Merry Master In The City

Chapter 185 Awaken!

"You really protect your baby apprentice." Han Qingyan covered her mouth and laughed, and she was such a woman. Even if she didn't do anything, you felt she was charming and charming. This temperament was born by nature. , Has been integrated into the bone marrow.

"Is there any master in this world who doesn't hurt the apprentice's truth?" Han Nianxing delivered his internal force to Qin Wei. Now he has no internal force. To restore the internal force, he must practice at least one year in retreat. No regrets, he is now pinning the rise and fall of Changsheng Gate on Qin Wei, hoping that he can revive Changsheng Gate.

Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei. She felt that Qin Wei, who was injured in bed, should be the most handsome now, because he couldn't speak, saying that silence was golden, but Han Qingyan thought that silence was shit, and she was like this from a young age. Who Don't mess with me, it will definitely look good on you.

Han Qingyan thought his idea was ridiculous, so he smiled and said, "Don't you think that girl is using ordinary medicine?" When Liu Su treated Qin Wei's wound, Han Qingyan had already noticed it, but he didn't show it.

Han Nianxing nodded. He had long thought that Liu Su was not an ordinary person, so he said: "Not only is it unusual, but the knives she uses are the only ones in the world."

"Oh? Have you seen it?" Han Qingyan picked up the eyebrows in her hand, and became interested. She immediately became interested in catkins. You know that she rarely shows interest in women.

"I've seen it 20 years ago, it's an old thing." Han Nianxing recalled, if not mistaken, the set of "wonderful hand rejuvenation" knives used by Liu Su should be the head token of Huichun Gate. This token has always been Is following the head of the door, will Liu Yanchen be gone?

"Since it's an old thing, don't mention it. The province's involvement is too wasteful." Han Qingyan squinted her eyes. She leaned on a chair and was very lazy. If Han Qingyan said that she didn't want to listen, That is, I really don't want to listen to it. Besides, things have passed so long. When I say it, I am afraid that I will be in a bad mood again.

Han Nianxing looked at the sister who didn't give herself face, and shook her head. In the past, even Master could n’t take her, what was she? If she could listen to anyone, it would not be Han Qingyan.

"You always like to see the world as a bystander, this is not good." Is Han Nianxing bitterly persuading his classmates, the two of them are more than 20 years old. , Novel kanshu; com generation gap, then the gap between the two of them can grow rice.

"The authorities are obsessed with the onlookers." Han Qingyan opened his eyes, stretched out his hand slightly, and walked toward Han.

"Why? Ask me for a drink?" Han Nianxing said with a beard.

"You lose all your strength and you can't drink, this is what Master said." Han Qing smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Han Nianxing shook his head, and only took off his wine gourd and threw it to her. Who told himself not to talk to her? So he said, "For a moment, I think you are like Qin Wei."

"Oh?" Han Qingyan unplugged the wine stopper, and he seemed to be intrigued. "Where is it?"

Han Nianxing glanced at Qin Wei and laughed, "It's irrational."

Han Qingyan laughed after listening, and the smile was extremely charming, making people lose heart.

When Han Nianxing saw Han Qingyan smiling so brightly, she couldn't scream in her heart. He was clear about her temper. The happier she laughed, the stronger her counterattack was.

"I wanted to give you a sip and I will pay you back. After hearing this, I still think it ’s enough to give you a drop." Han Qingyan laughed, she hadn't been so happy for a long time, it seemed that she would fight back with her brothers for an hour At all times, Han Qingyan felt that it was the happiest part of his life.

Han Nianxing would not be stingy to get angry for a jug of wine. He just had a snack to hurt his classmates. He was always too lonely, so he asked, "How are you and Xiao Yifeng?"

Han Qingyan spread his arms, and said: "I said that I would not marry him in this life. He wanted me to not marry in this life. What else can I do?"

"Xiao Yifeng is the first handsome guy in Wulin. Look at your picks, and be careful not to marry." Han Nianxing said, Master Qing then allowed Qingyan to marry Xiao Yifeng, but she just did not marry, and Xiao Yifeng just waited. She was twenty years.

"Is he handsome?" Han Qingyan turned his head and looked at Qin Wei, and smiled: "How do I feel that Qin Wei is not handsome yet."

"..." Han Nianxing could only sigh. I don't know what Xiao Yifeng, the first son of the famous martial arts player, would have heard. In Qin Wei's words, two drops of urine flowed out.

"Qin Wei was injured. What are your plans next?" Han Qingyan asked, and she wanted to save Changsheng soon.

"I can only wait until Qin Wei wakes up." Han Nianxing said.

"What about you? If you lose all your internal strength, it will take at least one year of retreat to recover." Han Qingyan asked, knowing that this year is very important for Changshengmen.

"It's very simple. Find a place with beautiful scenery, and retreat. It's okay." Han Nianxing doesn't care. He doesn't worry about his skills. He passed it on to Qin Wei earlier. young people.

"I really dodge quietness." Han Qingyan said with a smirk.

"..." Han Nianxing was sweating on his forehead. He couldn't help Han Qingyan.


Green Bamboo Garden, Han Qianer's room.

"Sister Liu, when do you say Brother will wake up?" Han Qianer asked Liu Su, who was changing clothes in the back room, that she was taking Liu Su to wash in accordance with the order of the second master. I did not expect that the two became friends during the conversation. Qian Er's personality is lively and kind, and no one will bear her back.

After listening to Han Qianer's question behind the screen, Liu Su said: "The senior lost his anger to him and should wake up soon." To be honest, although Han Qianer is also a woman, she is really embarrassed because of Liu Xu's personality. Change clothes before people.

Hearing Liu Su's words, Han Qianer's heart also let go, and said, "Sister Liu, your medical skills are so good, I'm really ashamed."

In retrospect, Han Qianer now thinks that catkins are very powerful. She is very clean and skillful. This is the first time she has seen such an operation. It is accurate and not harsh, so Brother Qin will not feel pain. Because of her personality, Han Qianer will not undergo surgery. Surgery, so I admire catkins.

"You do n’t need to be humble, shallower. I heard Brother Qin say that he was healed of the injury on your chest, and you used the medicine very well, otherwise Brother Qin would not recover so quickly." Liu Su changed his clothes. She walked out with a smile. She thanked Qianer for taking out her clothes to her and liked her very much.

"Brother really said that?" Han Qianer asked quickly, as if he wanted to hear the answer.

"Huh!" Liu Su nodded his head. If it wasn't for the medical skills of Qianer, Qin Wei's blade would have been rotten.

"Good!" Han Qianer smiled after listening, revealing two dimples, very cute.

When Liu Su saw Han Qianer's cute look, she couldn't help but be impressed. Through these two days of contact, the people who felt Changshengmen were friendly, but why did they say that Changshengmen was a demon? I can't figure it out!


There was a knock at the door!

"Who?" Han Qianer asked outside.

"Sister, Brother Qin Wei is awake!" Humane outside: "Uncle Qingyan deliberately asked me to tell you."

"Really?" Han Qianer pushed open the door and ran to Cuiyuyuan with her skirt on!