Merry Master In The City

Chapter 181 Fight with a Bear!

"Brother Qin, isn't it sleeping, why did it wake up?" Liu Su asked nervously, she held Qin Wei's arm tightly to make herself less scared. Although Liu Su often went up the mountain to collect medicine, she still met the beast. For the first time, how could you not panic!

Qin Wei bit his lip tightly. His surprise was no less than that of catkins. This is the second time Qin Wei has encountered this beast. The last time he had eaten its bitterness and fell into a cliff, will this time become Is it a mid-course meal? Qin Wei dare not imagine.

How the hell did I offend you! Can't you let me go? !! Qin Wei can't wait to kneel down and scratch his head now, why is he staring at me? Is this the legendary bear fate?

"Brother Qin, what should we do now?" Liu Su asked in a panic, and she looked up at Qin Wei, hoping to get an answer from Qin Wei. They are tens of meters away from the black bear. How can they run if they catch up? It ’s been over, you have to think of a way.

"Don't panic, we are in the bushes next to us." Qin Wei pointed to the side. The bushes are dense with trees. Although the road is not easy to walk, the black bear has poor vision and cannot be easily found by it. The only way I can think of now.

"Okay." Liu Su agreed, and then went in with Qin Wei, and now she can only believe that Qin Wei is alone.

Qin Wei took the catkin's hand and got into the bushes. Qin Wei thought that he could avoid the sight of the black bear, but he was so mistaken that the black bear in the deep forest mouth had already found the two of them and stood up. His posture turned to the ground with his four feet, and his mouth roared, chasing Qin Wei!

Although the black bear's vision is not good, but his hearing is extremely sensitive. It can judge the position of Qin Wei from the sounds in the bushes. This black bear seldom requires a few hundred pounds. The flesh running is trembling, and the surrounding hides The animals that got up were so frightened by the black bear and fled around.

"Ma! How can this beast run so fast!" Qin Wei looked back as he ran, and saw that the distance between the black bear and himself was gradually shrinking. Qin Wei still dare to be sloppy, and can only speed up his feet. There is still a chance for a person to escape, but there is catkins behind him. Qin Wei is simply unable to perform his trivial effort. In fact, Qin Wei's level of trivial performance is too poor. If he changed to Han Nianxing, he could easily escape.

"Brother Qin, you are running too fast, I can't keep up with you." Liu Su was pulled by Qin Wei to run together. She has not learned light exercises or internal skills. How can the effort at the foot be compared with Qin Wei, and Liu Su is still A woman who was sweating and panting now.

"Xiu Su, we insist on it for a while, and we are safe to throw it away." Qin Wei also ran out of breath, now he will not show pity. , Book Network 'Free Xiangxi Yuqing, he can't stop! Otherwise it's really gameover!

Since the old saying goes, one bear, two tigers and three wild boars, when a tiger meets a black bear in this old forest in the mountains, we must weigh and weigh, not to mention Qin Wei who has not enough paws to shoot a tiger.

Qin Wei knew that the black bear was tracking himself with his ears, so when he was in a hurry, he pointed with his fingers, and the sword shot out!

Slam! The branches fell to the ground. The black bear immediately stood up and looked around. After seeing no one, he chased forward again. Although it only took a short time of two or three seconds, it also eased Qin Wei's nervousness. It is estimated that Han Nianxing had no dreams. I thought that the unparalleled science passed to Qin Wei would be used for escape.

"Brother Qin, I ... I'm out of energy." Liu Su was out of breath, and where she was running, she was dragged by Qin Wei and had to run. Her strength had already been exhausted, now She just felt that her legs were weak and she didn't listen to them, and this would only drag Qin Wei down.

Qin Wei now only wants to escape, how can he manage the catkins.

"Brother Qin, leave me alone, I can't run anymore." Liu Xu's face was pale and she had done her best. If she could rest for a while, she might be able to persist, but the black bear would give you a break What?

"Shut up!" Qin Wei said angrily after hearing that the woman was in trouble. It was still awkward when it was said, so go out together, how can I leave you halfway, such a beautiful girl to feed What a pity the bear is!

Liu Su knew that Qin Wei was angry now, and she didn't dare to talk much. She could only let her body follow Qin Wei's steps. Her current feeling was that her body was swaying except her own head. It can be seen that Qin Wei ran. How fast.

"Oh." At that moment, catkins suddenly fell.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wei turned and asked quickly.

"Stumped by the wood." The catkins pointed to the wood under their feet, and said with pain, "It should be kicked."

I go? Just kidding? Qin Wei was speechless. When is this time? How could he kick his feet? Qin Wei squatted down and tried to escape with his catkins. I saw Liuxue shaking his head desperately.

"What the fuck are you doing! What time is it, and it's still grinding!" Qin Wei burst out in anger, he looked backwards from time to time, the black bear was getting closer and closer, and he was about to catch up It's up!

"Brother Qin, you don't care about me, you can run it by yourself, I will only affect you." Liu Su pushed Qin Wei's hand in an anxious way, she can't run at all now if Qin Wei runs by herself. Opportunity, but if you carry yourself, then both are over.

"What the hell are you talking about! How can I leave you!" Qin Wei cursed, and now he was not a gentleman. Qin Wei wanted to pull up catkins, but catkins dodged back, not wanting Qin Wei to carry her.

Roar! Just then the black bear gave a squeak, and Liu Su looked back, and saw that it was less than twenty meters away from him.

"Brother Qin, it seems we can only see you again in the next life." As Liu Xu closed her eyes, she would have no regrets if her sacrifice could be exchanged for Qin Wei's survival. After all, her own life was Qin Wei. It should be returned to him now, but I'm sorry Master, I can't wake her up.

What the hell is this time! I still have the heart to say such a thing! Qin Weiqi's anger is furious. If he runs now, catkins will be dead. Qin Wei really can't bear to leave catkins. He can't even imagine the pictures of catkins falling under the black bear's mouth.

Just at the moment of the moment, Qin Wei's mind suddenly flashed a thought, Lao Tzu was a blood demon, and he could not dissolve the seal on his body. Anyway, sooner or later, it would be devoured by the demon blood.

Just do it! Thinking of this, Qin Wei suddenly pushed the catkins into the bushes next to it, where the grass was higher and could hide the catkins' body.

I saw Qin Wei standing still, his hands folded in front of his abdomen, and within a short time he used his internal force to form an air mass!

Seeing Qin Wei not moving, the black bear roared and rushed to Qin Wei!

Qin Wei's eyes did not dare to blink, staring at the black bear, all he was waiting for was this moment! When the black bear rushed at him, Qin Wei blasted the air mass in his hands towards the black bear! This is his hardest time! There is only one chance!

"Brother Qin! What are you doing!" Liu Su shouted lying in the grass. Is Qin Wei going to fight with the black bear? !! How dangerous it is! How could Brother Qin be so reckless! Liu Su wanted to stop Qin Wei, but the pain from her feet prevented her from getting up.

boom! Qin Wei's fist hasn't arrived, but the sword energy has arrived! Directly hit the black bear, I can make a hole in the stone, I don't believe your skin is harder than the stone!

Qin Wei shot this sword gas, and has already punched a small hole in the black bear's body, and the blood was flowing out. Qin Wei has practiced the "Royal Sword" to the second level of the sword gas, and it was shot with internal force, of course. It is stronger than the energy that is condensed by the mind. ,

Howl! The black bear howled and licked his wound and rushed to Qin Wei!

Qin Wei said that time and time later, he got into the bush on the left in an instant. He didn't want the black bear to discover catkins, so he had to lead the bear away!

"Animals! Come after me!" Qin Wei shouted an idea to attract black bears.

Sure enough, the black bear was attracted by Qin Wei and followed him into the bushes!

Brother Qin! Liu Xu looked at Qin Wei's distant figure and broke his heart ...