Merry Master In The City

Chapter 186 Get Out!

Qin Wei opened his eyes and found that his house was already full of people. Because Qin Wei had injuries on his back, he was afraid to lie down, but could only lie on his stomach. Nima! The house is full of grandfathers! Where is the good girl? I am the wounded now!

Ugh! Qin Weixuan pulled his head and couldn't help sighing. This is how life is. When you need a girl's comfort, it is always a group of big men who appear in front of you!

"Qin Wei, what do you think now?" Han Nianxing asked with a bowed head. According to his own thought, Qin Wei should not wake up so fast, is it the role of Changsheng Cao? Although he is an elder of Changshengmen, he has not taken it himself, and he does not know the efficacy.

"It's okay." Qin Wei closed his eyes and dejected. He was tired now and didn't want to talk. He was angry at the thought of what Changsheng Men did to him. If it wasn't for Han Shengwu's bunny, Lao Tzu would lie on the bed. What!

"Brother has passed on all the internal forces to you, can you please?"

Just then, a woman's voice rang outside the door. Listening to this sharp tone, Qin Wei guessed that it must be the uncle Master, Han Qingyan.

Qin Wei lifted his head and said with a sullen voice: "Master Shi ~"

Qin Wei lowered his head and could only see Han Qingyan's waist. He didn't want to look up because he would get a wound. However, looking at Han Qingyan's waist, she knew that her figure must be exquisite. It is absolutely superb in the world. Unfortunately, she was blessed and suffered. In one breath, these stunning women have no chance with themselves ~

In fact, every time Qin Wei saw Han Qingyan, he would have an idea in his heart. How old is this Needless Master? She is the sister of an old man. It is reasonable to say that her age should not be too young, but how does it feel like Jiao Rong is in her twenties, but she has a thirties style. He wanted to ask the uncle's age, but remembered that night Conquest can only be stopped.

"It's good to say, I don't know how to defame me in my heart." Han Qingyan watched as he walked to Qin Wei, with a grin on his corner, aggressive.

"Ah, uncle, look at what you said." Qin Wei lifted his head and blinked hard, he also wanted to blink, so he said: "In order to show respect to you, I will miss you in my heart every day. Please, please! "Qin Wei said with a harmless smile on his own animal, and the smile was extremely sincere.

"Do n’t laugh, it ’s so hypocritical!" Han Qingyan hit directly, a little!


I rub! There is something wrong! Uncle Master, your old man came to my room just to hit me? Qin Wei simply closed his eyes and ignored them. Anyway, I was sick, and they could n’t treat themselves, but Qin Wei suddenly remembered what Han Qingyan said just now, so he turned his head and asked, "Come on, you really take All the internal skills passed to me? "

"If you don't believe me, try it?" Han Nianxing asked with a smile, but why did the boy wake up so much and make him unconscious.

When Qin Wei heard Han Nianxing saying this, he knew that what he said was definitely true. Although Han Nianxing liked to take advantage of himself, he never lied to himself. Qin Wei smiled and said, "I still believe in the old man, try. No need to put it. "

"You can sell well when you get cheap, brother, you apprentice is really clever!" Han Qingyan stared at Qin Wei and laughed. She felt that Qin Wei was now lying on the bed with a worm on her ass, very funny.

Oh damn! OK, can you not hit me like this, Qin Wei rolled his eyes and knew that it would be better to pretend to sleep.

"I'm so tired, I'm so tired, I need a girl to comfort me ~" Qin Wei hummed on the bed, hey, I understand. Although the woman in Changshengmen looks good, she has a weird temper, but it's mine. Xiao Shimei has a good personality. Why don't you see Xiao Shimei after waking up for so long?

"Brother, are you really awake?"

When Qin Wei was still hesitating for not being comforted by a beauty, a crisp sound came. Qin Wei suddenly opened his eyes and came to the spirit, happy to say, "Little sister ~ I am here ~"

To show his joy, Qin Wei also waved in the direction of the door.

"Brother, you are really awake!" Han Qian'er heard Qin Wei's answer and rejoiced, and immediately ran to the bed. She was worried about the tea he was worried about, and everyone lost weight.

"Qian Er, why didn't you see it for a few days and you lost weight?" Qin Wei was surprised.

"You're embarrassed to ask? If you weren't worried about you, is it so skinny ?!" Han Luoxue sarcastically stood beside an iceberg.

Qin Wei stared at Han Luoxue, Nima, and I fell off the cliff these days, as if I did n’t offend you. Why is it like taking gunpowder? Do n’t think you have a silver needle, I ’m afraid of you. I have internal strength now, In addition, I have become a sword qi, and I don't know who wins and loses when I start!

Han Luoxue snorted coldly. He didn't care about Qin Wei. His purpose has been achieved. There is no need to stay here. Han Luoxue turned and left.

Cut, Qin Wei looked at Han Luoxue's back and hummed!

However, Qin Wei saw some pain in Han Qianer who was thin. What a good girl, for the sake of everyone's weight loss, he said it was false to not be moved, but then he thought of the young lady. As for me, I was already worried about this. The young lady didn't know what it was like. Qin Wei's heart kept thinking about Liu Yihan.

Qin Wei has always felt a little less since he woke up. He looked around and thought about it, and finally found what was missing, so he asked, "Where is the girl who sent me back? Where is she ?!"

Han Qianer wiped her eyes. She didn't want Qin Wei to see her red eyes, so she smiled and said, "You said Sister Liu?"

"Sister Liu?" Qin Wei said in surprise, wasn't this Liu Su, and immediately said, "Yes, it's her!"

"Brother Qin!"

When Han Qianer wanted to speak, Liu Su's voice came from the door. Han Qianer then reacted. She was too anxious to run away, and she forgot Liu Xu in her head. The gate of Changsheng was so large that she must be lost. That's why I came back so late.

"Xiu Su!" Qin Wei was also excited. He was very excited now. His relationship with Liu Su was very delicate. For the safety of each other, the two sacrificed their lives. Not bad at all.

Liu Su ran to Qin Wei and watched him wake up. Liu Su was very happy. She wanted to share her joy with Qin Wei, but looking at so many people around, she swallowed back to her mouth, just smiled. Says: "Just wake up!"

Qin Wei shook the hand of Liu Su, and didn't say much, and he didn't need to say anything. Does such a life-changing feeling still need language to express it? He only knew that it was this thin girl who carried himself out of the mountains! This affection, he will always keep in mind!

Han Qingyan looked at the scene in front of him, shook his head helplessly, and sighed, why is this boy so feminine?

Qin Wei felt that he had been looking at beautiful women since he woke up, and the flowers were gradually becoming charming. He was a bit busy. It was time to change his appetite and come to be a man.

So Qin Wei shouted, "Han Shengwu! You gotta get out of me!"