Merry Master In The City

Chapter 194 It Was A Chick!

Chapter 194 It Was A Chick!

Qin Wei immediately turned around, and saw a dark shadow passing by. He rushed to shoot with his flashlight. As a result, the flashlight was knocked to the ground by the man in black, and his eyes suddenly became extremely dark.

not good! Evergreen grass! Qin Wei suddenly responded, this man in black is likely to come to steal grass! Qin Wei thought that he would immediately push the box here, and the box immediately bounced back into the wall, and the chick pecked Mi Tu also fell! Even if you can't steal the grass, you can't let this baby fall into the hands of outsiders.

"Who are you!" Qin Wei asked, when I was going up the second floor, the stairs would make a noise, but I didn't hear the sound just now, which means that this man in black came first than himself, thinking of Qin Wei here It shuddered, that is to say, people in black have been ambushing here for a long time.

Qin Wei feels that his role has changed too quickly. He obviously came to be a thief, but now he will become another thief. Is this the legendary Mission Impossible?

When the man in black heard Qin Wei's words, he didn't answer, but reached out and touched the chick to peck Mito to see what his intention was.

"Want to steal medicine? Pass me through the barrier first!" Qin Wei was righteous and said suddenly, the sense of mission soared for a moment. Why didn't I like Changsheng Gate, but he was also part of the Changsheng Gate. Let an outsider take the lead! Moreover, I also intend to use the longevity grass to please the catkins, how can it tolerate half-way kills and bite gold!

The flashlight fell to the ground and lost the light. Qin Wei's right hand could not move freely, and his movement would involve his shoulders. He could only use his left hand to guard the growing grass.

"Streamer sword gas!" Qin Wei shouted, and randomly shot a sword gas with his ring finger on his left hand. In the dark night, the sword gas flashed, because Qin Wei had reached the point of heart-heartedness, adding dozens of Han Nianxing During the year, it will be easy to use "The Sword of Demon Slayer".

clang! Jian Qi hit the wall directly.

"It seems that you are good at kung fu!" The man in black retracted his hand in time. If he moves slowly, he will be injured.

Qin Wei listened to the man in black, and it felt strange. How could a grandfather's voice be so thin? ...

"It turns out you're a chick!" Qin Wei grinned, although the attic was dark, but with a little moonlight, Qin Wei could also look at the figure of the man in black, only to see that the figure was slender, and she had flesh. It's not like a man's back, it's obviously a woman!

"What did you say!" The woman in black yelled!

"Say you're a chick!" Qin Wei looked a little bit like a Dangdang. Now that the longevity grass has been put back in the wall, then Qin Wei only needs to guard it, and he will cry out for help when necessary. Will be surrounded by Baicao Pavilion, and then see where your little thief runs! What Qin Wei wants to do now is to play with this little girl!

"Let you talk nonsense!" The woman in black retorted after hearing that she had already stolen Changsheng grass, but unexpectedly Qin Wei suddenly went upstairs, and under the barn, she had to hide in the medicine cabinet. Just now, she was going to succeed. Who knew that Qin Wei pushed the medicine box back again.

"Did I say something wrong? Little girl?" Qin Wei grinned, but was thinking, why is this little girl so angry?

Although the woman in black could not see Qin Wei's expression, she could also feel the frivolity of Qin Wei. The woman in black used a trick to explore the sack, and inserted her right hand into Qin Wei's eyes to see that I would not poke your eyes blind! She has planned for this plant for more than half a year, and this time she managed to mix in, how can she return empty-handed!

Lying down! Why is this chick shot so hard! Now that Qin Wei has internal force, he can use his qi to feel the gas field around him. He can feel the fierceness of a woman in black. Just when a woman's two fingers are about to be inserted into Qin Wei's eyes, Qin Wei uses herself. Left hand was blocked between the two fingers of the woman.

"Hey, little girl ~ you can't poke!" Qin Wei stopped the jabber dragon of the woman in black and grabbed her hand.

Damn, the woman in black secretly said in her heart that this little thief made a mockery. How could she not be angry, so she raised her leg and kicked Qin Wei's crotch.

Qin Wei only felt that the wind was blowing between his legs this summer, so he hurriedly clamped his legs. As expected, he caught the legs of a woman in black.

I'll go to your grandma! Fortunately, I'm fast enough, otherwise I will die in my life, infertility! No matter how vicious this little girl is, there are sorcerers everywhere.

"You little girl, it's sweet to listen to your voice, why are you so vicious!" Qin Weizhi asked, feeling that he was embarrassing now.

"Less nonsense, hand over the longevity grass!" The woman took back her hands and turned to Qin Wei, she knew that Qin Wei also came for the longevity grass. Since they are all thieves, what pretense is innocent.

She wants to fight with me! Qin Wei thought for the first time that because he could not use his right hand, if he was fighting in close combat, Qin Wei would be very disadvantaged, so Qin Wei could only attack from a long distance to avoid weaknesses!

Qin Wei flipped backwards, away from the woman's attack range. Qin Wei's feet had just landed. The woman had followed the depths and attacked the bottom plate. Qin Wei had no choice but to leap forward and leap forward from the woman's head. Qin Wei wanted to go behind the woman and give him a surprise attack!

But the woman seemed to be able to see Qin Wei's movements. While Qin Wei was flipping, the woman in black also turned around at the same time to prevent him from sneaking in behind her.

Nima, she knows where I go, as if she can see my movements. Is it possible that she has a perspective?

Seeing that the sneak attack was unsuccessful, Qin Wei could only take another flip to stay away from the woman. Based on her speed, it can be seen that Kung Fu is not shallow. If he is going to lose a lot in melee, Qin Wei just found the flashlight near his feet, and he bent over and picked it up. , Then shone to the woman.

Sure enough, what I expected! The woman in black was wearing a black veil on her face and a pair of special glasses on her eyes. No wonder she could see my movements. It turned out that she had night vision goggles! Take it with you at night just like daylight, let you pretend and see how I deal with you!

After Qin Wei said, he tossed the flashlight in the air, and the flashlight drawn a beautiful arc. When he leapt to the highest point, he illuminated the woman's face, and that was the moment!

Qin Wei immediately pointed at the sword with a slap and knocked off half of the woman's glasses! The woman covered her eyes subconsciously, and the impact of the sword qi made her eyes hurt.

Qin Wei seized the opportunity and leapt forward, picked up the night vision goggles on the ground, tied it to his ears, and saw the surroundings at a glance. Qin Wei couldn't help but sigh that he was really out, even holding a flashlight. Now, at a glance, the woman she wore was not a night clothes at all, but a tight jacket and leather pants. These two pieces of equipment highlighted her bumpy figure even more, and Qin Wei had a headache for a while!

"You little thief, how dare you look at me! See if I don't blind your eyes!" The woman said fiercely!

I'm a thief, what are you? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, looked up, and saw two darts flying towards himself!

"I wipe! Are you still here ?!"

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