Merry Master In The City

Chapter 189 !!

Liu Su was brought to Ziyunju by Han Nianxing. She looked at the hall, the redwood tables and chairs, doors and windows, and the calligraphy and painting of famous artists. At first glance, there is a hundred-year history. Liu Su was very nervous. She didn't know the purpose of Han Nianxing calling her. Besides, she also thought of the rumors in the door, saying that the people in Changshengmen were pious hypocrites.

Han Nianxing stretched out his hand, motioned for Liu Su to sit down, then smiled gently: "Are you a disciple of Huichunmen?"

Catkins startled! She was the only person who had returned to the Spring Gate and had only told Qin Wei, but she believed that Brother Qin would not disclose her secrets.

When Han Nianxing saw Liu Su not talking, he stroked his beard and said, "It seems I guessed right."

"Senior, how did you know my identity?" Liu Su was a little nervous, so nervous that she didn't know where to put her hands. Liu Su had no friends. Qin Wei was the first friend she knew, and she was not good at it. Talk to people.

Han Nianxing looked at Liu Suyi, and secretly said in my heart, am I so scary? You do n’t even know how to do it, so you laugh and say, “Girl, do n’t be nervous, I also found it by looking at your surgical tools.”

"Tools?" Liu Su asked, was there something wrong with his surgical tools?

"The set of silver surgical tools you use is as big as scissors and as small as acupuncture with the words" rejuvenation of wonderful hands ", am I right?" Han Nianxing asked Liu Su with a smile.

"Senior has good eyesight." Liu Su nodded his head, agreeing, it is not surprising to see the words on scissors and knife, but at the age of Han Nianxing, you can actually see the lettering on acupuncture. The door is really strange.

Han Nianxing waved his hands, his eyes narrowed. If he changed into a normal dress instead of a robe, it would be no different from an ordinary old man.

"It's not that my eyesight is good, but I've seen someone use it before. Who is Liu Qingchen?" Han Nianxing opened his eyes and asked, this is the purpose of calling Liu Su, he wanted to know Liu Qingchen's news.

Oh my god Liu Su opened her eyes wide. Who is this old man and how could he know his master's name! Does he know with Master? His martial arts is so high, maybe he has a way to rescue Master? Liu Su shook his head and denied himself. So many experts in the door were helpless, let alone outsiders.

Liu Su did not speak, and Han Nianxing was not in a hurry, so he said, "I and your master were friends before."

"Senior, how do you know that she belongs to my master?" Liu Su was surprised. This person was not his own. He knew so many things and looked so profound.

"Your set of surgical appliances * Kanshu Lingyi kanshu) com is a token of the host Liu Qingchen. Is she okay now?" Han Nianxing asked, a greeting among old friends.

Willow shook his head, wondering what to answer.

"What? Your master is gone?" Han Nianxing asked.

"No, it ’s my master who has been suffering from sleeping sickness, and has been lethargic all these years." Liu Su said she looked down when she was here. For so many years, she had been trying to cure Master's illness, but it was all in vain.

"Oh?" When Han Nianxing heard this, he couldn't help but have questions in his heart. Why Liu Qingchen's symptoms were so similar to those of Changsheng, he immediately asked: "Is your master poisoned?"

"Poison?" Liu Su did not respond for a moment.

"I was comatose all year round, and my body was abnormally cold!" Han Nianxing asked. At that time, the relationship between Huichunmen and Changshengmen was good, and there was a relationship between the two factions. After the battle 20 years ago, Huichunmen and Changshengmen were incompatible Cut off all communication and live in the mountains, so Han Nianxing didn't know about Liu Qingchen at all.

"Perennial drowsiness is true, but there is no coldness in her body." Liu Su affirmed that she had been serving Master so she was very clear about her symptoms, and it was hard to say whether to use poison.

Isn't it the same as longevity? Han Nianxing said in his heart, it seemed that he had made a wrong judgment.

"So the purpose of your visit to Changshengmen is to collect Changsheng grass?" Han Nianxing asked directly. He was an elder. Of course, he knew the efficacy of Changsheng grass, but what he didn't know was that Changsheng grass actually grew on a cliff.

"Yes." Liu Su nodded her head. Now that her predecessors have seen it through, why don't she lighten up.

"How many percent can you wake me up from your master?" Han Nianxing asked. He had also tried his best to go back to Chunmen and find a master to heal Han Changsheng. But the thought of the grudges between the two factions can only be stopped.

"No Chengdu," Liu Su said.

"How to say?" Han Nianxing asked.

Liu Su sighed: "If there is a long-lived grass, there will be 50%." His own long-lived grass has been used to save Qin Wei, so there is no chance of 10%, it seems only next year.

"Is there any special effect of Changshengcao on cold poison?" Han Nianxing, he believes that Liu Qingchen can give his tokens to catkins, so catkins must have high attainments in medicine, and Changshengmen is only a martial arts school. Back to Spring Gate, it is better to take a good opportunity to ask, it may be helpful to Changsheng.

"I don't know what poison the cold poison said by his predecessors?" Liu Su asked, and he was afraid that no one in Wulin had ever returned to Chunmen.

Han Nianxing was a bit ashamed. After researching for more than 20 years, he did not find out what kind of cold poison belongs to Changsheng Institute, so he said, "I am ashamed. I do n’t know its name. . "

After listening to it, Liu Su shook her head and said, "Epiphyllum is a wonderful medicine, but it seems to have no effect on cold poison. It can only be used to save people, but it cannot be used for detoxification. Poison, the best way is to use the sun's substance to solve it. "

"Do you know where there is such a thing of the sun in this world?" Han Nianxing said, it seems that his guess is correct, as long as you find it, you can unlock the cold poison.

"I have only heard of things that are overcast, I have never heard of things that are overcast, I'm afraid it won't help you." Liu Xu nodded slightly, apologizing slightly, perhaps because he was a little educated.

Han Nianxing sighed and looked out the door. It seems that Changsheng's poison can only rest on Qin Wei ...


"Han Wei, how did you find me?" Qin Wei asked, and now he was awake, he couldn't rest, and took Han Wei to walk around the Changsheng Gate. After this incident, Qin Wei found that Han Wei was in Changsheng himself. The only boyfriend in the door, although Qin Wei likes women, he doesn't mind being friends with Han Wei, because this person has a pure heart.

"Hey." Han Wei smiled, didn't speak, and still looked like that. There are not so many clutter and interests in his world. Whoever is good to him is good to him, so in the past few days when Qin Wei fell on the cliff, he would wait in the beast forest, hoping to wait for Qin Wei's news. !! I didn't expect him to be met!

"Han Wei, should I let Liu Su treat you? Maybe it can be cured!" Qin Wei looked at the man whose IQ was only four years old. From the perspective of his friends, he didn't want Han Wei to continue this way, himself It is impossible to protect him at the Changsheng Gate all the time. If he goes down the mountain, who will protect him?

After talking about it, Liu Xu's medical skills are so clever that fools don't need it, but if Han Wei doesn't like it, Qin Wei won't force it and will give him the most basic respect.

"Hey." Han Wei still didn't answer, just smirked behind Qin Wei. He has been like this for more than two decades, and has become accustomed to a silly lifestyle.

Nima! I asked the same as I did not! Qin Wei stopped, turned his head, and asked earnestly: "Han Wei, how do you think you are not stupid when you see Han Qingyan!" Less, IQ immediately increased by five or six years.

Han Wei smiled, touched his nose and said, "Because the uncle is beautiful!"

Nima! Fools all think that Master Shi looks beautiful, that's really beautiful! Qin Wei said he was helpless!

Suddenly Qin Wei's eyes glanced into the corridor and shouted, "Han Sheng, where are you from!"