Merry Master In The City

Chapter 193 Night Attack on Baicao Pavilion!

Qin Wei wanted to attack Baicao Pavilion at night. God secretly stole the long-lived grass to catkins without knowing it. Qin Wei went to Baicao Pavilion to step on the ground early in the day. Baicao Pavilion is an ancient building with two-storey attic The door post with carved dragons and painted phoenixes, especially the plaque of "Bai Cao Ge" hung in the center of the attic and written in gilt gold, looks extremely elegant.

Nima! He also said that there is no money in Changshengmen, it is no money, but it is a treasure everywhere! When Lao Tzu loses one day, I will take your plaque off and sell it, Qin Wei thought in bed.

Now it's dark, Qin Wei has to wait even more, because Baicao Pavilion is the center of the Changsheng Gate, and there are disciples on the front and back, so it is difficult to enter, and Qin Wei has done his homework from Han Qianer I heard that the second floor of the attic is Qizhen, and the long grass should be on the second floor. Since Qianer doesn't know it, he can only find it by himself.

The reason why Qin Wei was going to steal the longevity grass was that she didn't want to disappoint Liu Xu, the silly girl, and the second was to make up for her guilt. She could not use the longevity grass for herself, but Liu Xu chose to give it to him. For the friendship, Qin Wei was very moved.

The night was already deep, Qin Wei changed the night clothes, and the night clothes were found in the cabinet. It seems that the Changsheng Gate is not a well-known door. Qin Wei deliberately walked in front of the mirror and took a picture. He nodded and was satisfied. "It's so handsome to be a thief, it's dead!"

The moon is dark and the night is high, when it is stealing!

Qin Wei sneaked into the grass near Baicao Pavilion very carefully. This way he was frightened, for fear of being discovered, it seems that the thief is not so good and needs strong pressure resistance.

Qin Wei squatted in the grass and looked at the back door of Baicao Pavilion. He chose the back door because the back door is not as prominent as the front door, and only two guards are easy to mix in.

Qin Wei looked at his watch and began to count down.




There was silence all around, huh? Qin Wei was dumbfounded. He stared at his watch. I wiped it. This Nima is wrong. It should be the effect of this medicine according to time. Is it the wrong dose? Qin Wei muttered in his heart. If this fails, am I not in vain?

"Oh!" Suddenly a guard squatted and shouted, covering his stomach.

"What's wrong?" The tall guard next to him asked.

The guardian's disciple shouted, covering his stomach and shouting, "I have a stomachache. No, I'm going to make it easier for you, please help me look at it!" After that, the disciple sprinted and ran away without a trace.

Qin Wei hid in the grass and hid his mouth and grinned. This was the laxative he had deliberately obtained from catkins. At dinner, Qin Wei secretly put the medicine in the rice. It was convenient for the guard to read. Read, net , The starter kanshu'com didn't talk about Lao Tzu waiting in the grass for a long time, Qin Wei now has a catkins in hand, I have the feeling in the world, it seems that I must keep this girl beside myself, for your own use!

Qin Wei looked at the tall disciple who was still holding his post, and secretly said in his heart that one was going to shit, and the other would be far away?

"Oh, why should I have diarrhea!" The tall disciple also crouched down and covered her stomach.

"Oh, it hurts me!" The tall disciple couldn't bear the pain and ran away. If he was playing for a while, it is estimated that the crotch would be flooded.

Qin Wei got up and walked out of the grass with a smile. He did not forget to pat the dirt on his body, and then swung into Baicao Pavilion. He was not worried about the two guards coming back because he took a double dose when he took the medicine. It's estimated that it won't finish in half an hour, there is no way, who calls himself so talented! Qin Wei simply arranged her hairstyle!

"I wipe, it's so dark here!" Qin Wei looked into the darkness around and sighed after entering the Baicao Pavilion.

But this doesn't bother me. Fortunately, I had already prepared. Qin Wei took a flashlight out of his arms just to illuminate his own way.

This is the first time Qin Wei came to the interior of Baicao Pavilion. When he hit the light in the air, he was completely stunned, because on the first floor, all the cabinets were filled, and each cabinet had two or three meters. High and very spectacular! It seems that there are not so many babies in Changshengmen.

Fortunately, the medicine I was looking for was on the second floor. Otherwise, when did I have to find it, it would have to be open just one day when the cabinet was opened, and Qin Wei patted his chest fluently.

He illuminated the surroundings with a flashlight and found that the stairs leading to the second floor were on the far east side. In order to avoid being found by the guards at the main entrance, Qin Wei turned off the flashlight and walked towards the stairs.

Squeaking, squeaking, when Qin Wei was walking on the stairs, because the years were too old, the stairs even made a squeaking noise, wouldn't the stairs collapse? At this moment Qin Wei was very worried about this problem, and could not help speeding up his pace. The frequency of the creaks issued by the stairs was faster. Qin Wei was terrified to hear that this was stealing medicine.

Qin Wei quickly ran up the second floor, and the stairs also made a few creaks, like the sound of extremely high heels, Onima! Thinking of this, his scalp was numb, so he quickly took out his flashlight to find comfort.

When Qin Weiman turned on the flashlight with joy, his hope was shattered again. Qin Wei looked at everything in front of him and exclaimed, what is this Nima!

Compared with the dense and compact space on the first floor, the second floor is spacious, except for the medicine cabinets on both sides, there is nothing else, the rest is just a cold wall.

Qin Wei stepped forward and flashed on the medicine cabinet with a flashlight. This medicine cabinet is more than three meters high, just like the usual medicine. Each grid has a name, Angelica, ginseng, antler, honeysuckle, Qin Wei can't help but read come out.

I rub! What about good medicine? Say good long grass? These special medicines are not ordinary medicines! Anything you can buy on the street, Qin Wei suddenly felt like he was being played.

When I went, Qin Wei took a flashlight and shone casually. He found that there was nothing on the second floor except the two rows of medicine cabinets, and the rest was a wall full of paintings.

"Here is Baicao Pavilion, not a studio. What are you doing with the paintings on the wall!" Qin Wei couldn't help stealing medicine, and couldn't help but scold him!

painting? !! Qin Wei's mind was like a sharp sword passing through, as if thinking of something. He hurried to the nearest painting and flashed it with a flashlight. I saw this painting is the mountains and rivers. The water flows from the waterfall and gathers in the pool. Here, then another widower was carrying firewood, squatting on a rock, and bent over to drink water with both hands.

Qin Wei is not human, and he does not understand the artistic value of this painting. He only thinks that this is a very ordinary painting. Why should he hang such a painting in Baicaoge? Qin Wei stared at the painting, and suddenly he found that the water the coward drank was a bit wrong, as if there was a reflective spot in the water.

Qin Wei was too late to think, and pressed straight down.

A bang! The painting seemed to be rolled up by some machinery. When the painting was half-rolled, a delicate box was pushed out of the wall. Qin Wei opened the box and saw that it said: Changsheng Dan!

Let me just say, how can there be so many paintings in a place where medicine is put in? It turns out that this special place is a hidden institution everywhere. Qin Wei has grown tonight, and ca n’t help but sigh, but this is not the medicine I am looking for, so I just Push the box back into the wall again, and then slowly lower the scroll.

Qin Wei suddenly realized that this was the way that Changshengmen deliberately shifted his attention, because no one thought that there would be a mechanism behind the painting, even if the thief came, they were not afraid, but they did not expect that they were a thief with a very high IQ. According to the reverse thinking, Changsheng grass was so Valuable medicine should be placed in the most inconspicuous place.

The most inconspicuous place? Qin Wei's eyes were looking around, and finally he found the pair of chickens pecking at the corner, and Qin Wei walked over.

In the picture, a chicken and many rice grains are drawn. Among the many rice grains, Qin Wei found the button of that organ and pressed it, and she really pushed out a delicate medicine box from the wall, which said: Changsheng grass.

I rub! I finally found it. Just when Qin Wei was about to take it, he felt the wind behind him, and Qin Wei turned back subconsciously, but saw a figure flutter towards himself.

"Who are you ?!" Qin Wei was surprised!