Merry Master In The City

Chapter 182: Flesh and Blood is Blurred!

Qin Wei got dumbfounded when he got into the bushes. The terrain here is extremely complicated. The trees are dense and luxuriant. It is not easy to escape. In fact, Qin Wei has given up on escape because he knows that no matter how he runs, he cannot run away from this beast. All he had to do was to give catkin more time to get her out of here.

Roar! The black bear had a dull roar in his throat. It had rushed into the bushes because of its huge size and the bushes had been pressed down by it. I can imagine what the consequences would be if these hundreds of catties were pressed on Qin Wei.

The black bear stood up, roaring with his teeth dancing, his mouth snarling from time to time, like a mockery of Qin Wei! Qin Wei never expected that he would be killed by a beast!

Codes! Since I can't run, I'll fight with you! Qin Wei has already put aside life and death. Since Liu Su is not afraid, what is this old man afraid of! Even if you die, you have to remove a piece of meat from this beast!

Black bears are beasts! Where can I tell the truth with Qin Wei! It only knows that Qin Wei is the one who bleeds on him! So it ran to Qin Wei on all fours!

It was said that between now and then, between the electric light fire, Qin Wei suddenly rose up, jumped back, and opened the distance from the black bear! Qin Wei knows that he has a power gap with the Black Bear, so he can only run away first, and then find a chance to deal with it!

"Jiangcheng Feihua!" Qin Wei was in anxiety to use the tricks in "The Sword of the Royal Sword", which is the third layer in the sword energy. The heart means the spirit. The implication is that the mind is conscious, and the internal force will arise. So as to achieve the effect of knocking back the enemy.

I saw Qin Wei's left middle finger and index finger close to the right shoulder, right elbow, and finally to the tip of the hand!

"Let's go!" Qin Wei shouted, and his forefinger shot a sword gas at random. This sword gas was extremely fast. It struck the black bear's ear in the blink of an eye and was penetrated through a hole! Although the bear is rough and thick, it always has weaknesses. For example, many of its bears are not so hard, and Qin Wei also accidentally hit them.

Qin Wei knew that this was a critical moment, but he couldn't help but want to laugh, because the beast's right ear had been punched with a hole, and the two ears were asymmetrical, which was extremely funny.

Hit in one shot! This makes Qin Wei more confident!

It seems that the old man has a good time! Qin Wei was a little proud, knowing that when he was in the cave, he would hurry to practice, or he could cultivate to the second sword strength, so he would have more confidence in dealing with the black bear!

Unknowingly, Qin Wei has already practiced the third skill of Jian Qi, turning his heart into Qi! That's why he dares to be so sad!

"Come! Come and catch me! You little beast!" Qin Wei ha laughed and scolded, and he was afraid of what he had with the unique skill! He dares to come, I'll make a hole and give it a thorough!

Suddenly, Qin Wei felt dark, and at one glance, he saw the black bear jumping towards himself! In such a large area, I have pressed myself into a meat sauce!

"Chaos flying with flowers!" Qin Wei read the sword trick in his mouth, then turned the sleeves of his left hand with his left hand, and looked at the middle finger of the book online game and shot a sword, hitting the black ear's left ear!

Human potential is unlimited, and can be stimulated at the crisis, Qin Wei has already been excited, so you can use the "Sword of the Royal Sword" as you wish!

"Come! If you are not afraid, go on!" Qin Wei was proud, and then extended his fingers to shake it out. Now both bears' ears are pierced, and Qin Wei is bursting with confidence!

I don't believe you dare to come! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart!

The pain from both ears has made the black bear beastly! It was originally a beast! Coupled with his stupid head, he ran directly into Qin Wei! It seems to understand that long-distance can't take Qin Wei's advantage at all.

"I depend! You really come! I'm just kidding you!" Qin Wei panicked, and he ran and ran!

Where does the black bear understand people? Even if he understands it, he won't let Qin Wei go and shoot it directly. Fortunately, Qin Wei runs fast and was not captured, but the clothes were caught by the bear.

I rub! So dangerous! Qin Wei was like a tiger's mouth to escape. This time it completely annoyed the black bear. If Qin Wei now ran into the surrounding woods, he would seek his own way of death, because the light there was extremely dark and he could not see the road under his feet. This battle is unavoidable, even if Qin Wei does not want to fight, the beast will not spare him!

"Brother, I was wrong, you should spare me!" Qin Wei begged for mercy, not to mention the big brother, he was willing to call grandpa!

Qin Wei knew that there was no way back, so he gave it up! With both hands out of force, the two swords went straight to the black bear. Now you can bring down the beast!

The black bear stiffly resisted these two times, because the black bear was very close to Qin Wei, the black bear fell to the ground directly.

Where can Qin Wei resist the power of the Black Bear, he quickly responded after falling to the ground, and immediately turned around and ran away.

Qin Wei only felt a sudden noise in his ear, and then came back the pain of heartbreaking lungs. He didn't have time to look at his injuries. Qin Wei's back was ripped open by a black bear.

Damn it! I fight with you! Qin Wei has lost his mind now! But after all, he is a human, and he remains sober! He knows that his biggest advantage is his dexterity. Although the Black Bear has great strength, he stands up very clumsy, and he has to take advantage of this.

As long as you procrastinate for one more minute, the catkins are one minute less dangerous! Qin Wei reminded himself that he must persist! Even if the powder is broken, you must tear off your beast bone!

The black bear rushed to Qin Wei again. This time he did not dodge. Qin Wei was also thrown down. His shoulders were scratched by the bear's claws. The blood had stained Qin Wei's t-shirt!

The black bear held down Qin Wei, and raised his mouth to bite Qin Wei's head! The power of the black bear is so great that Qin Wei can't break free! He is lying on the ground like a fish, preparing to become a black bear lunch!

The black bear's mouth was getting closer and closer to Qin Wei, and he swallowed Qin Wei's head!

I rub your uncle! Lao Tzu waited for this moment! Although Qin Wei's shoulders were suppressed, his hands could still move. He took out the hidden flying knife and thrust it into the black bear's eyes!

Whoosh! The black bear's mourn rang through the deep forest valley! Miserable! After hearing the hair, people have to raise three points!

Qin Wei's flying knife was inserted into the black bear's eyes. Qin Wei responded very quickly. He suddenly pulled out the flying knife. Instantly, black bear's eyes sprayed blood. These blood blocked his eyes. I can't see the scene in front of me, I can only stand up and shake!

Let you chase me in special! Qin Wei scolded in his heart. He felt the back pain was extremely painful, as if breathing would be followed by pain, but he could not stay here, or he would really hang up when the black bear reacted. Just now he was speculative. I did n’t have that luck once.

Qin Wei now supports himself with a single breath. He must step out of the bush and must see the catkins leave safely before falling. Qin Wei holds a flying knife in his left hand and holds the tree in his right hand toward the path just now. Every time he walked, he was already bloody behind him.

Qin Wei stepped out of the forest, stood in the middle of the path, and looked around to confirm that there was no catkins, so he fell back with confidence ...

"Brother Qin!" At this moment, Liu Su shouted her head from behind a towering ancient tree. She was very worried when she saw Qin Wei lying on the ground and limped towards Qin Wei.


Liu Su went to Qin Wei's side and found that he was covered with blood. He had become a blood man, and could not help screaming. She had no time to think about it, and immediately took out the best hemostatic medicine. Rotten, so the wound was handled well. Liu Su looked for a long time in Qin Wei's chest and found no wound.

She turned Qin Wei over, looking towards Qin Wei's back instantly and stagnation! Tears burst into tears! She saw a large bowl wound on Qin Wei's right shoulder. The flesh was blurred, and the blood was still flowing outward.

Liu Su was very distressed. She gave Qin Wei a hemostatic medicine and she cried while trying to save herself. Brother Qin was injured and blamed herself for being useless. Liu Su was very guilty and blamed.

Liu Su applied the hemostatic medicine to Qin Wei's wound, and then took off the veil of her coat to wrap the wound. She subconsciously put her hand on Qin Wei's nose.

"Not good!" Liu Su suddenly called, Qin Wei's breath is very weak, and coupled with too much blood loss, if he was not treated in time, he would be too late. Now, only the grass in her hand can keep Qin Wei's life! But this growing grass is used to save Master!

Catkins are in a dilemma! She looked at Qin Wei on the ground, her heart was torn a little bit! Brother Qin rescued me twice, I can't disappoint him!

Thinking of this, Liu Su immediately took out the longevity grass and chewed it in his mouth. He opened Qin Wei's mouth with his hands and kissed him ...