Merry Master In The City

Chapter 188 Pride!

"Qin Wei! How dare you hit me?" Han Shengwu covered his flushed face and didn't dare to believe. Several elders were here, and his master was here. Qin Wei actually dared to do it? Han Shengwu is not unable to escape, but he has been beaten by Qin Wei's big ears!

Snapped! Qin Wei has another big ear scraping fan on Han Shengwu's face!

"It's fucking hit you, how can you treat me!" Qin Wei growled, his anger is not gone now. What do these slaps compare to his own escape in the past few days? !! If it weren't for Laozi's shoulder injury, it would be so special to pump you a golden light! When Qin Wei was at the bottom of the cliff, he told himself countless times that he must thank Han Shengwu well after coming up. Now that he has done it, how can his mood be so cool!

Although Qin Wei just woke up, he felt that his body was full of strength, and he could jump a first-line cliff again. Maybe this is the internal force passed by the old man. It seems that Han Nianxing is not bad for himself! Without this internal help, I wouldn't be able to fan it so hard!

After Han Shengwu was slapped a few times, he was finally awake. Qin Wei, you dare to hit me in front of Qianer. Don't think that your master will support you, I dare not touch you, you are a waste now! Han Shengwu has been angered, so he is ready to take a lesson from Qin Wei! He believes that his kung fu is more than enough to deal with Qin Wei!

Han Shengwu raised his hand and was ready to hit Qin Wei, and he aimed exactly at Qin Wei's injured shoulder!

"Katsutake! Stop!"

At this moment, Han Dadao suddenly called out Han Shengwu, who was about to start, and said, "Qin Wei is your brother! What do you want to do?"

"Master, it was Qin Wei who hit me first!" Han Shengwu looked at Han Dadao, and even if he had no more dissatisfaction, he did not dare to collide with Han Dadao, but why did Master face Qin Wei? I am his personal disciple! Is it because he is an apprentice to Ershibo?

Han Daxi came to Han Shengwu, staring at this disciple who had been educating him for more than ten years, and said angrily, "Are you still not thinking about repentance?"

"Why did the disciple do nothing wrong when he repented?" Han Shengwu directly confronted him. This is the first time in more than ten years that he confronted Han morality!

Snapped! Han Daxi slapped Han Shengwu with a slap in the face and said angrily, "My face lets you read books to all you lost.

Han Shengwu not only suffered the slap of Qin Wei, but also the slap of his own master, which made him feel very aggrieved. Han Shengwu stared at Qin Wei with his face clenched tightly, full of anger!

"How do you want to hit me? Come on, I'll stand here for you to fight!" Qin Wei stood motionless in front of Han Shengwu, but he believed that Han Shengwu was afraid to do anything.

"You!" Han Shengwu pointed his finger at Qin Wei, and then looked at Han's moral expression. He never succeeded. If he did, he would probably affect the relationship between the teacher and the apprentice.

"What are you doing!" Qin Wei directly raised his hand and shot Han Shengwu in his own hand, then walked up to him, and quietly whispered in his ear: "I like to see you want to hit me, and Can't stand it! "

After Qin Wei finished speaking, he looked at Han Shengwu with a smirk. Han Shengwu felt that Qin Wei's expression was very low, so low that he wanted to step on his feet with a few feet, so Han Shengwu clenched his fists. He already made Master look down. Now, you can't let Qianer look down!

"Shengwu!" Han Mori scolded again, how could Han Shengwu's actions escape Master's eyes.

"Don't roll yet ?!" Han Dali has lost his temper. The reason why he watched Qin Wei beat his apprentice without stopping was that it was all caused by Han Shengwu, and it was indeed Sheng Wu's mistake. Now, Qin Wei was right. The five slaps were nothing compared to the injuries he suffered. Therefore, Han Daxi gave another slap to Han Shengwu, and wanted him to remember long!

"Brother, uncle let you go!" Qin Wei smiled, repeating Han Daxi's words!

Han Shengwu clenched his fists very reluctantly. He wanted to win the battle with Qin Wei here, but looking at Han Daxi's face, he could only give up, and stared at Qin Wei and turned away.

"Brother, don't leave ~ you're talking for ten dollars ~" Qin Wei shouted at the back of Han Shengwu's departure. He didn't understand the low-key. Anyway, taking advantage of himself was his character.

Liu Su was behind Qin Wei, watching everything happening here. As an outsider, she wanted to laugh but did not dare to laugh. Liu Su felt that it was really too bad. Depending on someone here to help him, he had to go in! However, she had already heard from the conversation between the two people. Qin Wei's fall was all given by Han Shengwu. It was really gratifying to want to come to Qin Wei's slap!

"Brother?" Han Qianer gently shouted Qin Wei.

Qin Wei turned her head and saw Han Qianer secretly giving her a thumbs-up under her sleeve. Qin Wei blinked at her. Several elders were here, and Qianer was still standing by her side, or did she distress me. what!

When Han Qingyan saw the appearance of Qianer, he shook his head with a smile. It was really a girl who was extroverted. I do n’t know how my brother would feel when he saw this scene.

"Qin Wei!" Han Nian shouted as she walked beside Qin Wei.

"What did the old man call me?" Qin Wei grinned, and resumed his hippie smile.

Old man? Doesn't Brother Qin call his master? What a strange pair of apprentices! Catkins thought in his heart.

Han Nianxing's expressionless face and no trace reminded Qin Wei: "Don't be complacent!"

The reason why Han Nianxing turned a blind eye to Qin Wei's behavior was because he knew that if Qin Wei was not allowed to let out the bad breath, he would not stop at Changshengmen, and he also felt that Han Shengwu should indeed educate him.

"I didn't watch it lively, flash people!" Han Qingyan yawned and looked lazy, then walked out of the door, and did not forget to seduce Qin Wei with his eyes before leaving.

This Nima's master! Qin Wei's heart was tickling, after all, Han Qingyan was charming, but it is rare in the world, otherwise Xiao Yifeng would not wait for 20 years.

"Hey, old man, your internal strength is really good." Qin Wei grinned and shook Han Nianxing's shoulder.

Han Nianxing didn't take a look at Qin Wei, but instead looked at the catkins behind him and asked, "Girl, can you come with me?"

"Looking for me?" Liu Su was surprised, and I wasn't what the Changshengmen told me to do? However, he is the master of Brother Qin, and he promised to treat Qin Wei himself. He should be a good person. Liu Xu took a subconscious look at Qin Wei.

"Rest assured, the old man is a good man!" Qin Wei looked at Liu Su with a stunned look.

"Huh!" Liu Su nodded, and followed Han Nianxing out of the Jade Garden!

Everyone left, Qin Wei and Qianer were left, so boring! Qin Wei froze his waist and a smirk on the corner of his mouth. Now that Han Shengwu has finished his lesson, who is next? !!