Merry Master In The City

Chapter 180 Dancing with the Bear!

Liu Su slowly opened her eyes and looked sleepy. She did not have the good spirits of Qin Wei to wait for the black bear to sleep. She was too sleepy and fell asleep.

"What happened to Brother Qin?" Liu Su rubbed his eyes and asked blankly, apparently she had forgotten what to run away from. She was like this, leaving important things behind when she slept!

Qin Wei patted Liu Su's face gently to help her sober.

"Xiu Su, wake up, let's run away!" Qin Wei pinched her twice in order to make Liu Su quicker and clearer. This silly girl's face felt really comfortable to the touch, even tenderer than tofu Slippery, Qin Wei thought about a special rotation, so the contact area is larger.

"Brother Qin, can you stop pinching me?" Liu Su crooked her mouth, because her face was torn by Qin Wei, she couldn't speak clearly, she could only be vague and looked extremely cute.

"Sweeping and swallowing." Qin Wei apologized to Liu Su with a smirk, and then retracted his hand. He said sorry in his mouth. In fact, he did so intentionally. Qin Wei wanted to touch Liu Su's face, Bibi. See who's face is smoother and tenderer. After comparison, the catkins are relatively tender. Maybe it is the perennial medical tinkering. Maybe there are secret cosmetics.

Liu Su rubbed his face, but in the heart he slandered Qin Wei, and shouted and shouted me. Why did you pinch my face? It hurts, but I forgive you for the sake of calling me to escape, pure The catkins are so thoughtful everywhere.

Qin Wei suddenly grabbed Liu Xu's hand, then looked at her sincerely, and said earnestly: "Liu Xu, when you run, you must be careful not to wake up the beast, and you must listen to Brother Qin to know What? "

"Eun, Brother Qin, I took it down, you can rest assured!" Liu Su nodded earnestly, nodded hard, and signaled Qin Wei to rest assured that if she had made a mistake, she would probably have Qin Wei is involved, so she will be extra careful.

"Then we will leave now, otherwise the black bear will wake up and ca n’t walk anymore." Qin Wei said earnestly, and now his face was so serious that he could not see a trace of laughter. Qin Wei was such a person, when he broke down You can't wait to kill him, but it's charming when you're serious.

"Are you afraid?" Qin Wei suddenly asked Liu Su's hand, he just wanted to read 'Book :?' Netlist knows this girl, what is thinking at this moment, maybe worrying, maybe there is something else he doesn't know.

To Qin Wei's surprise, Liu Xu's expression was very calm. She just smiled and said, "I'm not scared. I have already experienced such a life of falling down a cliff. What else can I fear?"

Wataru! Can't see that catkin turned out to be a girl from Meng Mei, Qin Wei thought in his heart, no wonder so calm, it turned out to be transparent, Qin Wei took Catkin's hand, and two people walked out of the cave.

The black bear is lying next to the water pond, and the water pond is in the middle of the cliff bottom, so Qin Wei can only choose to walk around the edge of the cliff into the deep forest opposite. Although this is far, it is far away from the black bear and will not wake up to it ,safer.

The black bear slept soundly and made a snoring sound from time to time. Qin Wei was careful every step he took, which was more stimulating than peeking at a beautiful woman taking a bath. Peeping at the bath was caught at most by two slaps. Now if Get caught, it is estimated that Xiao Ming has to get in!

Liu Su followed Qin Wei's toes and proceeded cautiously.

clang! Suddenly the flying knife in Qin Wei's pocket fell to the ground and made a noise!

Lying down! Fuck now! Qin Wei collapsed instantly! Your fucking flying knife doesn't fall off early, but it doesn't fall off at this time, you just want to kill me! Qin Wei stared closely at the black bear near the pool. His heart had already jumped to his throat. If this behemoth of Nima was awakened, he ran a fart and became its mid-course meal!

And the catkins on the side were already wide-eyed and frightened. When she saw the flying knife fell, she wanted to reach out to pick it up, but she was not a martial arts person. The knife had landed before reaching out.

The two men looked at the black bear in unison, and their actions were the same. When they saw that the black bear was still asleep, the hanging hearts of the two men also dropped.

Qin Wei turned around and did not dare to speak, so he could only speak to Liu Su with his mouth, sorry.

Liu Su also patted his chest, and it was okay to answer silently.

Two people are not talking nonsense, they should go out of the cave as soon as possible. The two people followed each other step by step, and after a while they reached the deep forest entrance. The entrance here is almost the same as the entrance to the beast forest, which seems to be the original deep forest. Qin Wei is now Already used to everything that Changsheng Mountain brought to him, he was surprised and happy.

"This is life!" After walking out of the cliff and into the deep forest, Qin Wei was finally relieved. He didn't have to worry about the black bear anymore. In fact, he noticed this deep forest from the first day he fell into the cliff, only Never thought it would lead to the cliff.

"Brother Qin, you really scared me just now." Liu Su took a deep breath before adjusting her state. She was scared after thinking about that scene, but fortunately the black bear didn't wake up.

Qin Wei grinned and cast an apologetic look on Liu Su. It was indeed his fault just now. Qin Wei took the flying knife out of his ass pocket and said, "Nima! You almost killed me. What! "Qin Wei was about to throw away the flying knife. What a shame on this knife.

"Brother Qin!" At this moment, Liu Su suddenly grabbed Qin Wei's arm and said, "Let's stay, after all, it's quite memorable."

"But you saw it just now." Qin Wei said, "This flying knife almost made us two calves!"

"It's because you haven't talked about it yourself, you actually lie on the flying sword." Liu Xu glanced at Qin Wei, and said, Brother Qin can really justify himself. If he is careful, he won't be so embarrassed. Just leave, very chic.

Whoops this chick dare to play with her temper? It seems to be really familiar with myself! Qin Wei glanced at the catkins, glanced at the flying knife, and finally put it in his pocket. I got it with so much effort and it was a pity to throw it away.

The two walked in the deep forest. Qin Wei firmly believed that if he followed the footprints of the black bear, he would be able to go out. Qin Wei carefully looked around. Most of them are bushes. Although there are towering ancient trees, but because they ca n’t see the light, here Branches and leaves are not dense on the cliff.

The catkins came here for the first time. She looked around, hoping to find some exotic grasses, and didn't take her own trip, but the result disappointed her, except for the low bushes and tall old trees. What's up, there are very few animals.

"It's so quiet here, even a small animal can't see." Qin Wei pricked a grass in his mouth, flowing airways, and he walked out of the cliff and he was in a good mood, and his emotions were surging.

When Qin Weigang had just finished saying this, the sounds in the bushes suddenly came, what pangolins, hedgehogs, and various creatures appeared. Qin Wei was too familiar with this scene, so he turned his head subconsciously, and suddenly Scared!

I saw the black bear looking at them both at the deep forest mouth!