Merry Master In The City

Chapter 184: Move Your Sword!

Han Nianxing is second only to the doorkeeper in the Changsheng Gate, and his seniority is very high. No one dares to listen to his words. Several strong disciples immediately stepped forward and carried Qin Wei into the house.

"Brother, it seems that Qin Wei was seriously injured and unconscious." Han Qingyan stood next to Han Nianxing. She didn't expect Qin Wei to return to Changsheng Men in such a embarrassing manner, but how could she be so close to the demon? I would not expect that Qin Wei's injury was caused by beasts.

Han Nianxing nodded his head and frowned. Judging from the degree of bleeding, Qin Wei's injury was not a joke, or he had to be finished, so he had to heal the injury quickly, so he said to Qianer, "Qianer, go to Baicaoge to get the solid yuan. Dan, Jinchuang Yao, Qingyun scattered. "

"Uncle Er, I'll go now." Han Qianer wiped his tears and went to get the medicine right away. Baicao Pavilion is the center of Changshengmen. There are many rare and precious medicines, and no one is allowed to come near. There are disciples on weekdays. The caretaker, because Han Qianer is also proficient in medicine, she often visits Baicao Pavilion, so she knows the decoration inside, and only she can find these medicines as soon as possible.


At this moment, Liu Su suddenly stood out from behind Han Wei. Because Han Wei was tall, she blocked Liu Su, everyone noticed her. Her emerald skirt had been infected by Qin Wei's blood. She The bun was messy and blood was stained on his face and hands.

From the deep forest to the top of the precipice of the road, it was Liu Su who stepped up Qin Wei's back step by step. The weak body was able to carry Qin Wei on such a long mountain path. It must be said that it was a miracle. I am afraid that this weak woman is going to be dizzy.

"Presumptuous! Do we need a hairy girl to teach us the medicine?" Han Daxi suddenly scolded, this is a matter for Changshengmen, where can outsiders interject! Han morality is the elders of law enforcement, how can it tolerate outsiders to interfere in the door.

"Morality, let her go on." Han Nianxing interrupted Han Mori's words. She came back with Qin Wei, and she was a guest. You can't make people think that the longevity door is more deceiving, but looking at her, it should be Knowledgeable people, otherwise they will not block the exit.

Willow shook his head and said, "Brother Qin has already taken Changsheng grass, and he cannot take any medicine in the next twelve hours!" Changsheng grass is a very unique medicine. Will become poison, catkins are also seen in medical books, if you do not stop, you are asking Qin Wei's life!

"Long grass ?!"

"Isn't this a panacea ?! How could she have it?"

The disciples around have been talking a lot. They just heard about it but haven't seen it before, and this long-growing grass only grows once a year. It is extremely rare! After taking it, not only it can save lives but also increase the body's energy. It is a marvelous medicine. The disciples in the door also want to pick it up, but they all return empty-handed!

Everyone was attracted by this woman, even a stunning woman like Han Qingyan, *, look, the book network txtkanshu! Com What she wants to know most is the relationship between Liu Su and Qin Wei in front of her. Han Qing smiled at the corner of her mouth, she felt that she had some gossip.

"Do you know medicine?" Han Nianxing asked immediately.

"I'm a primary school doctor, and I treat Brother Qin's injuries." Liu Su nodded and said, "Let me treat Brother Qin, I know how to save him!"

Liu Su looked at Han Nianxing with an imploring look. Now she doesn't care if Qin Wei is a man of Changshengmen, she just wants to save him! This man who saved himself twice!

"How do you want to save him?" Han Nianxing said, Qin Wei was his apprentice, and he was somewhat worried about giving it to an outsider.

"Surgery!" Liu Su said firmly, she had seen Qin Wei's wound, and a piece of meat was pulled halfway by the bear's claw. She had used the best hemostatic medicine at the bottom of the cliff, because the cliff was not clean and Liu Su did not dare to move The knife must now be sutured immediately.

Han Nianxing looked at the catkins with blood on her face, which made her look light, and hesitated. He didn't know how Qin Wei's injury was made. Can she be an outsider?

"Brother." Han Qingyan walked beside Han Nianxing and glanced at the catkins. "You can let her do it, otherwise she will feel guilty for life."

"Do you believe her?" Han Nianxing asked, looking at his sister.

Han Qingyan touched the jade gourd in his hands, and he was invincible, saying profoundly: "I believe Qin Wei can't escape her relationship with this injury, rest assured, she is not nervous enough. It won't hurt your baby apprentice. "

Han Qingyan deserves to be a demon who is close to the demon. It is also accurate to look at men and women.

"Ready for surgery!" Han Nian walked, and then signaled Liu Su to follow him.

"Thank you!" Liu Su nodded his thanks.

Isn't this the woman playing with Qin Wei at the bottom of the cliff? Han Luoxue looked at Liu Su's figure and bit his lip, and followed him.


In Jade Garden, Qin Wei has been carried to his bed, and catkins are ready to perform surgery on Qin Wei.

"Hot water!" Liu Su shouted. Qin Wei must be cleaned of the wound before the operation.

The catkins sat next to the bed, took out their knives from the cloth bag, the knives were wrapped in cowhide, and opened for a look. They were half a meter long, as large as scissors, and as small as acupuncture. There was everything on the catkins. Wei's t-shirt was cut open, his blood was wiped off with a towel, and the water was red.

"Help turn him over." Liu Su said to Han Wei next to him.

"Well, hehe." Han Wei still looked like that smirk, and then turned Qin Wei over.

Liu Su cut the veil tied to Qin Wei's body.

"How could this be?!"

When Qin Wei's back was exposed, Han Qianer couldn't help exclaiming. The meat on Qin Wei's right shoulder had been torn apart, and a piece of meat had been torn in half. She didn't dare to look at it, and put her head aside. It's really fuzzy!

Don't talk about Han Qianer, even people like Han Luoxue who are so long-standing feel cruel!

"How could he be injured like this?" Han Nianxing couldn't help asking.

Liu Su picked up the silver knife on the cowhide, and the action was apparently paused: "Brother Qin was trying to save me and was hurt by the black bear!" Liu Su thought he was ashamed of Qin Wei when he thought about it. Injured.

Really merciful everywhere! Han Qingyan stood aside and glanced at Qin Wei lying in bed, and said in his heart.

"I'm going to move the knife now." Liu Su glanced at Han Nianxing, and she seemed to understand that he was Qin Wei's master.

Han Nianxing nodded, signalling that catkins could proceed.

The catkins were sterilized by catkins with alcohol. This silver knife is delicately made, not like a modern scalpel, but rather used by the ancients. The blade of the silver knife shone in the sun.

"Rejuvenating with a wonderful hand?" Han Nianxing saw the line of small words on the silver knife and said silently in his heart.

There is rotten meat on Qin Wei's wound. You must remove it, otherwise it will be infected. The catkins will pinch the silver knife against the edge of the rotten meat and make a light stroke to cut it off. You can see how fast the blade is. The Qingdu was taken out of the purse and scattered on Qin Wei's wound. The white powder was immediately diluted by the meat, which was already disinfecting.

The next step is stitching!

The catkins picked the finest silver needle. This silver needle is like hair. If you don't see it at all, if you put a thread on the tail, catkin will pierce the meat and then stitch it together. , Very cautious.

"She can use such small needles freely. It seems that her medical skills are really high." Han Qianer couldn't help but sigh. Although she also studied medical skills, there was absolutely no such thing as catkins.

Within ten minutes, Liu Su sutured Qin Wei's wound. She wiped the sweat on her forehead and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Senior, I have cured Brother Qin's trauma, and the internal injury depends on you." Liu Su asked, Qin Wei's trauma was not tight, but he lost too much blood and needed internal force adjustment, but he is in a coma and cannot Adjust yourself.

"Um." Han Nianxing nodded and said, "Yaner, take this girl to wash."

"Yes, Second Master." Qianer agreed, and then took Liu Su to wash, Liu Xu did not forget to take a look at Qin Wei before leaving.

In this scene, Han Qingyan who watched shook his head, this kid's fate is really good, each is a rare woman on earth.

After the catkins left, Han Nianxing lifted up Qin Wei and then used internal force to heal Qin Wei.

For half an hour, Han Nianxing was sweating and got out of bed by Han Qingyan.

When Han Qingyan's hand was placed on Han Nianxing's arm, his eyes were shocked and he said, "Have you given your inner strength to Qin Wei?"

Han Nianxing looked at Qin Wei lying on the bed: "He is my apprentice, who is not to be given to him?"