Merry Master In The City

Chapter 179: Escape From The Bottom Of The Cliff

Sleeping pills? What does this good medicine do? Liu Su did not understand why Qin Wei asked for sleeping pills.

"I don't have sleeping pills." Liu Su shook her head and apologized. She learned ancient medicine, so she didn't have sleeping pills at all.

I did n’t even have a sleeping pill. Qin Wei patted his brain in a panic to keep himself awake, and then asked: “Are you like a narcotic, just taking it makes you sleepy? of."

Qin Wei blinked at Liu Su after speaking. Now don't tell me that you don't. I have already lowered the standard. Whatever it is, as long as it allows people to sleep.

"Then I have anaesthesia!" Liu Su smiled and patted his cloth bag. This anaesthesia is the most basic anesthetic. When someone in the door is injured and needs surgery, he will use anesthesia to anesthetize the patient, thereby reducing pain.

"Give me!" Qin Wei could not refuse.

"Huh!" Liu Su took out a small medicine bag from the cloth bag and handed it to Qin Wei. This anesthetic powder was not a valuable medicine.

Qin Wei took it for a moment, feeling a lot of weight, so he asked: "catkins, how much do you think the animal can be lethargic?"

"Brother Qin, you?" Liu Su was surprised. It turned out that he wanted to anesthetize the black bear, but he hadn't tried it, and he just shook his head. It seemed that he couldn't help.

Seeing Liu Xu's appearance, Qin Wei guessed that she didn't know, so she asked: "How much anesthesia is used by ordinary people?"

"Half a bag is enough." Liu Su said, this is her practice, so it can't be wrong.

"Then how many packs do you have?" Qin Wei asked. People are humans, and beasts are beasts. The resistance of beasts is much stronger than people. It is estimated that one pack will not faint, and take a few more packs.

"There are still two bags," Liu Su said.

"Give me all!" Qin Wei said, three bags! I do n’t believe in drunken animals! Qin Wei's mouth smiled proudly, and whenever Qin Wei had any plans, he would laugh like this.

Qin Wei took the three packs of anesthesia and ran to the side. He was busy with his work. According to his understanding, after bathing, he slept, and when he woke up, he ate. Even a human being is an advanced animal, let alone a beast. Qin Wei remembers himself. I caught several fishes last night, and now they can come in handy.

Tell you to drive Laozi down the cliff! Let you chase! Chase your sister! Qin Wei scolded and stuffed three packs of anesthesia into the fish /! Reading) [In the belly of the net rankings, anyway, as long as there is meat, he is full.

"Brother Qin, are you sure you can do this?" Liu Xu walked over and was worried when Qin Weihuo looked anxious.

"Rest assured, I can't play with a beast, so I'm still confused." Qin Wei said as he was busy with the fish in his hand, and did not forget to give Liu Sufei an eye in order to reassure her, Qin Wei said: "Trust me Nothing wrong! The cliff can do that beast! "

"This ..." Liu Su wanted to remind Qin Wei something, but seeing his elated appearance, think about it.

Qin Wei finally finished his work. He looked at his work with pride. Although the appearance of this fish was not different from other fishes, but it was filled with anesthesia. Qin Wei breathed a sigh of relief. He felt that he was very kind and good. Virtue, otherwise he would have asked the catkins for poison.

Qin Wei walked to the cave, peeking out from the wall hiding at the door, and saw the black bear swimming right away. Qin Wei threw the fish out while he wasn't paying attention. He believes that as long as the black bear will go ashore to eat, he will fall asleep when he eats, and he can escape when he falls asleep. This is Qin Wei's plan.

The black bear seemed to hear something. It swam to the shore and landed on the shore, and then watched vigilantly, no species could be found, and then shook off the hair on the body. Suddenly the black bear seemed to find the fish on the ground, and then turned towards the fish. Go for it.

This scene was just seen by Qin Wei hiding behind the cave.

"Liu Xu, you see, Brother Qin did not make a mistake." Qin Wei turned his head and said to Liu Xu, he is very proud now, because the plot is exactly according to his script.

"Um." Liu Su echoed behind him, and she didn't dare to loudly get the attention of the black bear.

When Qin Wei saw that Liu Su listened to her words like this, her tail was about to rise to the sky, so she planned to say: "You will wait for Liu Xu to watch a good show."

"The black bear will walk first, turn around the fish twice, sniff it with his nose, eat it with his nose, and then fall down to sleep. At that time, we can run away and take the opportunity!" Qin Wei said and ordered Nodded, a self-affirmation came.

"Um. I believe you Brother Qin!" Liu Su whispered, she thought Qin Wei's plan was pretty good.

"Look, the black bear has passed!" Qin Wei patted Liu Su's shoulder, not wanting her to miss the good show.

That black bear did follow Qin Wei's script. It first walked in front of the fish, walked around twice, then sniffed it with its nose, then put it in his mouth.

Qin Wei patted Liu Xu around him with excitement, and smiled, "How about, I'm right!" Qin Wei is very proud, this feeling of having everything under control is great!

Uh ~! To Qin Wei's surprise, the black bear took the fish in his mouth, and then threw it directly into the water. Only the dead fish were suspended on the water, while the black bear lay on the ground and licked its hair.

I rub! Is this the plan for myself? When was the beast so smart? Qin Wei couldn't believe it, he suddenly realized that the bear only eats living things, not dead fish! Qin Wei patted his forehead and regretted it, how could he forget this!

Liu Su watched Qin Wei's plan fail, covered her mouth and sneered, and finally saw that Brother Qin was out of control.

Qin Wei turned his head, and a sharp look asked in the past: "Did you already know that my plan would fail?"

Liu Su didn't speak, just nodded, covering her mouth, she was afraid she would laugh.

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier?" Qin Wei rolled his eyes. He now wanted to cry without tears. He spent a lot of time on his own, and he was considered busy.

"Brother Qin, don't be discouraged. The way is always people come up with it, but you told me!" Liu Xu patted Qin Wei's shoulder and smiled and cheered Qin Wei.

I never thought that a generation of genius actually lost to a beast, which made me feel embarrassed. Qin Wei leaned against the wall with a right hand and looked up to a 45 ° angle, his face was pale, and his original handsome face had a little decadent beauty. As the saying goes, failure is success His mother! Qin Wei, you can't give up, you are not far away from victory!

"Brother Qin, what shall we do now?" Liu Su dragged Qin Wei's clothes and whispered, and now the black bear is outside, and he can't get out by himself. The back road is a cliff, there is no way to go.

"Wait! I don't believe I am a living person but ca n’t consume a beast!" Qin Wei stretched out his right fist fiercely, and when the big bear fell asleep, let ’s go. Qin Wei knew that it was their only chance. In the cave, they have no chance to escape.

After talking about Qin Wei, he sat on the ground and waited. When he was tired, he stood up and waited. When he was tired, he just sat down. After a few hours, the black bear finally fell asleep.

Qin Wei patted the catkins already asleep next to him, with a smile on his face, and said, "The catkins wake up, we should go ..."