is ruthless. The knife is stabbing to the heart. It also makes you have no power to read / book network science fiction. Bound life.

"Uncle, brother will be all right, right?" Han Qianer asked anxiously, her eyes were slightly swollen, and she seemed to have cried last night.

Han Qingyan wanted to say yes, but the reality is that she didn't know whether Qin Wei was alive or dead. Would she have to make up a lie to fool Qianer? A lie requires countless lies to round, it is too tired.

"Qian Er, Qin Wei is dead, you don't have to imagine it!" At this moment, Han Shengwu ran from behind, Han Mori made him think behind closed doors, he ran out secretly and wanted to see him, but he didn't expect him to steal. Running into the beast forest, he was worried about Qianer, so he followed.

"You jerk! There is a face running! If not for you, how could Qin Wei enter the beast forest? Can he fall off the cliff?" Han Daxi slapped a fan on Han Shengwu's face. He is the law enforcement elder of Changshengmen. All disciples will be punished if they violate the rules, and Han Shengwu is no exception!

"Master! I did not force Qin Wei to enter the beast forest, nor did he let him jump off the cliff!" Han Shengwu loudly explained for himself, knowing that if Han Qianer at this time determined that Qin Wei's cliff was caused by herself, then she would never forgive herself .


Han Dadao slapped his hands on Han Shengwu's face again, and said angrily, "You dare to quibble! I asked Han Sheng last night. It was Qin Wei who you asked Han Sheng to chase. You also said Qin Wei was Traitor! Right! "

"He was a traitor! He used the skills I haven't seen. What isn't a traitor?" Although Han Shengwu was afraid of Master, he was also a personal disciple. In front of so many disciples, Master slaps and slaps a fan. My face is gone.

Hearing Han Shengwu's lip service, Han morality became even more angry. In his life, he was bright and straightforward. He did not even educate an apprentice. Fortunately, this is Changsheng Mountain. If it is outside? Where do you put your reputation!

"You ignorant child! Are the martial arts you haven't seen come from other martial arts? Qin Wei used the imperial sword broken magic passed down by your second division uncle!" Han Daxi didn't want to say it, but in a hurry he blurted out. He was already confused.

what? !! Royal sword breaking magic? !!

Han Nianxing actually passed on his peerless martial arts to Qin Wei? So that day he used the Royal Sword Breaker? !! If Han Shengwu's brain was worn by a sharp sword, he wronged Qin Wei? But how about that, when things have reached this stage, they will not admit it! Everything will be said when the master comes back.

Ershibo really passed on Qin Wei what he learned in his life? Also stunned was Han Luoxue, who was standing aside, but unfortunately it was useless to learn, that bastard was no longer there ...

Listening to the disputes in the door, Han Nianxing could not stand still when he was in a good mood. He turned around and said, "Moral, you send a few disciples who are good at work, take the rope and take a look at the cliff, no matter what the result is To see people live, to see dead bodies! "This is Han Nianxing's respect for Qin Wei.

"Yes, brother!" Han Dali promised, and he was guilty of Han Nianxing and Qin Wei. The safety of Qin Wei was related to the safety of Changshengmen. The strange thing was that he hadn't educated Han Shengwu. he! Han Dadao glanced at Han Shengwu.

At this moment, Han Shengwu was frightened. He knew that the Master was really angry. The moral character of Han was the same. The disciples in Dumen had violated the rules of the gate, and he was directly expelled from the martial arts. Worry about your situation.

"Uncle, let me take a look at it." Han Luoxue actually asked for help, which not only surprised the people in the door.

The disciples did not dare to say in plain words that they could only whisper in the following discussion. Sister Luo Xue was usually indifferent to anyone, so why did she care so much about Qin Wei? What is the relationship between the two of them? What if I let the big brother know?

Han Shengwu looked at Han Luoxue, and he already had countermeasures. His brother always liked falling snow, so no one in the door dared to fight the idea of ​​falling snow. If the master comes back and sees that falling snow is so enthusiastic about Qin Wei, it is estimated that he will be angry and red-face of.

"Luoxue, your injury?" Han Qingyan cared, Luoxue had lost all his internal forces to save Qin Wei, and now it would be dangerous to go down the mountain.

"Uncle, rest assured, my internal strength has recovered." Han Luoxue said, since she woke up, Qianer has been giving herself various tonics, and now her internal strength has been restored.

Han Qingyan knows Luo Xue's temperament. No matter what is said, it is useless, so he can only nod and promise. Han Qing Yan knows that falling snow is nothing more than exploring Qin Wei's life and death. If she does not let her go, she will not die .

"Then you have to be careful," Han Qingyan told.

Han Luoxue nodded, then tied a rope around his waist, and slowly walked down the edge of the cliff. The other disciples followed, and they took care of each other. The cliff was really steep, and the walls were extremely hard and very smooth. It's all on the ropes to keep the body balanced.

Han Luoxue is the leader of Changshengmen. She has strong hands and good power, so she can go down very fast and her disciples have been left behind.

Sure enough, Ershi Shi was right here. Han Luoxue said in his heart that this line of cliff is wide and narrow in the middle. Han Luoxue looked down and wanted to find out. She found that under the cliff There is a pool of water. If Qin Wei falls into the water, there should be hope for living.

Han Luoxue wanted to look down, but found that the rope was not long enough to fall. This was already the longest rope in the door. When Han Luoxue hesitated, she found that someone had suddenly come out of the water. That man is Qin Wei!

Han Luoxue visually observed that it was dozens of meters away from here. She wanted to shout loudly, but found that Qin Weizheng was playing with a woman!

Asshole! There are still thoughts and fun with the girl? Then let you make a lot of trouble below!

"All disciples obey orders and quickly return to the cliff!" Han Luoxue took the lead and set out on the cliff.

"Sister, here ..." The disciples looked at each other, why did they go back as soon as they came down?