Merry Master In The City

Chapter 178: Taking a Bath? !!

"I'm not free. I'm free. Sad and sad. I shed tears ~"

Although Liu Su and Qin Wei did not find a way out during this trip, Qin Wei was in a good mood and still humming the song. After all, he also earned a flying knife, who wanted it for nothing, but then again, this flying knife is blunt There is no difference between it and scrap iron, even if you hold it, you can't do much.

"Wipe! That man was so stingy, buried him, so he gave himself such a broken flying knife." Qin Wei sat on the ground with a flying knife and muttered, according to the plot in the movie, even if he used the flying knife to thank him. That should also be a peerless flying knife. What's the matter of giving a broken copper and iron? Qin Wei is such a person.

Liu Xu looked at his clever calculations and couldn't help but count down: "Brother Qin, you can be content. This is not on it, it's good to have something." Liu Xu said with a finger on his finger. , Meaning that Qin Wei was trapped here, how could he not be satisfied.

"Cut, you little girl, what do you know?" Qin Wei gave a glance at catkins. It seems that if I do n’t show some majesty, even your little girl dare to count me, Qin Wei leaned on the cave, very bored.

"Brother Qin, don't call me a little girl, I'm already very shy." Liu Xu corrected Qin Wei with a smile. She didn't want Qin Wei to treat herself as a child. She hoped that Qin Wei could see herself as an adult.

"Big? Where is it big?" Qin Wei heard Liu Xu's words, and immediately came up to look at Liu Xu's chest. He was busy looking for an exit these days, but he didn't tease her. The nature of the satyr was restored.

"Big?" Liu Xu was still muttering in his heart. What was Brother Qin watching? So she lowered her head along Qin Wei's eyes, and immediately reacted, her face flushed instantly.

"Brother Qin, you are so bad! Ignore you!" Liu Sujiao whispered, and ran out until she ran out of the cave, her heart still pounding.

Qin Wei looked at Liu Xu's figure, and couldn't help laughing, but he regretted it afterwards, and he was alone in this cave. He finally got angry with her!

"Ah! It's so boring!" Qin Wei was screaming. He would choke himself. No, he must find something to do for himself. Qin Wei thought in his heart, yes! The old man taught me the magic sword breaking magic, I only practiced the first layer of the first layer, these two days catkins to eat endogenous Dan, Qin Wei obviously felt that the internal force in his body is stronger than the original.

The first layer of Yu Jian breaking the magic sword gas has already met, and the second layer is the gasification gas. Now that she has sufficient internal strength, why not practice while taking advantage of it? Ok, deal! Qin Wei thought in his heart.

Qin Wei sat cross-legged, arms around the ring, about a foot apart, luck from Renmai to the middle of the left, to the left shoulder, to the left hand, to the right hand, to the right shoulder, back to the middle, repeat this, and then reverse After taking Qi from Zhongdantian to Xiadantian, holding his fists in front of his abdomen with his hands, for a moment, Dantian was full of qi, and Qin Wei felt that his whole body was unobstructed at this time.

Qin Wei looked down and almost scared himself, and saw that the air mass between his hands was more than a circle larger than the last time. It seems that his internal force has increased a lot in the past few days.

Qin Wei stretched out his right fist, his fingers spread out suddenly, and he was stunned. He shot it through his fingers and shot it on the mountain wall. He heard a clang and a few holes were punched in the mountain wall.

I rub! Qin Wei couldn't help but marvel, this mountain wall is [/ 看书 网] ^ The martial arts is much harder than the rockery in the training ground, and I can make holes on my own. It seems that I am indeed a martial arts wizard. Yes, now Qin Wei ’s sword qi has reached the second level. With gasification qi, when using the royal sword to break the magic, there is no need to think about it.

I don't know if I can play Han Shengwu now. Qin Wei thought in his heart that when I go up, I must let him taste the taste of falling cliffs!

"Brother Qin, come and see!"

When Qin Wei was worried about how to clean up Han Shengwu, Liu Su hurriedly ran in from the outside, and Qin Wei knew by looking at her expression that nothing was going to happen.

"Brother Qin, come with me soon!" Liu Su entered the cave, and he ran outside of the cave, pulling Qin Wei apart.

"What's the matter with you? So anxious." Qin Wei was pulled and could only follow her.

"Look!" Liu Su pulled Qin Wei to the side of the cave, pointing to the deep forest road opposite, and she looked nervous as if she saw some monster.

Qin Wei raised his eyes and looked into the deep forest, and his scalp was numb again! The hairs stand upside down again! Qin Wei was so frightened that he couldn't open his mouth. I saw a black bear on the other side of the deep forest. He seemed to be looking for something. He stood up and could clearly see the crescent-shaped white spots on his chest.

Let me go! Isn't this the black bear who chased himself down the cliff on the mountain! Qin Wei wiped his eyes to make sure he was not mistaken! How could it be here! How did it come down? Is it also a cliff?

Qin Wei shook his head, hurriedly denied his thoughts, and slept very lightly. If he fell into the water, he would surely hear it, that is, it came down from the deep forest.

"Brother Qin, what's wrong with you?" Liu Su looked at Qin Wei's look a little bit wrong, and immediately asked.

Qin Wei pointed at the black bear, without the hippie smile of the past, but with a serious face: "This is the black bear who chased me down the cliff."

"Ah ?! Then you are not very dangerous now." Liu Su was surprised, did not this bear come to Qin Wei? The bear stood up and said it was two meters high. Where would an ordinary person be its opponent?

Qin Wei shook his head and had a smile on his face. The corners of his mouth were about to reach the ears, and Liu Su couldn't figure out what time it was. Qin Wei could still laugh.

"Brother Qin, what are you laughing at?" Liu Su patted Qin Wei's shoulders to prevent him from laughing and being heard by the beasts on the other side. She often goes in and out of the mountains to collect medicines, so she still knows about bear habits Although he is bulky, his hearing and smell are extremely sensitive, and if he hears it, it will be miserable.

Qin Wei smiled and touched Liu Su's head and said, "Stupid girl, we have been saved."

"Are you saved?" Liu Su asked, what could be saved? Suddenly, her eyes flowed and she suddenly realized: "Brother Qin, do you mean we can leave this place?" Liu Su full of joy asked, although Liu Su was very happy with Qin Wei these days, but she always reminded herself, Don't forget the purpose of your coming, just to get the longevity grass to master.

Qin Wei pointed at the black bear on the opposite side and planned to tell Liu Su what he thought, and said in her ear: "This black bear was under the cliff two days ago, but now it is at the bottom of the cliff. I can be sure it is not Fall down the cliff, then guess how it came down. "

Qin Wei threw the problem to Liu Su, and as long as she figured it out, she knew what she was talking about.

Liu Su lowered her head and thought for a moment, then suddenly a thought flashed in her head, so she raised her head and said, "You mean, this bear came down by itself? That is to say, there must be a road in the deep forest that leads to the cliff ? "

"Bingo!" Qin Wei slammed and said, "As long as we follow the footprints of the black bear, we will definitely be able to return to the mountain." Qin Wei felt that his reasoning was too stubborn, but he still has to thank the bear. It's not that he came here, I'm afraid I'll be trapped to the bottom of my life forever.

"Sure enough, animals are smart enough to find such a strange way." Liu Su couldn't help but sigh. She often heard the elders in the door say that the beasts in the mountains are spiritual, and those that ordinary people can't find often find them. Seeing it today is not bad.


I rub! I managed to figure it out by myself. This little girl actually boasted that the beast was clever. Am I not even as good as the beast? Qin Wei complained in his heart.

"Brother Qin, when can we leave here?" Liu Su held Qin Wei's arm and waved his fist excitedly.

"When the black bear is gone, we will go out." Qin Wei said, and he wanted to leave this place quickly.

"That's great!" Liu Su couldn't conceal his inner joy with his hands and palms.

Qin Wei looked at Liu Su with a look of excitement, and suddenly asked, "You want to leave here that way?" If Qin Wei remembered correctly, Liu Su should go back to the door to rescue the master after leaving the cliff, and the two of them will They parted ways, thinking that Qin Wei was a little bit reluctant.

"Yeah! You can save Master!" Liu Su said happily. Master was always the first in her life.

When she heard Liu Su's words, Qin Wei felt a little lost in her heart. It seemed to her that she was just a passenger.

Suddenly Catkin's face faded, his head bowed, and he wasn't talking, his mood dropped instantly.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wei cared. He was fine just now. Why is he so lost now?

Liu Su raised his head and looked at Qin Wei, with a bit of perseverance in his eyes, and said, "Brother Qin, we have gone out, will we not see it in the future?" Liu Su was stunned by the joy of leaving soon, now I remembered that if she left, she would probably never see Qin Wei again. She didn't know what it was like, but she was very reluctant.

"Stupid girl." Qin Wei sighed and touched Liu Su's head with a smile. "I'm in this Changsheng Mountain. If you miss me, you can come and see me."

Qin Wei can only lie a good-faith lie now. He doesn't know if he will be in Changsheng Mountain in the future. His fall on the cliff has made him have some views on the Changsheng Gate. Maybe when he goes up, he will bring the young lady Guiyin, but he believes that he and Liu Su will meet each other naturally.

"Well, then I come to Changsheng Mountain to collect medicine every year!" Liu Su nodded, and there was light in his eyes.

Qin Wei smiled. He thought the catkins were cute and silly and cute. Such a girl should have a good man to hurt.

Just then, the black bear gave a roar, and walked to the edge of the pool and jumped in.

I rub! Animals bathe? This is Qin Wei's first thought. After taking a shower and sleeping? How like people!

go to bed? !! Qin Wei's brain seemed to be penetrated by an arrow, so he said, "Liu Su, do you have a sleeping pill?"