Merry Master In The City

Chapter 176 Beauty Calls for Help!

Qin Wei and Liu Su simply finished breakfast and planned to enter the cave to find out if there was a way to go out. Although there were food and drink at the bottom of the cliff, as well as beautiful women, this was not a long-term plan. Qin What Wei hopes now is to have a golden light avenue at the other end of the cave to connect the outside world.

But the reality is that Qin Wei was confused by the five cave entrances that extended out of the cave, and he didn't know which one to take.

"Brother Qin, which one are we ahead of?" Liu Su asked, standing beside Qin Wei with her head crooked, and it was clear that she had chosen obstacles. Maybe she had become accustomed to Qin Wei's idea in the past two days.

"They all say that women's sixth sense is very strong. Which one do you think is good?" Qin Wei smiled. He often saw on TV that women felt very accurate about the problem of having an affair with her husband, so Qin Wei was willing to believe in Liu Su. Once, it was a woman after all.

Liu Xu stretched out her fingers, pointing at each of the holes, and then talked loudly in her mouth. I didn't know what she was muttering. It was very cute. Seeing that Qin Wei had no hope of Liu Xu anymore, because what she muttered was choosing.

Woman, it turned out that her hair was long and short-sighted, and the chain fell off at a critical moment. Qin Wei thought in his heart that he can now just let it go.

After a series of thought struggles, Liu Su finally pointed his finger at the hole on the far left and said, "Brother Qin, let's take this first!"

"Are you sure?" Qin Wei half-believed and doubted, if there was an exit, it would be best, if not, he would return to the next hole.

"Okay!" Liu Su blinked her eyes, her face was innocent, but she just went in and looked at it. How did it feel that Brother Qin seemed to be under a lot of pressure? In order to relax Qin Wei, Liu Su gently patted Qin Wei On the shoulder, he smiled and said, "Brother Qin rest assured that following me will not be wrong. The cave entrance must be the exit!"

In the two days he met with Qin Wei, Liu Su's attitude was skeptical and hesitant from the beginning, and now he can easily joke with himself, which has to be said to be an improvement. Qin Wei didn't know that Liu Su really regarded him as a friend and was also his first friend.

"It doesn't matter if you don't choose it anyway, it's a big deal to start again." Qin Wei shrugged indifferently.

"Since it's so casual, what else do you want me to choose? It's better to just choose one." Liu Su waved his fist and protested, hum, this brother Qin is really getting worse, so don't go to him in the future. When it happened.

"Seeing you are so cute, I want to tease you." Qin Wei said with a smile on his hip, with a mean look. He squatted down, picked up a stone from the ground, and went into the cave.

Liu Su followed him, and she was curious why Qin Wei picked up the stones, so she asked, "Brother Qin, what do you do to pick up the stones?"

"Used as a marker to prevent getting lost." Qin Wei finished holding the stone in his hand and walking along the wall, and traces of friction appeared on the wall, so that if he got lost, he could return to the same way according to the mark. This trick He is drawing from Han Qingyan's Peach Blossom Forest.

Although Qin Wei had the ability to never forget, but Tao Hualin taught him, he didn't want to try it here!

Liu Su looked at Qin Wei in front of him. He felt that although he sometimes talked badly, he was very serious in doing things. His heart was very thin. He did not think of a girl as important as her. Liu Su Admire Qin Wei again in my heart.

The cave approached by Qin Wei is not like the outside entrance, because it is far away from the light, so it is getting darker and darker, and it is impossible to see the surroundings. It is only occasionally heard the sound of dripping water. It is not as flat as the entrance, and there are some potholes.

"Brother Qin, it's so dark here." Liu Su followed carefully behind Qin Wei. She was always pulling Qin Wei's clothes because she was scared. What she was most afraid of now was where she suddenly came out of the beast. Liu Su stared at her. Never dare to relax.

Qin Wei is not a girl, so she is not afraid of darkness. Since she has already arrived here, there is no reason to go back. Moreover, although the place is dark and wet, the road is still straight, so you do n’t have to worry about getting lost, just keep going.

"Brother Qin, when are we going to go like this?" Liu Su grabbed Qin Wei's clothes and asked nervously, she is now completely in a dark world, she can't see around, can't see Qin Wei's face, she Very insecure.

"Hold on, there will always be an end to this cave." Qin Wei believes that this mountain cannot be infinitely wide. It always has an end, and that end is his hope of leaving the bottom of the cliff.

"What if it's a dead end?" Although Liu Su also wanted to go out, she was afraid that the higher the expectations, the more disappointed.

Qin Wei knew that Liu Su was worried that there was no way out. He suddenly held Liu Su's hand and said, "Then we will start again from the beginning, and I don't believe that there is no way out of these five holes!" Qin Wei's sullen temper came up, Then all five cows will not be able to pull back. The roads are all coming out and the methods are all figured out. He doesn't believe he will be trapped here.

Although Liu Su can't see Qin Wei's face now, she can imagine that when Qin Wei said these words, her face was firm. Liu Su thanked Qin Wei. When he was confused, he could give himself hope. She didn't know where to go, but she believed in Qin Wei, so she was willing to follow him.

"Brother Qin, look ahead!" Suddenly, Liu Su shouted with great joy, her echoes could be heard throughout the cave.

Why are you so excited? Qin Wei thought and looked forward, and saw a faint light shining from the front. There were gables all around, how could there be light? Is there an exit ahead? Qin Wei thought he couldn't help feeling a little excited here, and he couldn't hide his joy.

"I'm saved now!"

Qin Wei was so excited that he forgot about it. He hugged Liu Su and shouted happily: "We have finally been saved!" The echo of Lao Yuan was not a voice, but Qin Wei's hope.

Liu Su did not expect that Qin Wei would hug herself. She was very shy. She did not expect that Qin Wei's arms would be so warm, which made her obsessed.

Liu Su is now excited and excited inside, and if she finds the exit, she can go out and rush back to the door to rescue Master!

"Liu Su, come with me!" Qin Wei released Liu Su and took her hand and ran towards the light. Qin Wei thanked God for his care while running, and really let him find a way out. Now he wants to fly over He doesn't want to sleep in the cave, he misses Miss!

"Brother Qin, slow down, I can't keep up with you." Liu Su has worked very hard to follow Qin Wei's footsteps, but it is still a bit laborious, the light is getting stronger and stronger. The back of the light is like hope.

Qin Wei is getting faster and faster because he can't wait. When he runs to the place with the strongest light, he is instantly sluggish! There is no joy just now!

I rely! Is there anything wrong! Would you like to play with me like this! Qin Wei looked at the five cave entrances in front of him and collapsed instantly!

Sure enough, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, and ran over with joy. I didn't expect that the result would be like this. I still couldn't find a way out. The light above his head shone on Qin Wei's face, and he looked very lonely at this time.

When the catkins rushed in after seeing the sight in front of them, they looked incredible, how could this happen? How come there are so many caves? Is this a maze?

"Where is this cave? There is a cave in it!" Qin Wei sat on the ground and was depressed. He now really felt the magic of nature, so amazing, no wonder that there is no cave, who can believe that there are caves.

"Brother Qin, don't be discouraged, even if you are trapped here, and I will accompany you." Liu Su walked to Qin Wei, blinked his eyes and smiled to comfort him. Liu Su knew that what he could do now was to make Qin Wei happy Don't be discouraged.

"Xiu Su, you are so good." Qin Wei heard Liu Su's words, and a warm current surged in his heart. He did not expect this daughter who was afraid of the dark, and at this time he would say the words to accompany himself. This is what people often say in his mouth Adversity, Qin Wei was very moved.

Qin Wei thought of jumping up here and shouted, "I don't believe this small cave can trap me Qin Wei!" Qin Wei shouted, shook the sound of the cave, what was Lao Tzu saying? It is also a dignified 7-foot man. How can he shrink back when something happens and let a little girl come to comfort me!

"This is the elder brother Qin I know!" Liu Su saw Qin Wei restored his confidence and rejoiced. It seemed that his comfort was still effective.

Qin Wei touched Liu Su's head and said, "Thank you for the words that just inspired me. Brother Qin will definitely take you out of this broken place!"

"Well! I believe Brother Qin!" Liu Su nodded eagerly, looking serious and cute.

Liu Xu looked at the five openings in front and asked Qin Wei, "Brother Qin, which one shall we take next?"

"According to what you said earlier, take the leftmost one!" Qin Wei said suddenly, since he chose the left one at the beginning, he went all the way, even if it was a dead end, with catkins accompanying him, Qin Wei never feared! ,

Qin Wei took Liu Su's hand, and the two of them stepped into the cave together. Because of the light, he finally saw the surrounding scene. The serial cave is high, but the width is narrow and only two people can pass through. The wall is very smooth. It seems that there are few winds and rains, and even the road is very flat. Originally, Dongtian said here. Qin Wei now finally understands the meaning of the cave name.

Qin Wei and Liu Su walked side by side in this narrow cave. The two were close together and getting closer and closer to the light. From time to time, Liu Su looked up at Qin Wei's face. She felt that Brother Qin was serious. He looks so handsome. Suddenly, Liu Su's heartbeat speeds up inexplicably ...

The closer to the light, the narrower the cave becomes, the more spacious it is. Is this really the exit of the cave? Qin Wei couldn't bear the joy and had to speed up his pace, getting closer and closer to the hole, Qin Wei's heart beat more and more, he hoped that when he appeared at the hole, he could see the way out!

Qin Wei was dumbfounded when he finally reached the entrance of the cave and opened his arms to welcome the sun, because he found that he was hanging now! Steep! wall!

Qin Wei's heart was defeated again by reality! Collapse in an instant!

"Ah! Brother Qin come and save me!"

Just then, the catkins behind him suddenly screamed!

"What happened to catkins!" Qin Wei turned and asked.

"Brother Qin, look at it!" Liu Su looked panicked, her eyes wide, her face scared, and pointed to the side of the cave.

Qin Wei looked in the direction pointed by Liu Su, and his scalp became numb instantly! Because he saw a pile of bones!