Merry Master In The City

Chapter 191 Red Lips!

"Beautiful lady, where are you, exactly?"

"Why can't I find you in this season of catkins flying?"

Qin Wei stood under the willow trees in the training ground, and a few breeze blew through. The catkins floated on Qin Wei's handsome face. He raised his face at a 45 ° angle and folded the fan. He was a handsome and handsome young man. before.

"Wow! Look, that guy is so handsome!"

"Yeah yeah! He is the closed disciple of Qin Wei, Qin Wei!"

"Someone is even more handsome than a big brother!"

Several female disciples passing through the martial arts field could not help but stop to watch and give praise, which made Qin Wei very useful. Qin Wei just likes being surrounded by her sisters and petting, which makes him very successful. Sense, what is more happy than being appreciated by beautiful women?

Qin Wei showed a gentleman-like smile, and then the women nodded slightly. At this moment, Qin Wei just wanted to be a beautiful man quietly.

But the fact is always the opposite of desire, because Qin Wei's eyes are staring at a man, he is Han Sheng! Qin Wei violently beat Han Sheng and did not stop. Instead, he let him practice in the martial arts field and crouched around the martial arts field. Qin Wei felt that this kung fu exercised his leg muscles and helped him to perform light work.

Qin Wei's brutal hand was also for telling Han Sheng that he was not annoying, so don't always come to trouble.

Qin Wei looked at Han Sheng who was sweating on the ground and said, "Master, your performance is really bad. I'm doing this for you too, otherwise how can you keep up with me? How can you beat me at my pace? "

After Qin Wei said, he looked at Han Sheng with a grimace, and then picked up the tea on the stone table, and said deliberately, "Oh, this is really hot weather, brother, do you say I drink Longjing or Guzhang Maojian?" What about? "

Qin Wei's expression was very suspicious. Han Sheng's expression was very bitter. Even if he was beaten by Qin Wei, he was still punished for squatting. He has squatted more than 200 times. When can it end, now Han Sheng is afraid to Scolding Qin Wei in his heart, he hoped that Qin Wei was in a good mood to let him go, and his leg was about to fold!

"I think you'd better drink nothing."

Just when Qin Wei was proud of himself, a cold voice sounded behind him. Qin Wei didn't even think about it. He even spoke so coldly. I'm afraid only Han Luoxue could cultivate to such a state.

"Sister, why are you here? Did you miss me?" Qin Wei turned his face and smiled charmingly, revealing sixteen white teeth. He looked very sincere and did not eat hard and hard like Han Luoxue. For the best woman, the best way is to be mean and angry. Look, the book network txtkanshu / com is tickling, if you can't treat you yet, you won.

"Shameless!" Han Luoxue said blankly, and Qin Wei couldn't really change the bitch.

"Oh, sister, look at what you said, isn't it that you have a face?" Qin Wei grinned. He stared at Han Luoxue, her face flushed. It seems that the internal force should have recovered, Qin Wei There was a smirk on the corner of his mouth, and he was going to pull Han Hanxue's hand subconsciously.

"You better see who is standing in front of you!"


Han Luoxue had already lifted three silver needles in his hands while talking. This silver needle was shining in front of Qin Wei's eyes. She wasn't as foolish as Qianer. Qin Wei's bad mind could not understand her.

"Ah," Qin Wei subconsciously covered his eyes and said, "The picture is too beautiful to look at!"

Fortunately, I will close my hands as soon as possible, otherwise I will have to go through the needle again! Qin Wei shook his hand vigorously: "Don't be surprised, my sister. Since I was injured, my hand has got a strange problem, and I can't help but want to touch her hand when I see a beautiful girl."

After talking about Qin Wei, he grinned. He was so innocent and so clean. It seemed as if he could not find a trace of plumpness in his eyes.

Han Luoxue has been blameless on Qin Wei's lip service, and sneered: "I think it's you who are crazy?"

"..." Qin Wei's forehead began to sweat. Why is this Nima's longevity door aimed at me everywhere except for the shallower, what am I doing wrong? If you praise you for being pretty, let me tell you the color. Do you want me to say that you look ugly? It is ugly to see that you can play a ligation effect at first glance, are you satisfied? I really don't understand what this woman is thinking.

Han Luoxue ignored Qin Wei and went directly to Han Sheng and said, "Let's go."

"Sister, this ..." Han Sheng raised his head and looked at Han Luoxue's fabulous face, and said rudely, Han Luoxue was known for his cold temperament. He never paid attention to the contradictions between his colleagues. Kind? Han Sheng didn't dare to move.

"Why? Do you want to be beaten by Qin Wei?" Han Luoxue stared into the distance, expressionless.

As soon as Han Sheng heard this, he was overjoyed, and quickly got up and said, "Thank you for helping me, thank you ..." Then the whole person disappeared into Qin Wei's sight. When do you not run now? It seems that after seeing Qin Wei, he has to take a detour.

"Shimei, what are you?" Qin Wei did not understand what Han Luoxue did, and stepped forward to ask.

"It's enough to stop it, don't get too tight." Han Luoxue turned and looked at Qin Wei, coldly, as if air-conditioning was all around.

"Oh! You said that I have to make inroads?" Qin Wei sneered, this woman should take care of herself?

"Isn't it?" Han Luoxue asked.

"Don't you see that he almost killed my life? The injuries on my body are all thanks to him!" Qin Wei's voice also rose eight degrees, and since he came up from the frontline cliff, he felt Han Luoxue Seeing yourself horizontally and vertically is not pleasing to the eye. Why am I tricking you to mess with you?

"I only saw you bullying your fellow students!" Han Luoxue raised an eyebrow. She accidentally heard from the teacher's brother that Qin Wei and Han Xingwei had handed in. She planned to come over and see that it was Qin Wei who beat Han Sheng.

"I wipe, you are not mistaken! I bullied him?" Qin Wei felt that this was the funniest joke he heard. He wanted to justify with Han Luoxue, but suddenly thought of that sentence, the most wise thing is Never argue with a woman. Even if you are reasonable, you will only become rude in the end, so Qin Wei decides to be a gentleman and ignore her.

Seeing that Qin Wei was not talking, Han Luoxue realized his purpose, so he turned around and left. Before he left, he did not forget to persuade Qin Wei to say, "Good for yourself!"

Oh damn! What is wrong with Nima? !! Han Qingyan said to me that it is okay to take it for granted. After all, she is an uncle, and she looks beautiful, but Han Luoxue is just her sister and sister. Why does she say so? I vomited my losses and gave them back. What did I do wrong?

Han Luoxue didn't go to see Qin Wei's sleeves, just like a fairy.

"Auntie is here." Qin Wei muttered quietly looking at Han Luoxue's back. A woman would be so irritated only when she came to Auntie, Qin Wei thought in her heart.

"What did you say ?!" Han Luoxue, who had already left, suddenly turned to Xing Muyuan and angered, even though Qin Wei was whispering, Han Luoxue's hearing was clear.

"Sister, listen to me, don't be excited!" Qin Wei panicked. He saw Han Luoxue's expression and knew she was angry, with serious consequences!

Huh! A silver needle flew at a very fast speed and tied directly to Qin Wei's right face.

"Sister, you misunderstand ..."

Huh! Before Qin Wei's words were finished, Han Luoxue sent a second silver needle and stuck it on Qin Wei's left face.

"Sister, I ... you ..."

Huh! The three silver needles are tied directly to Qin Wei's lips, let you talk a lot, and give you a lesson to try!

Han Luoxue turned around and walked away with the appearance of a fairy, as if the mundane world had nothing to do with her. At first she decided to teach Qin Wei a lesson, and now she has done it.

Qin Wei looked at the back of Han Luoxue's departure, and touched his swollen lips, tears streaming down his face, Nima, how did I see people!