Merry Master In The City

Chapter 190: Bullying You!

Hearing Qin Wei's words, Han Sheng hiding in the corner of the corridor turned and fled. Han Sheng deliberately followed Qin Wei to overhear his conversation, but he did not expect to be found.

"Han Sheng, why don't you stop me!" Qin Wei directly cursed, and after finishing his lesson Han Shengwu, he was going to teach Han Sheng. I didn't expect to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere. I had to come without any effort. Found him here, how could Qin Wei miss this opportunity.

No, Qin Wei caught it. Han Sheng secretly said in his heart, but there was no way he could turn around and smiled and shouted, "Brother."

"Oh, why did you suddenly call my brother? Did the sun come out today?" Qin Wei narrowed his eyes and laughed sarcastically, then shook his head deliberately, and looked at the sky and said, "I don't seem to." He didn't yell when he shouted, but now he has learned to slap? I don't know if the ass patted on a horse's hoof.

Ha ha! Han Sheng didn't know what Qin Wei had intent, so he laughed. Han Sheng knew that everyone was bothering to save Qin Wei and ignored him. Han Sheng felt that as long as the time elders would forget it What happened to him was that Qin Wei came back so soon? Moreover, I heard that several elders were facing Qin Wei, and the three uncles also slapped Han Shengwu, and it seemed that he had to be careful.

"Brother, look at what you said, how hurt your feelings?" Han Sheng laughed with him. Since Han Shengwu had eaten Qin Wei's losses, why bother? It is better to take this opportunity to turn Gan Ge into jade.

Qin Wei looked at him coldly, and did not hide his scornful expression. He escaped from the death thanks to catkins. Qin Wei also reflected that he might be too low-key, so any shrimp and crab dare to run rampant to bully himself and must be given to them. Check the colors! Start with Han Sheng!

"Hurt feelings? Are we familiar?" Qin Wei looked at Han Sheng with a smile. Qin Wei had a characteristic. When he was going to deal with a certain person, he would smile, the happier he laughed, the harder he started. Qin Wei's now laughing eyes were narrowed.

"This ... haha ​​... brother, if you're fine, I'll go back first." Han Sheng smiled awkwardly, I can't afford you, can't I hide? After saying that Han Sheng turned around and left.

Qin Wei looked at Han Sheng's back, his eyes were full of fun, and he shouted, "Stop it for me! May I let you go ?!"

Han Sheng clenched his fists after hearing, Qin Wei, why don't you have to go in! However, he could only think about it in his heart, and did not dare to say it, so he turned his head and said to Qin Wei: "What else do you have to say?"

"Come with me!" Qin Wei glanced away, leaving a word and turned away.

With you? Han Sheng couldn't believe what Qin Wei wanted to do? Does he want to fight against me? However, he was a wounded man who had only one arm to move. What was so scary? Han Sheng was afraid of Han Nianxing instead of Qin Wei, so he planned to follow along to see what medicine Qin Wei sells.

Qin Wei and Han Wei walked ahead, Han Sheng followed.

"Han Wei, did you see when I slap Han Shengwu just now?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, and deliberately raised the decibel when he spoke.

"See, hehe ~" Han Wei smirked, and Qin Wei asked what he said.

He actually beat Han Shengwu? Even standing here like nothing else? Han Sheng followed, thinking, Uncle, they don't. Look! Book network e-book kanshu? com? Han Shengwu is a personal disciple!

Qin Wei had glanced at Han Sheng's expression with Yu Guang's eyes. He said this sentence to Han Sheng, and it seemed that his purpose had reached half, so he asked Han Wei: "How did I draw him? "

Han Wei stopped suddenly, turned around, no longer smirking, slap! Two big slaps hit directly on Han Sheng's face.

"He pumped him like this!" Han Wei finished pumping, giggling, revealing eight white teeth, and restored the folly of the past!

"Han Wei, you dare to hit me!" Han Sheng didn't expect that this fool slapped himself. He was also beaten like Han Shengwu, just covering his face.

"Hey ~" No matter what Han Sheng scolded him, Han Wei just smirked.

"Ah, brother, what are you anxious with a fool!" Qin Wei pretended to be a gentleman, but his heart was dark, I didn't expect that Han Wei was not stupid, and he knew that the war was deceiving!

Han Sheng heard Qin Wei say this, and was more angry when he looked at the cheapness of his face, so he was angry: "Don't think that Qin Wei is an apprentice to the Second Master! Do whatever you want! You can bully people!"

"My fucking is just bullying you!" Qin Wei scolded Han Sheng with his finger. He hit Han Shengwu today and was unhappy. The fire in his heart hadn't vented yet. It seems that Han Sheng can only be wronged.

"Qin Wei! Are you my opponent?" Han Sheng looked at Qin Wei with a mockery. In his eyes, Qin Wei will always be the scared person hiding in the deep forest! Besides, he also inquired, Qin Wei didn't have any martial arts disciples at all, so singled out, Han Sheng was not afraid of him!

"Isn't it? I have to fight!" Qin Wei looked at Han Sheng, his eyes full of self-confidence. Now, unlike today, Qin Wei also wants to see what level of skill he has in the door.

"Okay! Then I will complete you!" Han Sheng said angrily, here near the training ground, usually few people come at this time, and Qin Wei himself asked, even if he told the elders he was not afraid.

Qin Wei smiled. I just wanted to try the internal force passed to me by the old man. I didn't expect that these two strokes actually hooked up. Then let you taste Lai Tzu. Qin Wei thought, with his left foot forward. With his right foot behind, his right hand behind his back, and his left hand standing against his chest, he looks like a gentleman.

"Oh, do you think you can beat me with Changsheng Boxing! You can't do anything about it!" Han Sheng glanced at Qin Wei's starting action, and knew that this was the first-level martial art, and it wasn't in his eyes at all.

Get started first! Han Sheng took the lead in starting his body. His footwork was good, just like Ling Bo's micro-steps. A flip was close to Qin Wei.

"Hanging the palm!" Han Sheng shouted, his body flipped in the air, and he slammed directly into Qin Wei's chest. If this palm was hit on Qin Wei, he would probably lie down for a few more days.

Qin Wei stared at Han Sheng tightly. He had an injury on his right shoulder and could not catch it. Because of the blood of the demon, Qin Wei realized Wu Gong very quickly and absorbed the internal force very quickly. When he stepped on his foot, his body flew to the right, and at the same time, with one finger of his left hand, Jian Qi went straight to Han Sheng!

So fast! Han Sheng only felt a light running towards himself, he had no time to avoid, and could only catch the blow from Qin Wei with both hands!


The two air masses collided and made a muffled sound. At a glance, Han Sheng had been repelled by Jianqi five or six meters away!

I rub! Qin Wei looked at his hands and couldn't believe it, when was he so good! Qin Wei was suddenly full of energy. It seems that the old man's internal strength is really good. He is now free to use the Royal Sword to break the magic. Although it is only the first, but the first can turn Han Sheng dry. Qin Wei does not know it is himself Too powerful, or Han Sheng too inferior.

Codes! When was Qin Wei's internal strength so deep! Han Sheng spit and spit. When he first received the sword energy, he felt that the internal force was penetrated. Qin Wei ’s internal force was less than ten years to be so deep. Did he steal a martial art? I disagree!

Han Sheng got up and wanted to attack again, he couldn't defeat Qin Wei!

Where will Qin Wei give Han Sheng a chance.

"Water drops pierce through the stones!" Qin Wei shouted, turning his left hand with luck, Qin Wei felt that a strong air flow was flowing through his body. He felt that his body was like an explosion, and he could not stand it anymore.

Just listen to me! At a glance, a hole was hit on the ground in front of Han Sheng! Visible this power! Han Sheng stepped back subconsciously, otherwise his feet would be beaten!

This is the peerless martial arts of the second master? It really deserves its name! Han Sheng said in his heart, but he was unwilling to practice martial arts for more than ten years, and he would be defeated by someone who just entered the division. This is unfair!

When Han Sheng complained about injustice, he forgot the word talent. What he and Qin Wei did was talent.

Now that I know how powerful Lao Tzu is, one hand will scare you away, and those two hands, Han Sheng, will not cry. Qin Wei won't give Han Sheng a chance to escape. He made a little effort, strode in front of Han Sheng, and kicked him to the ground with one kick.

Han Sheng did not expect Qin Wei to move so fast. When he fell to the ground, he saw Qin Wei's feet in front of him, so he grabbed Qin Wei's feet with both hands and tried to trip him!

When Han Sheng came into contact with Qin Wei's bare feet, he slammed! Qin Wei's two sword qi hit Han Sheng's hands!

"Oops!" Han Sheng closed his hands in pain and rolled on the ground.

"I only did half the skill, and you hurt like this. If it was full strength, your hand would have fallen off!" Qin Wei looked down at Han Sheng and mocked. In fact, he was still very guilty of saying this, he still He couldn't fully understand the internal force, so that he could freely retract, so this time the internal force he used was not very deep.

Han Sheng really learned the power of "The Sword Breaking the Devil" and was afraid to talk back.

Qin Wei looked at Han Sheng on the ground and sneered, turning to Han Wei and saying, "How does he usually bully you?"

"He slapped me, kicked me, and beat my ass!" Han Wei sued Qin Wei like a child. His IQ didn't understand Qin Wei's behavior, but he knew the truth.

"Is that so?" Qin Wei put a playful smile on his mouth, and then kicked him on the body of Han Sheng. Lao Tzu was higher than you, dare you fight back?

"Give me what I took and spit it out for me ?!" Qin Wei sang a song and slammed Han Sheng vigorously. His actions were so chic and elegant, why did I let you bully me? !! I just look at you upset!

"You are a martial artist, and you should be very good at fighting?" Qin Wei grinned. He wanted to get back all the grievances Han Wei had suffered for more than a decade!

Twenty minutes later, Han Sheng squatted on the ground, hands on his ears, and sang, "Just conquered by you!"

Huh! In the distance, Han Qingyan saw this scene in her eyes, her mouth was bent, and she was charming and smiled: "This boy is really bad at home ..."