Merry Master In The City

Chapter 187 Lesson from Han Shengwu!

In the promenade of the Changsheng Gate, Han Shengwu was hurried to Qin Wei's residence, didn't Qin Wei hate himself? Why do you see yourself? Han Shengwu is also thinking, but his brain is not as good as that of Han Zangfeng, so without Han Zangfeng, he would have no backbone.

"Three brothers," Han Sheng shouted at the corner of the promenade.

Han Shengwu stopped and turned and looked at Han Sheng and asked, "What are you calling me for?"

"Brother, I heard the disciples discuss Qin Wei as soon as he woke up, and shouted, are you going to get revenge on us?" Han Sheng walked up to Han Shengwu and looked around, seeing no talents whispered.

"Retaliation?" Han Shengwu drew a smile from his mouth, Yang Lao Gao said, "He dares to avenge me? What a joke! How can he treat me with a master there?" Even if my Han Shengwu ranks behind your Qin Wei, but I am also a disciple of the elders. Even if I push you near the beast forest, what can you do to me?

Han Sheng gently yanked Han Shengwu's clothes and said, "If you hold it up, will Uncle San and punish you and me?" This is the most worrying thing for Han Sheng. He doesn't want to be expelled from the martial arts.

Ah! Han Shengwu looked at Han Sheng with a sneer, it turned out that this is what you want to ask.

"Rest assured, the punishment is certain, but since Qin Wei has returned without incident, at most it is just a few words of scolding." Han Shengwu sorted out his clothes and then left without looking.

Humph! What's the spirit? Not just relying on your master to be an elder! What are you without your master! Han Sheng looked at the back of Han Shengwu, and scolded in his heart. He always thought that his martial arts and talent were higher than Han Shengwu, so he was not convinced.

As soon as Han Shengwu entered the Jade Garden, he heard Han Qianer's voice.

"Brother, don't run around these days, take a good rest in bed, don't tear the wound." Han Qianer said to Qin Wei, she knew that Qin Wei likes to be lively, and let him lie on it every day and he will definitely go crazy. Yes, so kindly remind her.

"Rest assured, Brother will not fall on the cliff this time!" Qin Wei patted Han Qianer's hand, his eyes kept staring at Qian Er's chest, and he sighed in his heart, oh, I haven't seen how thin these days For a lap, I wasn't too thin, but it was gone!

As soon as Han Shengwu entered the room, he saw Qin Wei's dirty look, so he was angry: "Qin Wei took away your dirty hands!" Han Shengwu cares about shallow children, so he cannot tolerate other men to touch her hand. !! Just now when he heard Qian Er's words outside the door, he already had a three-point vinegar smell, and now it has been completely knocked out.

"Shengwu must not be rude!" Han Mori scolded, after all, Qin Wei is your brother, how can you talk to him like this, have you forgotten the etiquette and shame you taught him since childhood?

Qin Wei saw Han! Shu ^ Net fan kanshu ”com Shengwu came, David was upset. He knew that Han Shengwu liked Qianer, so Qin Wei smiled, and took the opportunity to touch a hand of Qianer, posing a pair of Lao Tzu Now, how can you treat me if you still feel thirsty?

"You!" When Han Shengwu saw Qin Wei's provocation, he was speechless. If there weren't several elders here, he would definitely teach Qin Wei.

"What do you do! Call your brother to understand!" Qin Wei stared at Han Shengwu, and now his master is here, who can't bully others? My master has a higher grade than your master, so when are you waiting now without bullying you? Qin Wei can understand that in order to avoid being bullied at the Changsheng Gate, he must learn two things, one is pretending! The second is martial arts!

Qin Wei just has a loss that won't work hard. Although he has magic blood, he can't get into it in minutes. Therefore, he must learn kung fu motivationally so that he can protect himself and meet the young lady as soon as possible.

Want me to call your brother? Dream it! Han Shengwu looked at Qin Wei with contempt. Han Shengwu has been accustomed to disciples at the Changshengmen these years. Except for Han Zangfeng, he would not call anyone brother. The monkey who just came would want to shit on me?

On the side, Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei and Han Shengwu fighting secretly, and was also interested. After all, in the past ten years or so, the fighting between the teachers and brothers had never been seen, and the Changsheng Gate was dead. It seemed that Qin Wei really wanted to Tossing the Changsheng Gate upside down, Han Qing raised a touching smile at the corner of his mouthpiece, and that's okay, the Changsheng Gate really needs a change of blood.

"I haven't seen you in the past few days. You are so shiny and smooth. It seems that the food is good?" Qin Wei raised his head and looked at Han Shengwu with a smile. Although Qin Wei said this with a smile, everyone I can hear that this is ridiculous.

Han Nianxing smiled helplessly, then shook his head. It seems that if Qin Wei can't give up this tone, he won't give up. He must report to someone's character, and he doesn't want to ask questions, as long as Qin Wei doesn't do too much. .

Han Mori also saw it, but it was indeed Han Shengwu who made a mistake. How could he be a law enforcement elder, and Qin Wei was so hurt that he should learn a lesson.

"How envious?" When Han Shengwu heard Qin Wei's words, he immediately asked back, and he saw that Qin Wei was lying on the bed with a vinegar scent in his heart. No tiger in the mountain is called king!

"Yeah, I am very envious. I lived at the bottom of the cliff is not as good as you. I want to have a full meal and I have to launch the fish myself to fish. All this is thanks to you. Thank you Qin Wei! He straightened himself up, trying not to touch his back, so as not to hurt.

"Qin Wei, do n’t buckle the shit, you ran into the beast forest yourself, and you stumbled and fell on the cliff. Who is weird?" Han Shengwu said lightly, as if these things had nothing to do with himself, as long as He did not acknowledge his death, and Qin Wei could not help him.

rub! This Han Shengwu really is shameless. Fortunately, since you are installing garlic, I will accompany you to the end to see who has superb acting skills. Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

"Ah! Brother Shi, I still can't remember this." Qin Wei suddenly patted his hands, as if remembering something: "I remember! That day in the training ground, you said I used the" "Sword Breaking Demon" is not the martial arts of this door, but also you personally said that I am a traitor, you did not chase me, but you let Han Sheng chase me! "

"Qin Wei, don't let your blood spurt people! Do you have evidence!" Han Shengwu has not acknowledged so far.

"Evidence? Hehe!" Qin Wei smiled coldly: "Han Wei, was what I said just true?"

As soon as Han Wei heard Qin Wei calling his name, he jumped out from behind the screen, and touched his face. He smiled and said, "It's true!"

"You can believe the fool's words?" Han Shengwu sneered.

"Don't you know that a fool won't lie ?!" Qin Wei suddenly scolded, and this scold was not thought of by everyone sitting!

Qin Wei endured the severe pain in his back, stood up, walked straight in front of Han Shengwu and said, "Han Shengwu, you dare to quibble! If you didn't order your master to chase me, I would run a fuck? If not for you He said to beat me, can I fuck into the beast forest by mistake? If I accidentally enter the beast forest, I will be chased down by the black bear ?! Can I be torn off by a beast ?! "

Qin Wei was furious. He vented his dissatisfaction like a machine gun. Damn, he escaped! Han Shengwu! The tiger doesn't show power, you think I'm pregnant? !! Qin Wei's remarks calmed everyone in the house. They did not expect that Qin Wei would growl! Only Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei with a smile.

"Brother, how can I thank you for your kindness?" Qin Wei asked, staring at Han Shengwu.

"This ..." Han Shengwu froze, wondering how to answer.

Snapped! Qin Wei did not have the slightest ambiguity, and a loud slap was thrown directly on Han Shengwu's face.

"This slap hits you with no eyes. Actually, my master's" Broken Sword "is not a martial art!

Snapped! Qin Wei then slapped a second!

"This slap beats you ruthlessly and ruthlessly, killing your fellow players!"

Snapped! Qin Wei's third slap!

"This slap is for me!"

Snapped! Qin Wei's fourth slapped fan goes down!

"This slap is waiting for me to figure out why I'm telling you!"

Huh! Han Qingyan couldn't help laughing when he saw this scene. This Qin Wei really has a character!